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So Newt and Percival spend the night sleeping together inside Newt’s suitcase due to various circumstances. Newt feels comfortable with the arrangement, but Percival is feeling quite awkward. He likes Newt’s creatures and he kinda… Likes Newt (he’s actually developed a crush on the magizoologist but he’s in denial) too, but he’s just feeling a bit out of his usual element and he doesn’t know how to handle feelings.

Come morning, after a peaceful sleep (the most peaceful sleep Percival has ever had after becoming an auror) they woke up at the same time and realize that they’ve been sleeping face to face and really close to each other, parts of their bodies that weren’t supposed to be touching are touching (I mean their hands), and secretly being teenagers, they freak out. Cue awkward morning routine with Newt mostly blushing and Percival discovering feelings. They probably have this conversation at some point:

Newt: “Um, would you like some more coffee, Mr. Graves?”

Percival: “God and he was so cute I was this close to kissing him-… Hm? Oh yes, of course.”

Newt: /accidentally grazes Percival’s hand with his own when giving back his mug/ “oH My GOD I’m so sorry Ididn’tknowwhatcameoverme Mr. Graves I-”

Percival: “Calm down, Mr. Scamander, it’s not like you haven’t touched my hand before and-”

Newt: >////<

Percival: u////u

Don’t you think Derek would give the most amazing hugs? Like, big, warm, and snuggly, but no one knows because he’s all GRRR! and eyebrows. 

So Stiles braves it one day and discovers something magic, and then, he can’t stop. He starts hugging Derek whenever he has the chance. Like, after fights, or when he catches Derek lurking, or whenever he steps foot inside the loft, or runs into Derek in town. 

Stiles just leaps at Derek in the frozen food aisle and Derek has to drop the carton of ice cream he’s holding to catch him, and once, Stiles went in for a hug at the sheriff’s station in front of his dad, and Derek just buries his nose in Stiles’ neck and inhales. The sheriff just doesn’t wanna know, like nope, don’t even wanna.

Let’s face it. Stiles smells damn good. All woodsy with a hint of spice.

At first, Derek didn’t really know what to think when Stiles first hugs him out of nowhere. It was after an intense fight and they’re both covered in blood. He’s so stunned that anyone would even hug him, but he doesn’t even hesitate to wrap his arms around Stiles. It isn’t until later that he realizes how good Stiles smells, and he starts to bury his nose in Stiles’ neck whenever Stiles’ hugs him.

Eventually, it isn’t just Stiles that initiates the hugs. Derek makes it a habit of sneaking up on the little shit and hugging him from behind just so he can hear Stiles scream when his feet leave the ground.

Worth The Risk {Part 14} - Final Chapter!

Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky knew that all Steve wanted was for him to get along with her, but was it really worth the risks?

Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Part 04 / Part 05 / Part 06 / Part 07 / Part 08 / Part 09 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13

Word Count: 2318
Warnings: none! Just some well deserved fluff ;)

Originally posted by seabasschino

“You’re lucky him and Wanda thought you two were cute.”

You froze, eyes widening as you stared at Sam in horror before letting them flicker up towards your friend.

Bucky had stopped as well, his spoon full of cereal held midair. 

Usually you ignored Sam’s unwanted comments, but this time the words slipped out of your mouth before you could even think them through.

“Fuck off, birdbrain.”

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HajiShun scene



“W-Wha –“

“You don’t like it?”

“E-E-Eh I-I – Ha-jime i-is –“

Shun was blushing furiously, his light green eyes wide as he struggled to comprehend he was in Hajime’s arms.

“ – in a better mood.”

Hajime finished for him with a straight face but amusement in his voice.

Shun stared at him, then realized Hajime’s face was too close, their lips almost touching.

His face heated up and he whimpered, hiding from Hajime’s sharp gaze in his shoulder.

“…I don’t know what’s happening anymore..! Is this a dream?! It must be a dream! How can Hajime be holding me like this -?! M-My heart is pounding so fast I c-can’t speak!”

“You just spoke.”

Shun whimpered and buried further.

“It’s a hot day.”

Hajime said as if that explained everything.

He leaned forward and nuzzled Shun’s neck indulgently, relishing in the coolness from Shun’s body temperature.

“You’re nice to hold.”

Shun would have replied, but Hajime was trailing his hand down his back to his waist and his reply came out in a form of a squeak as the black haired man brought them even closer with his arm around Shun’s slender waist.

“Shun, your body is heating up. Bring it back down to your normal temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.”

Hajime said after a while of hugging Shun and Shun finally managed to get his voice out.

“T-That’s impossible! I- my face won’t cool down!!! I’m melting! I’m so embarrassed I can’t even think!”

“Hm? Didn’t you say if it’s what I wish, you’ll grant my wish? Hurry up, it’s a hot day.”

