Photo taken from @lookforastar

I’m sorry, but I need to go back to this and express my frustration. Now I know for a fact that it was Charlie that put Miss Quill on that bed. I have several issues I need to address here. First, and I’ve mentioned this before, why the hell is she on top of the blankets and not underneath them? What kind of inconsiderate idiot does that? In fact, not only is she on top of the blankets, but also on top of what looks like a very warm and fluffy throw. Charlie could have at least covered her with that, come on! This is basic level of care for others as far as I’m concerned. Secondly, the window is open (the curtains moved, I am that nitpicky,yes). So not only is she not warm because she’s not covered by anything, she’s most certainly cold! I’m extremely pissed off. Yes, she was hibernating and yes, we know she’s fine afterwards, but this type of treatment of another person is not OK in my book and Charlie needs to learn a lot about caring for others in the future or I’ll continue to be pissed off. For the record trying to pour water down her throat is not enough. If he was really concerned he would have found a way to hook her to an IV or something. She’s pregnant for God’s sake! Try to think of the baby if not about her! Damn it, if Matteusz had been there I don’t think that any of this would have happened! Matteusz is essential for Charlie’s personal growth, without him the Prince of Rhodia is all kinds of hopeless and inconsiderate.


look at victor. look at this man. he finds out his boyfriend hasn’t been sleeping so he brings him up to a private room, strip him to his underwear and a sleeping mask, and then proceeds to sleep on top of him so he won’t have any ideas of slipping away during his nap time. if that’s not dedication to your significant other i don’t know what is.