October 1st-iKon

October 2nd-NOIR

October 4th-The Rose

October 8th-Super Junior and Seven O’ Clock AND Snuper

October 10th-I.U and fromis_9

October 12th-NCT 127

October 15th-VAV

October 17th-Kim Donghan

October 19th-Lay

October 21st-Stray Kids and Monsta X

TBA but comfirmed for October: A.C.E, JBJ95

Not to mention EXO, Twice, Red velvet, Nuest W in November

R.I.P to everyone’s wallet

Every multifandom kpop fan at some point: Okay I reached my limit I won’t stan new groups anymore mark my words

Exactly 2 days later: *accidentally clicks on video of new band* Well. I didn’t choose them. They chose me… *cries in corner while scrolling through the profiles*

a list of UNTALENTED kpop groups:


i’m so sad because there are so many amazing groups that are being slept on right now, y’all let me take u on a journey

  • ok you like groups that make u wanna go hard as fuck??? then listen to 24K
  • even their cute songs have a dope ass beat
  • speaking of damn good beats BIGFLO have a lot of um they get u so pumped and ready 2 go
  • boy groups that can go from cute to deadly in 0.003 seconds?? then high4 are the ones for you
  • groups that have hella dope dance moves, acrobatics and r just complete dorks then hop onto the SPEED train for a life of tears and joy
  • i know u want the weirdest kids that walk this planet that make damn catchy tunes
  • will also love you with everything they have because that’s what MYNAME do
  • OH! and you want to write fanfic about them? no need my lovely, they do it themselves
  • u want there to be instrument playing and beautiful vocals? give Royal Pirates a listen
  • some good head boppin tunes, great rapping and infectious ass dance moves then pls love Cross Gene
  • they also got them intimidating looking members that are actually the biggest fluffballs u know what i mean
  • groups that go hard but also wanna stab u in the feels? u deffo for N.Flying
  • absolute losers that just want to have fun? heck they danced with animated penguins 
  • that’s right u guessed it.. UNIQ
  • oh ok so u want more of a hip hop feel rather than a cute boy group??
  • or maybe not bc they are the dorkiest, shyest lil babies ever. love madtown
  • i don’t even know how to describe hotshot they actually leave me a lil bit speechless they r just so good u will deffo not regret this decision
  • also body rolls for days i tell ya
  • Snuper are those mad dorks that u will fall in love with in all of 2 seconds, good luck
  • did u hear face off by A6P?? just listen to it u will be jamming for weeks
  • and the concept was so good
  • pls come back babies i miss u
  • B.I.G just give off a vibe that make u love them, take these losers in as ur own they r ur children now also all their songs are SO catchy
  • not to mention the hit song hello that will always have a special place in my heart
  • r cute girl groups ur weakness?? because my dear u will love Laboum
  • what about a group that work with whatever sound they take? also got some hot vocals and some nice beats to get u up or just to chill and jam to whatever u feelin BIGSTAR got it
  • i also just wanted to include hot boy because it’s the song of the century ok
  • boys republic just put so much into making some good tunes and some damn amazing mv’s like that shit is just so nice to look at i cannot recommend them enough i’m !!!!!!!!
  • M Crown??? That’s all i should have to say really just go listen to them
  • cute but not so cute boy groups? u feel me? also some good dancers and can work them hips oh my god i got u covered with halo
  • speaking of dancing if u into that then check out romeo plus they’re just so fun sounding and such a feel good listen !!!!
  • ok so back to the girl groups, u want a bit more after the cuteness. my friends, sonamoo are waiting for you 
  • what about the biggest dorks on this planet?? no i’m serious
  • i mean sure there is some questionable styling choices but u won’t even care when you listen to topp dogg because DAMN
  • also throw back to when they got brazilian waxes because i feel the world needs this trust me ok
  • the sweetest group to walk this god damn earth (also the dork level is pretty high) but hella pushed aside by their company
  • but still make absolute bangers from cute to sexy u got it all
  • why r boyfriend still not loved???
  • and finally, the ones most of you will know
  • stop
  • ignoring
  • infinite
  • dammit

