snuggly one

Don’t you think Derek would give the most amazing hugs? Like, big, warm, and snuggly, but no one knows because he’s all GRRR! and eyebrows. 

So Stiles braves it one day and discovers something magic, and then, he can’t stop. He starts hugging Derek whenever he has the chance. Like, after fights, or when he catches Derek lurking, or whenever he steps foot inside the loft, or runs into Derek in town. 

Stiles just leaps at Derek in the frozen food aisle and Derek has to drop the carton of ice cream he’s holding to catch him, and once, Stiles went in for a hug at the sheriff’s station in front of his dad, and Derek just buries his nose in Stiles’ neck and inhales. The sheriff just doesn’t wanna know, like nope, don’t even wanna.

Let’s face it. Stiles smells damn good. All woodsy with a hint of spice.

At first, Derek didn’t really know what to think when Stiles first hugs him out of nowhere. It was after an intense fight and they’re both covered in blood. He’s so stunned that anyone would even hug him, but he doesn’t even hesitate to wrap his arms around Stiles. It isn’t until later that he realizes how good Stiles smells, and he starts to bury his nose in Stiles’ neck whenever Stiles’ hugs him.

Eventually, it isn’t just Stiles that initiates the hugs. Derek makes it a habit of sneaking up on the little shit and hugging him from behind just so he can hear Stiles scream when his feet leave the ground.

Hanzo finally makes Jesse retire one of his old plaid shirts. It’s an ongoing disagreement of sorts that they’ve been having for months now. The shirt in question is heavily faded with a few tears and missing a few buttons and “You have so many others in much better condition. This one cannot be worn as clothing anymore,” Hanzo argues. Jesse finally relents.

And then when Jesse’s away on a mission and the weather at the watchpoint changes, Hanzo procures himself new pjs: the plaid shirt. It’s down to his knees almost, already a larger size plus being stretched from years of wear. The elbows have random patches of slightly brighter colour from where Jesse continuously had the sleeves rolled up.  But its super soft from being well worn, as well as smelling of his boyfriend, so it makes the shirt perfect for sleeping in.

When Jesse comes back, he also thinks the sight of Hanzo wearing it is pretty damn perfect.

Which One?

Which person in your otp likes shiny objects but doesn’t say it?

Which person in your otp secretly hates or loves sweets?

Which one is always texting the other to make sure they’re ok, but plays it off with a stupid excuse when asked about it?

Which one breaks down frustrated and crying after trying to bake cinnamon rolls for two hours, but ultimately failing?

Which one stops what they’re doing to comfort the one who’s crying about the charred lumps of burned cinnamon rolls sticking to the pan?

Which one does all the grocery shopping?

Which one always tries to buy things they do not freaking need?

Which one eats all the food in the house?

Which one tries to make chocolate from scratch, and is about to throw it away because they think its terrible?

Which one stops that one, and tells them that they’ll eat it anyway because everything they do is wonderful?

Which one is snuggly?

Which one is taller?

Which one takes the other shopping to the mall but makes the other carry all of their stuff?

Which one is clingier?

Which one loves the attention but won’t admit it?

Which one is more stubborn?

Which one has an iron resolve?

Which one is better with kids?

Which one wants kids, but is really scared of being a parent?

Which one shows public displays of affection more often?

Which one of them is/isn’t opposed to that and why?

Which one drinks more?

Which one can hold their liquor better?

Which one can’t hold their liquor?

Which one is only good at cooking Mac and cheese?

Which one could probably be on top freaking chief with how good and how often they cook?

Just… Which ONE?

I got a cat. His name is Cow.

One of the longest-held traditions of ancient Paladin bonding activities is the sacred art of the cuddle puddle. Promotes trust, harmony within the group, and the ability to decide once and for all which of the Paladins is the best snuggler. Hunk’s streak has been going for a long time now with his cuddly bearhugs, but will Lance manage to top his score with his patented octopus cling?! Find out next time and don’t leave out the other heavy hitters like Takashi “backrubs are the fastest way to your heart” Shirogane and Pidge’s deadly koala hold attack, here on Voltron: Legendary Cuddler!

I think Andrew’s cat would be the type to catch a mouse and let it go only to recatch it, the type to play with his food and knock Neil and Andrew’s things off of shelves while staring directly at them because he’s a jerk like that. Neil’s cat would be snuggly, the one that meows for attention and paws at your sleeves and looks up at you while sitting on the magazine you were trying to read.
But I think ironically, or not ironically at all really, Neil would get along better with the first cat and Andrew with the second.


Chicago Area Folks!

See that adorable girl up there? (Not the human, that’s just my sister, Jessi) The really cute one is Bridgette, a snuggly and lovable one year old doggie. Right now my sister is fostering her, but we’d love to see Bridgette be able to find a family she can stay with forever. 

Like I said, Bridgette loves to snuggle (and kiss!) and is super loving to everyone she meets. She’s very playful and seriously smart, and loves loves loves to walk (we legitimately believe she could walk forever, no joke). 

If you are interested in learning more or adopting Bridgette, you can contact my sister at Thanks a bunch! ^_^