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Heart Race [George Weasley x Reader]

A/N: I’ve literally posted this like six times because I can’t figure out how to italicize on mobile because the mobile version is trash lmao  I’m so mad rn ugggh. I tried that stupid code italicize but it didn’t work but it works when I test it out and ugghhh I hate this app

Word Count: 3,340

Warnings: mild language like twice. Not proof read. Possible ooc characters. 

Summary: (Name) met George in her third year after being pushed down. After another year, what will happen when George has to find a way to keep his feelings for her in check?


To say she was shy would be an understatement.

She had a quiet voice, but a loud mind. That loud mind of hers was full of brilliant facts and opinions, but the quiet voice that she had held everything back.

And to say that it bothered George would be an understatement as well.

No, George was almost offended that she refused to speak your mind. He couldn’t really understand why (Name) felt the need to hide all of her wonderful thoughts, but that didn’t mean he didn’t respect it.

George and his twin met (Name) when she came to Hogwarts at the age of eleven. At the time they were second years who in all honesty didn’t care much for her.

It’s not like they disliked her, they just didn’t know her well enough to care.

However, that all changed when they witnessed her being pushed down in her third year by some fourth year jerks.

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RFA HEADCANONS: AU: They're in a Famous Boyband~

(THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE ONE WHO SENT IN THIS REQUEST. I didn’t know my ask box wasn’t open at the time, and they very kindly pointed it out, and gave me an amazing request. So, thank you.. I think it’s open now. Let me know if it isn’t, but if it is, pls send requests and stufff, I loved getting this.

This is basically an AU where the RFA is all in a boy band like BTS or something, and Jaehee is the manager. It will tell what mc’s (your) occupation is, and so on.)



The two of you met at a meet and greet.

The moment he saw you, he knew you were going to be someone important to him.

There you were, all Smol, and nervous. He was just impatiently waiting for your turn to come up. He had everything planned out in his mind. What he wanted to say, how he’d pose in your picture, and then he’d casually slip his number to you.


Shit happens.

He completely froze up when you got there, stuttering on everything he said.

You made a small comment on how you were a bit thirsty, and HE ACTUALLY HAS JAEHEE GET YOU A WATER BOTTLE.

So, he smoothly writes his number on the water bottle paper before he gives it to you.

You two ended up hanging out quite a bit, trying to go to the most private places you could without getting bombarded with paparazzi.

When he finds out you’re just a college student, he finds it to be extremely adorable, and will probably attempt (key word) to help you with your homework.

When he fails at said homework, he asks his fans for some answers (me if I was famous, LMAO JKJK? Maybe?? I mean.)

The other boys tend to tease him a lot for this, but, hey. Yoosung always comes back with “well, at least I actually have a girlfriend to do it for.”

S A V A G E.

High key cries when he has to leave you on tour.




Let’s be real, you’re also pretty famous yourself.

You are a solo singer, and one year, you just happen to be joining them on tour as their opening act.

Zen and you instantly click, and whenever you both have free time, you bet your ass he’s spending it with you.

You’ll be preforming up on stage, and tHIS BOY IS GONNA COME UP BEHIND YOU, AND INTERRUPT THE WHOLE OPENING SHOW..just to ask you out.

Probably leaps into the air and screams into his Mic. Gets really excited the rest of the night while he’s preforming.

JAEHEE IS PISSSSEEEDDD. Will tell him that he should not be having a relationship when the two of you are just so busy. But, he doesn’t listen.

Now, you guys tend to be completely out there when it comes to your dates. Paparazzi are A L W A Y S catching you kissing, or doing some form of PDA.

Again, Jaehee is pissed. She’s probably going to contact your manager, and start complaining, trying to reason with him.

Your manager is cheap, so he doesn’t care, as long as he’s getting paid.

You manager thinks it’s good for you, because you’re gaining attention from Zen and your relationship.

“Any publicity is good publicity.” He says.

So, poor Jaehee. You and Zen rock your career out together~



He’s the jokester out of the group.

So of course, he meets you, a fan…

Right after he kicks a full water bottle into your face at a concert.

You’ll be sitting in the front row, just enjoying the show. WHEN THAT HAPPENS.


He probably starts busting out laughing, and pulls you up on stage.

Stops laughing when he sees hOw beAUTIFUL YOU ARE LIKE SHIT.

Starts violently apologizing.

When you start laughing, he gets really happy, (and relieved.) and gets you back stage passes.

Now, before he see’s you again back stage, he’s gonna ask Jaehee to be his wingman (wing woman???) and begs her to get your number.

Ends up paying her extra money to get her to do that but hEY.

The moment he sees you he just dies.

You were so cute, and now wearing one of their band shirts.

You two begin talking, and he finds out that you’re a clothing designer.

Literally hires you to make his outfits for the shows.

He loves wearing stuff made by you (probably asks you to make him dresses every now and then.)

Tries being really serious when he asks you out, getting you a rose, and writing it in a cake.

Drops the cake.

Freaks out, but you had already glanced and saw what it said, so of course, you said yES.

He will probably not be open to go on many dates at first, afraid that if you two got too close, fans would try to hurt you.