ok i think i’m done, pls add more because there’s so many good groups out there that i want to know about too 

boy group concepts : a summary

*feel free to add on*

1. sweet like Seventeen
2. aesthetic like EXO
3. teen like NCT
4. sexy like Monsta X
5. always changing like VIXX
6. powerful like Super Junior
7. unique like SHINee
8. mature like 100%
9. lovely like Romeo
10. friendly like SNUPER
11. emotional like BTS
12. radical like 24K
13. sensational like SF9
14. good vibes like Day6
15. rough like iKON
16. sensible like Winner
17. energetic like GOT7
18. passionate like B1A4
19. brave like Cross Gene
20. distinctive like Bigbang
21. appealing like Pentagon
22. magical like BTOB
23. tough like BAP
24. soulful like Highlight
25. adult like Block B
26. expressive like Nu'est
27. sincere like FTISLAND
28. pop-rock like CNBLUE
29. intense like TVXQ
30. in sync like Infinite
31. cute like ASTRO
32. charismatic like KNK
33. hyper like Teen Top
34. one of a kind like Vromance
35. soft like Voisper
36. charming like U-KISS
37. radiant like Varsity
38. manly like MBLAQ
39. bold like A.C.E
40. flexible like Imfact
41. experienced like Sechskies
42. unchanging like Shinhwa

Underrated Boy Groups Recs

If you like…

Group name [Most recent MV release - Personal Favorite]

  • Songs that always go hard and memorable choruses: 24k [Only You - Bingo]
  • Ballads and a bunch of goofballs: Knk [Rain - Knock]
  • An actual band and endless talent: N.Flying [The Real]
  • Bright concepts and refreshing tunes: ONF [On/Off - Original]
  • Super in sync dancing and high energy: A.C.E [Callin’ Cactus]
  • Energetic dancing and songs always stuck in your head: Golden Child [DamDaDi]
  • A fun duo and bright concepts: MXM [I’m The One]
  • A group that you don’t know what they’ll surprise you with next: Hotshot [Jelly]
  • Groups able to do any concept and incredible dancing: Up10tion [Runner - So, Dangerous]
  • Unique voices and never failing to deliver a bop: VAV [Flower (You) - Venus]
  • Cool kids who’re always bringing their A-game: B.I.G [Hello Hello]
  • A group constantly improving and colorful songs: Snuper [ 유성]
  • A group that’s gone from boys-next-door to your crush: Imfact [Tension up - Lollipop]
  • Strong vocals and angsty love songs: 100% [Sketch U - Better Day]
  • R&B like songs, song covers, and smooth rapping: Bigstar [Full Moon Shine]
  • Groups that go from rebellious to soft: Boys Republic [Get Down - Hello]
  • Pastel colors and upbeat songs with sad lyrics: Romeo [Stay With Me - Target]
  • Retro yet sexy tunes and well, more sexy songs: MR.MR [Good To Be Bad (Jpn) - Out]
  • Guys with a tough & sexy visuals: Cross Gene [Black or White
  • Song with a chill yet additive vibe: MyTeen [Take It Out - Amazing]
  • Collaborations, strong vocals & raps: High4 [Love Line - Babyboy]

Not meant to be a complete list, comment a group I didn’t include and I’ll add it to the list.

Boy Groups Age Line

I love all boy groups the same and wish that they all had the same amount of limelight shined on them because they all deserve the best!

Anyways, I decided to put all boy group members together and put them all in an age line so we can see who is older/younger. I know sometimes all of us are curious as to who is older than who…so I did all the work and here you go…

From oldest boy group member to the youngest.


I have also added in more groups…which now means, unfortunately, Jisung is not ultimate maknae. Sorry guys.

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Underrated KPOP Boy Groups; Songs From 2016! - (Listen)

There will be another playlist later this year because more groups are coming back and I missed a few to make this list shorter. If you want to make sure I have your fave groups just message me! (Only groups that had 2016 comebacks & or debuts, please)

Songs from 2015 Part 1 & 2 - (Listen) & (Listen)