sailorlock asked:

For drabble prompts: Korra/Kuvira and Chocolate! :)

When you were trying to make it in the big city, Korra quickly learned that you had to prioritize the essentials. Rent, utilities, a Great Pyrenees-sized doggy bed, food, futon, crappy prepaid phone, a five year-old junker of a laptop. 

That had actually been a gift from Mako, after his rich and absurdly hot girlfriend had gotten him a top of the line tablet for their anniversary. More of a hand-me down, but it was free so Korra didn’t really have much to complain about. 

Now thanks to Jinora it was wiped and reformatted like it was brand new, sitting on top of an ancient analogue TV Korra had found in the trash like a pair of bunny ears, a tangle of wires streaming a women’s mixed martial arts match into the bigger screen.

Laying back on her lumpy futon, Korra watches the fight with a critical eye while carving out spoonfuls from her pint of Chocolate Therapy ice cream. Naga’s bed being strategically planted right in front of the futon let her rest her feet on the big shedding lug like a warm, fuzzy ottoman. 

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