Snuti & Drift Bloom was featured in the local newspaper :) 

We were able to talk for the first time about Drift Bloom to the press, whilst attending Horten Bibliotek’s game day. We were also helping to inspire youth to work with creative computing and hopefully teach them in the future :D

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Drift Bloom Update

This week, our Drift Bloom update is not padded with game development. We’re going to explain a bit about what is happening at Snuti and why we haven’t made as much progress on Drift Bloom. 

What’s happening

Why have we not been working much on Drift Bloom the last 2 weeks? Simply because we are expanding our business. We initially created our company to focus on creating all types of media from games to web design & development, but after the first 4 months of the companies creation, we realised we didn’t spend as much time on game development. This was mainly because we were working on a poorly planned game and was not the original game we wanted to make.

We planned Drift Bloom in Summer 2012 but worked on a separate game about Bees which had more problems than solutions. During this time, we were working on small little photography jobs before cancelling the Bee game and dedicating our entire time on the development of Drift Bloom in January 2013.

After working on Drift Bloom for the last year, we have enjoyed working on it and of course it will be completed, but we also realised that we missed web designing & development. Clare has focused many nights on creating new web designs and we decided that we should expand our business to not only make games but also create websites.

So what’s the future?

Never fear, Drift Bloom is still here and we will finish it. We will be expanding to do web & blog design and development, print and photography as well as games. This also means that we will be doing a bit of rebranding across the board calling ourselves Snuti Design”instead of Snuti Games. We will be changing our Twitter username and Facebook page (we will be opening a new one and closing the old one due to problems with Facebook’s url changing) and we will be opening a new blog on Our tumblr ( will still remain and we will be reblogging and promoting other indie games once we’re done rebranding.

Thank you to all

We just want to say a huge thank you to everyone supporting Drift Bloom and our work, it means so much to us that it can’t even be put into words :D

Fishing Game Jam Round-up

During the week of the 20th-27th of May, me and my partner set out to make a Fishing Game for the Fishing Game Jam in 6 days! Whilst my partner focused on the technical aspect of the game, I focused solely on the aesthetics of the game. With only a few days, I had to finish multiple characters and environmental assets, which is different to my usual workflow where I can dedicate multiple days to one asset. The art style is simplistic and smooth shaded which was efficient and quick to make based on my paper sketches. You can see some of the art that was created from the game in the image above.

I also had a first try at making music using Garageband to set the right atmosphere for the game. After messing around for a few hours, I was able to get a calm atmospheric track which my partner refined a bit prior to adding it into the game.

As I started drawing last summer, I don’t have much drawing experience and it has been a challenge adjusting to a graphics tablet, but I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the art for this project and I look forward to creating more art for our upcoming game.
If you would like to play the game, you can find it here:

Tonight I decided to grab my notebook and pencil and start sketching some concept art and ideas for one of our next iOS games. This is just a brief glimpse of one of the important characters.

Snuti will be releasing a bee related game before working on this game idea but this game actually was the main focus for starting up our company. To think the game was based on a poem I wrote in university is unbelievable but I am very excited to start working on it next year :)