“Hajimeeeee! Have mercy Ou-sama! I - Maou-sama can’t control his heart right now H-Hajime don’t tease me like that!!”

“I’m teasing?”

Hajime said as if he didn’t understand but Shun saw through him.

“I can hear amusement in Hajime’s voice and it’s even more embarrassing…! Why would you bring that up at a moment like this!?”

Hajime smirked against Shun’s shoulder as Shun whimpered and whined.

“H-How am I supposed to – I can’t! I-I’m feeling so embarrassed I can’t access my magic –“

“I’ve been unlucky today, and you can give good luck to people right? So just take this as a lucky vaccum.”

Hajime said into Shun’s ear, causing him to flush even further.

“L-L-L-Lucky v-va-ccum s-shouldn’t l-last t-this l-looonggg!”

“Should I let you go then?”

“…Uwah….! I don’t even know how to respond to that!”

“Then get to work, Demon Lord.”

Shun gave one last whimper then lifted his face from Hajime’s shoulder, staring forward at the people around them who were starting to turn, as if shifting focus.

He took a deep breath to collect himself then moved his hand, casting two spells at once, as people turned away and his body started to return to its normal cool temperature.

“Hm…not bad. Right, I’ve decided.”


Shun murmured almost cautiously, as he chanced a glance at Hajime.

“Yeah. You can be my personal cooler.”

Hajime said with a quirk of his lips while meeting Shun’s eyes.

Shun just made an embarrassed sound, sunk down so that he could wrap his arms around Hajime’s shoulders for support, and buried his blushing face in Hajime’s chest as if he wanted to hide there forever.

Which One?

Which person in your otp likes shiny objects but doesn’t say it?

Which person in your otp secretly hates or loves sweets?

Which one is always texting the other to make sure they’re ok, but plays it off with a stupid excuse when asked about it?

Which one breaks down frustrated and crying after trying to bake cinnamon rolls for two hours, but ultimately failing?

Which one stops what they’re doing to comfort the one who’s crying about the charred lumps of burned cinnamon rolls sticking to the pan?

Which one does all the grocery shopping?

Which one always tries to buy things they do not freaking need?

Which one eats all the food in the house?

Which one tries to make chocolate from scratch, and is about to throw it away because they think its terrible?

Which one stops that one, and tells them that they’ll eat it anyway because everything they do is wonderful?

Which one is snuggly?

Which one is taller?

Which one takes the other shopping to the mall but makes the other carry all of their stuff?

Which one is clingier?

Which one loves the attention but won’t admit it?

Which one is more stubborn?

Which one has an iron resolve?

Which one is better with kids?

Which one wants kids, but is really scared of being a parent?

Which one shows public displays of affection more often?

Which one of them is/isn’t opposed to that and why?

Which one drinks more?

Which one can hold their liquor better?

Which one can’t hold their liquor?

Which one is only good at cooking Mac and cheese?

Which one could probably be on top freaking chief with how good and how often they cook?

Just… Which ONE?

A Little Too Tight Part 2

Pairing: Hux x Reader
Summary: Second Part to A Little Too Tight where you decide to step out of uniform code yet again in hopes to arouse your General. 
Warnings: Wayyyy NSFW again. Choking, cussing, sex, spanking.
Word Count: 2.6K
A/N: So idk how I feel about how this came out?? I love the dialogue but idk I’m a garbage can lmao. I really want to continue this like a 2.5 part where you see Hux’s softer side with aftercare and then a Part 3 where it’s a couple months later and you’ve been trained so well so he takes you to meetings with him as a “treat”. Idk request it if you want those extensions. 

Part 1


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anonymous asked:

Hey! Can you do a Monsta X reaction when you tell them you wanted to suck them off // I hope it makes sense (you want to try oral with them) //

Key word is “try”…. so im assuming y/n hasn’t done it before. I’ going to writing this with the idea that this is either the first sexual act you are doing or you are in a committed relationship and have already been doing the do. Each answer is a little bit different. 

Monsta X reaction to want to try oral with them:

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anonymous asked:

any of the skellies reacting to hearing their crush/so's heartbeat for the first time?

I’ll do Tale and Fell for this. Also, personal theory is that SOULs do pulse a bit and it mimics a heartbeat, but only when the person is at their most relaxed. When tense, the SOUL goes still, preparing for attack. Also (this has nothing to do with the headcanon) you know how the fandom has always theorized that skeleton’s eyelights can change shape or even color depending on mood? Well, human SOULs glow when they’re experiencing anintene feeling of joy. It varies from human to human what sets off the glow but it is always an intensely positive emotion. If it gets really deep some of the SOUL color will leak into the pupils of the human and glow from there.

UT!Sans: Its early on, he’s extremely snuggly and one of the perks of being in a relationship is he has a built -in nap buddy. He likes resting on top of you because you’re basically a giant pillow. And when he hears that sound….well, he knows what it is, he knows most thins have a heart. But….its a really comforting sound. He doesn’t say a word, but there’s a soft smile that spreads across his face.

