hoo boy this sure is an “interior”

to go along w/my sanic oc spam: the weird underground base they live in has a big library room right off the main hallway. u have to go through it to get from the entrance to the main area. its all weird gross red carpet they probably stole from an abandoned house and patchwork couches. the ceiling is just carved out of the rock so it looks like a weird cave w/a grid hanging down for lights. its p rad. yeah.


remember when i got all excited about a post apocalypse urban fantasy project?


a story about girls who do magic after the so-called “end of the world”; will, jayne, arna, and tasha. 

will: basically a lion. minor future-reading tendencies. sometimes has a shitty mullet. elemental pure fire mage.

jayne: demon. sometimes floats because she’s lazy. wears bright spandex bike shorts. has a (stolen) enchanted sword affectionately named “shitfuck”. 

tasha: pack rat and rune mage/enchanter. lost both legs in The War and mostly just kinda floats around, except when she’s got spectral cat feet/spider legs/a cloud??  

arna: tiny and dangerous. conjurer, cook, and master of scary stories. suspiciously boundless energy. part fae, though from where will change every time she mentions it. 

they travel the endless desert after The War, scrawling spells on rocks and tangling with other magical drifters and gangs, looking for the Coast that everyone says is basically utopia. it goes basically as well as you’d expect.