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Okay so i was at the funeral home today (family shit, everybody’s fine we are all just morbid and pick out stuff years in advance (seriously we plan funerals like weddings)) and of course I had my copy of interview with me because the reread never stops and the guy saw it and we got to talking about the differences between coffins and caskets.

And I kid you not

The guy brought my cousin and i into the back where he has this legit, pointed coffin, and he let my cousin and I climb around inside it

And I now have complete first hand proof that you could fit two grown men inside the same coffin rather easily, so long as one lies snugly against the other

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Imagine Jack Harkness asking you out.

You blushed bright red as the man pulled you against him, one arm snugly around your waist. He leaned towards you, “I like to think of myself as a criminal,” his tone was low and sultry and your flush deepened.

“I bet you do,” you laughed nervously, completely unsure of what to do in this situation. You had zero experience with this sort of thing. You had never been in a relationship before. You couldn’t even remember a time when someone had paid this much attention to you, flirting or otherwise. You were totally out of your element alongside someone who practically exuded confidence.

Jack continued to dance slowly, his body warm against yours. Your face must have been bright red as you tried to mirror his movements awkwardly. He leaned down so his lips hovered by your ear, hot breath raising goosebumps across your flesh, “Feeling shy?”

You drew a shuddering breath, butterflies filling your stomach, “Maybe a little bit.”

“Maybe we should get to know each other better. How does dinner sometime sound?”

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We’re going to look at a house for rent after work today I’m so exited. It’s in a good neighborhood, about 10 minutes from work (compared to the hour long each way commute we both currently have), it has a fenced in back yard, pretty landscaping that doesn’t look hard to maintain, and it has an attached garage and driveway! big enough for all three cars and then some! which is nice because most houses around here only have on street parking. It’s like two minutes from two grocery stores. The pictures on the listing make it look very nice.

I hope it is as nice in person, because we are tired of shopping, and very ready to move out.

Title: First Christmas
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: kuroken
A/N: I think the title is pretty much all the summary I need. This is mostly self-indulgent because I wanted some Christmas kuroken. Hope everyone had a happy holidays!

“Kuroo, did you unpack the ornaments?”

Kenma stares at the tree, covered in lights and lacking the personal touch of his cat ornament collection. Yes, Kenma collects cat ornaments. He has since he was about five years old and many of them are gifts from Kuroo. When he packed to move into their new, shared apartment, he took his time carefully wrapping each and every one of them to ensure none would break during transport. 

“Hah?” Kuroo calls from the bedroom. “There’s still a box on the side of the couch. Didn’t know what it was so I didn’t touch it." 

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