UT!Papyrus: Once he started dating a human he researched the shit out of basically every aspect of your biology. He did this when he got to the Surface (so he could help look after Frisk) but he’s seeing it with new eyesockets now. Once he understands that your heart makes a sound full time he asks you excitedly if he can hear it. He picks you up and presses the side of his face into your chest. After a couple of quiet seconds he looks up at you with excited eyes. “THANK YOU, DATEMATE!” Then he lowers you to hear his own SOUL pulse. He likes to listen to it a lot, but is filled with questions about its constant changing pace.

UF!Sans: It freaks him out the first time. Like Tale, yeah, he knows what hearts are and that they’re supposed to beat. But hugs aren’t really a thing Underground, so his knowledge is more theoretical than anything. He does know that they go faster and are more audible when their owner is scared though. So the first time he’s got his head close enough to your chest that he can hear it, he freaks out just a bit. What’s scaring you? Is he moving too fast? He’s pretty sure he shouldn’t be able to hear that fucker but…..after you explain it to him he’s just a bit embarrassed and would really prefer you never to mention this incident again. He likes the sound, though, once it stops making him nervous. Makes it easier to fall asleep too.

UF!Papyrus: He prefers you to rest on top of him with his arms wrapped around you from behind (on the rare occasions when he’s in the mood for cuddling), so he feels it with his hands before he hears it. At first he assumes its your SOUL, but then he realizes its too constant. SOUL beats usually don’t last for longer than a few minutes, pulsing takes magic energy and SOULs prefer to conserve that. He asks you what it is (well, demands to know) and after you explain it to him, he considers it, and then presses his head into it. He listens for a bit, and then nods, resuming your cuddling activites. He doesn’t have much of a reaction beyond that, but deep down….he’s kind of touched. The fact that you trust him enough to let him near your most vital organ and not worry that he’ll pull something… means quite a bit to him. 

YOI Badges from the Circle K/Family Mart Promotion running this month in Japan. Thank you to @sunyshore!! 

I don’t usually make getting Yurio a priority with ‘lottery’ and ‘prize’ items like this because this stuff is expensive (I generally limit myself to Victor and Yuuri and sometimes a couple cheap to get minor characters), but I simply could not resist this one. The snuggly scarf sharing and the blissful kitty face! It was too much for this cat person to resist. (Apparently other people agreed because @sunyshore said for once a Yurio was the first to sell out and it was this one.) 

And of course wedding Victor and Yuuri were a must. I have to say that the Yuuri seems to have a bit more detail?? Maybe in the face? I’m not sure if it’s just the light blush they gave him (which is so soft though it’s hard to see in the photo), but even the eyes seem a bit more detailed. I don’t know. They’re both precious though. Would have been nice if they’d included the rings, that being said. xp  

Happy Birthday, miss-moonstone!

April 22 - “I’m cold, I’m tired, and I’m going to kill one of you unless you find me some coffee.” FitzNat for @miss-moonstone

Written by @ozhawkauthor

“She’s smaller than I expected,” Mack muttered.

“Mack, everyone is small to you,” Jemma pointed out.

“Sshh!” Fitz waved them both to silence. “You’ll wake her up!”

All three of them stood just staring at the woman lying on the couch in the Playground’s rec room. At least, until she spoke without opening her eyes.

“I’m not asleep.”

Fitz squeaked and jumped about a foot in the air. Mack and Jemma weren’t much better, which was a small comfort.

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lady-in-lace  asked:

Ahh your headcanons are so sweet! I love them~ If you don't mind, could you possibly do Unknown and MC sweater shopping? <3

  • oh
  • my
  • god.
  • did you mean: force your boyfriend to try on millions of ridiculous sweaters while he acts all embarrassed but secretly enjoys it
  • saeran has been looking for an excuse to wear terrible garbage and have someone else to use as a scapegoat and oh boy you fit the bill.
  • changing room selfies
  • yelling at him to come out and show you already
  • him shoving you out so he can try on another sweater and you’re like, dude, you’re not even taking off your shirt
  • poor shy flustered brainwashed cultist boy.
  • anyway he refuses to wear matching sweaters but will wear the glittery sequin one just for you.
  • you beg him to do cute poses in the mirrors and he’s like ugh god i hate you fine
  • you put on one of the huge men’s sweaters, hide your hands in the sleeves, and smack him with the fabric
  • it turns into a fight. you are nearly removed from the sweater store.
  • you go to the optometrist afterwords and make him try on frames
  • he’s so damn cute holy shit
  • piles of bags in hand, you go to a coffeeshop in the mall, get a seat by the window, and drink hot cocoa while the snow falls outside
  • he’s all snuggly in one of his new sweaters and it’s just
  • b l e s s