its summer and i have time and also no money so hey!! commissions!!! 




sketch with flat color or v simple shading. 



lineart, black or one color. 

$9 (+$2 per extra character)

FULL COLOR (digital)

full body, colored with cel shading, black lines.

$15 (+$3 per extra character, +$5 for a detailed background)


digitally painted bust with a simple background.



full color, shading, colored lines, lighting, background, the whole deal. 

$35 and up, depending on number of characters and complexity of the scene.


  • i’ll draw most things - furries, violence/blood/gore, fandom stuff, ocs, whatever, but nothing heavily nsfw (nudity is fine). not sure? let’s talk.
  • payments through paypal, all prices are USD
  • my options are negotiable - if there’s something you want that isn’t listed here but is something i’ve done in the past, email me and we can work it out!
  • all commissions will be posted on tumblr unless other things are arranged. likewise, i retain all rights to the image (no commercial use, you can do whatever you want with it for personal use) unless we come to another agreement.
  • email or message me if you’re interested! (if i don’t reply to an ask within a few days, tumblr probably ate it, so send it again.)

see my art tumblr and deviantart for more examples of what i do.

email me at:


misha made me join the cult so here’s my sugar rush racing ‘sona thing

her name is melonie gummelinda sugarsparkle and she will fight you if you remind her of her middle name. she’s based on those watermelon sour patch kids things, which i got religiously at movie theatres for a good three years. she falls over a lot, never drives without her ascot, and accidentally launches herself off cliffs on a pretty regular basis.

bonus doodle:

bc apparently this witchsona thing is… a thing?? here have one

shes an infomancer, which is a 21st century offshoot of technomagic that harnesses the power of information to physically manifest things. (she dabbles in shapeshifting and potions on the offdays.) shes afraid of brooms and makes tiny cats out of her favorite blog posts and collects magic crystals and lives in the basement of a library in return for keeping their wifi goin (shes a living wifi hotspot its really convenient) (21st century magic is my favorite im so sorry)

style test for keeping faith! i need to work on the logo but u kno itll do for now

KEEPING FAITH: Faith always thought she was normal, save for the matter of her missing parents. But on her 13th birthday, a ghost named Danae shows up fighting demons in her backyard and her life takes a turn for the supernatural. Turns out, Faith was born with the power to overturn an ancient magical hierarchy, and now she’s got the powers of the five realms after her. Together with a bookish rune mage and a sarcastic vampire, Faith and Danae have to find a way to beat Heaven, Hell, and everything in between - and maybe find out what happened to her parents, all those years ago.

this is van aka vannecorelia, my xweetok babby. she’s a huge nerd and spends all her time either inventing devices to annoy her siblings or sneaking out to party (she’s part of a secret society that throws really rad parties in the secret disused parts of virtupets) (because yes that’s definitely something that happens in neopia shut up)