Once you’ve assured him that it is 100% okay, you’re fine..he’s gonna be taking you E V E R Y W H E R E.

Probably makes you help prank his fans.

Scare cams the other RFA members (including jaehee OOPS.)



You’re an interviewer! So, one day he comes in for you to interview him 1 on 1, and of course, you bring up his cat. Asking him how it’s been, what he does when he’s away on tour.

And he’s just shocked that your questions seem to be actually curious on him and and his cat, rather than just how much money he makes, and whether he has a girlfriend or not.

As soon as the interview is done, you two start talking about your cats, showing each other pictures of them.

He exchanges his number with you, and makes sure to talk to you everyday, even when he’s on tour.

He’s probably going to stop leaving Elizabeth 3rd with Jaehee, and start letting you take her while he’s gone. (The cat, not Jaehee.)

Hates to see you interview other people, but he knows it’s you’re job, so he keeps it to himself.

Actually starts getting mad when you talk to other RFA members.

He asks you out by taking you on a fancy dinner date at an Italian restaurant (or somewhere else if ya don’t like Italian. JUST THINK FANCY.)

He will have this really nice pizza thing, and the toppings will spell out “will you go out with me.” AND YOU JUST


Dates are always fancy and mildly expensive. Sometimes you would just want to stay at home, but he loves to treat you like a queen.



You are also apart of the boys management.

You and Jaehee like to just rant about the things those boys make you do. Like. loRD.

On a day off, you take Jaehee out for coffee..and this is the day..where o shit. She gay.

She actually has feelings for you. You. Another woman?? What??

She’s really confused, and gets really nervous out of no where.

Poor thing gets a little coffee cream on her upper lip..AND WHEN YOU BEND OVER THE TABLE TO WIPE IT OFF HER. She almost faints.

She accidentally confesses to you one day while you were making sure the hotels were all booked and in check.

She’s actually going to start stuttering, and is almost on the verge of tears, because she’s just so scared that you don’t feel the same.

You reassure her that you feel the exact same, and she just..WHAT.

You two share a passionate kiss, and that’s when the boys come in.


lil bi-

You two tend to get VERY over worked, but if one of you were having an extraordinary hard time, the other would be there to support you in no time.

Jaehee constantly worried about you and your health, and hardly even worries about her own

You have to make sure she knows that she is what’s important to you. And if she needs to rest, you are going to do everything you can to make sure she cHILLS ABOUT YOU, AND GETS SOME DANG SLEEP.

You two probably eat out a lot, but try to cook together whenever you can.

Lots of coffee dates.

When there’s no work, snuggles on tour bus. ;)




You’re a photography journalist.

The two of you meet when he’s just trying to get away from all of the fans.

He somehow sees you (lol) taking photos outdoors at the park.

Casually asks to see your pictures.

He starts talking to you about how he liked to take pictures in his free time, and that he just never got around to it like he used to. He finds out that you do it as a profession, and he gets a bit nervous that you may recognize him, and start bombarding him, thus blowing his cover.

You start to notice he looks a bit familiar, and point it out.

He practically sweats, but doesn’t want to lie to you.

He admits that he is a part of the boy band thing, and your just like OH


He gets confused, because why weren’t you begging for pictures?

You seem completely calm in the fact that you were talking to a celebrity, and he is just so grateful from that moment on.

Before you two part, he realizes that you were a genuine person, and asked for your number.

He loves to take pictures with you, (casually slipping in photo’s of you every now and then.) and loves showing them off after word.

Probably makes really aesthetic posts on his social media, all pictures that the both of you took.

If a fan is being rude to you?

Surprisingly, he loses his cool, and goes off on them. If it’s in person, he will make a comment on Twitter or something afterwards on how immature they acted, and that it shouldn’t happen again.



You’re his makeup artist~

You’ll be doing his makeup as gently as he could, and literally it fEELS SO NICE. He loves when you’re touching his face, doing your best to make him look good up on stage.

If anyone else even tries to do his makeup, he will go off. He doesn’t care if he has to go look like a pale ghost on stage. No one else can do his makeup.

One day, he gets really frustrated, because he likes you? But how does he even show that?

As you finish his makeup one day, like any other day, HE LITERALLY STANDS UP, AND PINS YOU TO THE WALL.

He doesn’t want to force you to do anything you didn’t want to, so he awkwardly asked if he could kiss you, rather than just going for it like he had planned.

When you agree, he gets really happy (but doesn’t show it.) and just goes for it.

The two of you kissing before a show becomes a regular thing, as he claims it to be a good luck charm.

Asks you out back stage one day after you two share a passionate kiss. Gets really energetic on stage when you say yes~

Fixed Up (Part 2) (Requested)

Here is the link to part 1 of this imagine. I hope you enjoy this second part!

    You look at your phone. Just that one notification won’t go away. “Kian, they won’t stop calling me.”

    Then he takes the phone from your hand as he says, “Here, let me see.” Then he turns off your phone and hands it back to you. “Now you won’t see them calling.” Then Kian puts his arms around you, both of you now snuggled up on the bus.

    As you know feel more comfortable, you whisper, “How much farther are we going?”

