I, personally, do not like my body. And some may “wtf?! I wish my body looked like that, you just want attention” But it all honesty, it’s not a strive for attention. It’s a fucked up mentality that I would never wish upon someone. I used to think I was fat as can be, my thighs too huge, and that my body was so poorly proportioned. I would go days, weeks, even months without eating. I’m so embarrassed about it. Never told anyone about it. Idk what it is about today, but I guess I’m getting a little personal on tumblr. I decided I’m going to love myself. I have been doing that for a while now. I’ve learned to accept my body and it’s shape. My mama gave it to me, so I'mawerk it.<3 And I don’t care if it looks disgusting to other people, or whether the media believes my size isn’t beautiful t(>.<t)


Is fuggin’ HI-LARIOUS!!! I love….LOVE his personality. ♥ One day I’ll break out of my shyness. I will meet him one day. If I were a kangaroo, I’d stuff him in my pouch & keep him safe lol <(^-^)>

My first tumblr crush.

I remember it like it was just yesterday. I was so fascinated by this young man…I didn’t know what to do with myself. I loved talking to him. He’s sweet, humble, funny, and so much more. Do I still have a crush on him? Sure, I have a crush on the old him. I can’t say much about now because we’ve barely talked in a while. I still remember everything he has ever told me. The things he shared with me I kept sacred. And when he told all of tumblr his story, I wanted to give him everything. I wrote secret poems and letters about him that I never have the nerve to send him. I think it’s all silly now. Just thinking about it makes me blush.

I watch him grow, and continue to be successful from a distance. I can’t bring myself to intrude on his life when he has made it this far in his success. I still wish upon on star that hopefully one day I could meet this crush of mine that never really faded. But then again, I think I’ll be too emotional for the occasion.

But to my first ever tumblr crush, I do wish to congratulate you on your success. You make me proud. Hopefully, we will regain contact once more & be friends once again. Take care♥