I am the Snugmun. I speak for the Snug-ler.

Bad joke is bad.

YEAH UH SO. I made another side blog, this time for OOC stuff, so that Snug-ler’s blog won’t be quite so riddled with OOC updates that you people probably don’t really care that much about 8D

My real name is Jordan, though feel free to just call me Snugmun. If you say it out loud really fast, it sounds stuper cute!

I’ll do one of those obligitory “about me” posts later. But for now, have a pretty picture and a link to my stupid blog <3

So here. Is. The. Deal.

Thneeds are only $3.98.

No, that’s not the deal (though it’s a pretty good deal)

Here is the actual deal. Things have gotten a little more complicated than originally anticipated.

After months of sporadic pain and depression, I finally went to see a doctor on Monday, and there is a high probability that I have gallbladder disease. I’ve been feeling horrible and sick for about 2 weeks now, and the doctor seems pretty convinced. I got an ultrasound yesterday to check for gallstones, and I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor on the 30th.  We’ll see how things go from there.

Another thing that is happening is that my best friend since high school, like, MY BEST FRIEND EVER, is leaving for the Air Force. Also on the 30th.

So… again, here is the deal… I need to deal with this stuff over the next few weeks. These are some pretty big, important life events I’m having right now, and they need my attention…

So… the Hiatus is simply going to continue through to the new year, I think. I want to say I’ll be back in January; I’m all done with college so I’ll have no classes, I’ll have a diagnosis for whatever it is I’ve been experiencing, and I will no longer feel the need to spend every waking moment with my best friend because he’ll be hundreds of miles away in bootcamp :/

I just wanted to keep you all updated. This hiatus has stretched on much longer than I anticipated, and a lot of THINGS are happening. But again, I have no intentions of abandoning Snug, or any of you. I just wanted to let you know THE DEAL.

Just hold on a little tighter my loves ;w; and keep me in your prayers to whatever ancient god you see fit.






All in one day?



y-you’re spoiling me

and I’m having a lot of feels that I don’t have proper words for

and I feel like my vocabulary isn’t large enough for me to properly express my gratitude.

Not just for this but for ALL of the gifts Snug and I have recieved


Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday dear Snug-lerrrrrrrrr

Happy birthday to me 83

The party is tomorrow.

But I want to celebrate nooooooooooow.

OOC: Hiatus


I’m going to be going on a little bit of a hiatus.

Well… Actually that’s not entirely correct. Just like finals, it’s going to be more of a severe blog slowdown.

Tomorrow, my parents are going out of town on vacation, leaving me home alone. Durring this time… when my parents are away from home, it’s sort of like a vacation for me too. And I’m going to use this vacation to do several things that need to be done, including cleaning out my bedroom, cleaning out the kitchen, studying some personal religion, readjusting my sleep schedual, my diet, getting on a workout routein… basically, I’m getting ready for the New Year, so I can actually be a better, healthier person.

Unfortunatly, Snug-ler is incredably fucking distracting 8D And isn’t good for my work ethic.

So I’ll be on in the mornings before work, and in the evenings after dinner and such.

I hope you all will be understanding.

Just… imagine that Snug-ler is taking some time off to himself to recover from his massive injeries.

If that ever happens again...

Skype: jordan.michelle.falco






omg I’ll give you my fricken phone number to text me JUST PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME

And yes you can add me/follow me on all of these things. That’s kind of the point 83


HELLO BABIES CHECKING IN <3 Miss me yet? I know I know u_u

But just letting you know, Megacon is a blast so far. I even got to see some Once-lers and Once-ler Blog Muns, like Gamble-ler 83 yeyeyeyeyeyeye SO EXCITING

Aaaaaaaaaaany way! Just a reminder, here’s my personal blog:

Aaaaaaaaaaaand If any of you happen to be at Megacon for the rest of the weekend, I am this Jane Crocker Cosplayer:

<3<3<3 Snuggiebuggie is still on Hiatus, but will be back soon <3!


Like seriously if it makes you guys feel any better, I want snug to get preggers soon. I need to discuss it more with Sour-ler but I’m certainly ready. I sort of have babies on the brain because I’m going to be an aunt this coming July.

But seriously, Sour and I have been trying to do things at a normal, realistic pace. We’ve seen so many Once-lers start dating, get married, have babies, get divorced and start dating again… in like a matter of WEEKS. Sourmun and I are trying to make this relationship slightly more realistic than that. So give us time. Give Snug and Sour time. They’re taking things slow.


Because I’ve had like 4 different people ask me to “please delete all of your posts tagged with my user name” or “please delete my tag from your asks” in like the past two weeks, I’m just not going to tag posts any more unless you ask me to.

Because going through five pages of asks just to delete your tags is a huge pain in my ass.

This isn’t directed at anyone in particular. It’s just alarming how many people have asked me to do this in the past couple of weeks.

So all asks will still be tagged with #Snugask

But if you want me to tag your asks, specifically, just tell me so below.


today has been an exceptionally exhausting day, physically and emotionally.

I kind of have a lot of thinking to do, but I just want to warn everyone that I’m probably gonna go on hiatus this weekend, and then go on another one next weekend.

It mostly has to do with finals, and some pretty heavy emotional shit I’m going to be going through in the next two weeks.

I’ll write a bigger… thing explaining all of this when I actually go on my hiatus.

But yeah.

Gird thy loins for that.

For now, goodnight~


I’ve decided to end Snugstuck early.

It’s been fun, but… I’m kind of super pumped for Christmas right now.

:3 Snugstuck was a lot of fun! But now it’s time to go back to your regularly scheduled programming.


I’m uh

Just not feeling it tonight, guys :c


I’m coming off of a very stressful week. And all I want to do is watch Let’s Plays and play games on Adumt Swim.

However, some good news, next week is Spring Break!

Which means it’s also gonna be…


There will be Two Snug-lers: One normal, and one Greedy >:3 Just like the magic anon I got last week. Only with me being more creative in my replies 8D

That being said… I humbly request some greedy snug art maybe? You of course have artistic license. Whatever sort of outfit you like. Just imagine Snug-ler as a Greed-ler. I would be eternally grateful. Art is always useful to have for Magic Anons like this .w.

Any way <3 yes. Look forward to that!