    He says caringly, “Just up to the next stop. Then we’ll get off. Don’t worry. Everything will be okay.“

    He keeps saying that. You believed him at first, loving the idea of you two love birds running away together. But now that it’s become reality, you aren’t so sure anymore. What if your parents do end up finding you? What if you two can’t make it on your own? What are you going to do? Go running back to your parents and being punished forever?

    You are now slowly falling asleep when you feel the bus stop. “Okay, let’s go,” Kian says as you both begin to get off.

    When you both are off, Kian looks at you and says, “Okay, we are going to find a place to stay. We’re going to figure all this out tomorrow.”

    Kian is about to hold you hand when you both hear, "Hey! Kids! Stop right there! ” You turn to see a police officer getting out of his car, looking straight at you and Kian. Busted. Kian does hold you hand but quickly pulls it as you are both running down the street now.

    “Just keep running!” Kian says to you. It’s hard to keep up with his fast pace, but you are trying. You both run down a street until an alley comes up and you follow Kian down it. You don’t want to look back because you are scared to see how close the officer is.

    At the end of the alley, you both take a left and then you yourself get lost after that. Kian takes a quick right in between a few house then he turns a bunch of other ways. Your legs are burning now, but Kian finally stops. You put your hands on your knees to catch your breath. “Do you think we lost him?” You say.

    As Kian is catching his breath too, he says, “Yeah, I think so.”

    When you can finally breath normally, your mind comes back to what just happened. There was a cop going after both of you. Your parents know. You both probably have missing reports filed on the both of you now. “Kian, he knew who we were. Our parents are looking for us. Now we are officially runaways. Now cops are always going to be on the look out for us.”

    Kian realizes the situation as much as you. He runs his fingers through his hair, thinking. Then he goes over and holds both of your hands. “Okay, the first thing we need to do is change clothes. They probably already have descriptions of us in these clothes. So we are going to go find a store.”

    This is a mess all of this. This is not how you wanted this to go. “Kian, I’m scared.”

    “Don’t be. There’s nothing to be scared of. This is just you and me. We are going to make it.”

    “But what if we get caught? I can’t go back to my parents after this. I just can’t.”

    “Well good. Because that’s not going to happen.” Then he leans in close and your lips meet. His lips are warmer than before. He puts his arms around your waist, both of you now being as close as can be. There’s just something about him that makes you feel safe. You really needed this.

    When you pull away you say, “Okay. Let’s go.”

    It about an hour of dreadful walking to find your way out of the neighborhood and you guys finally come across a Walmart. You both walk in, heads down, not trying to attract any attention. You both split as you find your new outfit. You go for simple. A grey hoodie with a new black pair of jeans. Then you buy a pair of nice running shoes, you know, just in case. Then you find Kian in the men’s section. He has his things, and then you both wait in line to pay. Once that’s done, you both go into the bathroom and quickly change. You just throw all of your old clothes in the trash, and you’re good.

    Once you both are out, you both keep walking as Kian leans close to you and says quietly, “We need to get out of here. We can’t stay in this city. This time, we have to go farther.

    Yes, just leaving is hard, but you do not want to get caught, so that kind of sound like a good idea. "Where are we gonna go?”

    As Kian stays alert with his surroundings, he says, “If we are going to go somewhere else, we should somewhere good. What do you think about L.A?”

    Your face lights up. You’ve always wanted to go to California. And it’s not that far either. “Are you serious? you ask him.

    He puts his arms around you. "No I am not. That place if perfect, and no one will ever find us there.”

    You put your arm around his waist. “Let’s do it.” Both of you don’t seem so glum anymore. That idea brought both of you up so quickly.

    “Awsome. Let’s go to the bus station and get tickets before anyone finds us again." 

    Kian ends up asking someone on the street for directions, and it is luckily walking distance. You both get there in no time. When Kian asks about L.A., you both hit another stroke of luck. There is a bus leaving to L.A. tonight, so you both get tickets. You both wait a few hours, just sitting together at the bus station, not really having anything better to do. They finally call for your bus, and you and Kian are quick to get on. You both find your seat and get settled. "Well, we’re doing this,” Kian says.

    Surprisingly, you are not too bumped about this. The thought of starting over in L.A, takes over the thoughts of leaving your parents for good. Of course you’re going to miss them, but this just might be better. 

    After the bus takes off in about an hour, it’s almost 3 in the morning. You are so tired. You make yourself even more comfortable with Kian. You lay your body over his, with your back on the window and your legs spread over the seat that was yours. Kian cuddles you, making it even easier for you to start falling asleep. Before you doze off, you tell Kian, “This past day has been such a roller coaster.”

    He chuckles. “Yeah, it has been. It may have felt like we’ve been going down, but right now, I’m sure this roller coaster is only going up.”

    “I can’t wait to see what awaits us in L.A.”

    “Me either. Who knows what will happen. I’m just glad I’m going over there with the girl of my dreams." 

    That’s when you fall asleep, with a smile on your face.

Being on tour with Ash like:

- “Baby!! I am so glad you’re here!! We’re gonna go sight seeing and take pictures and- hey!! Stop rolling your eyes at me!! :(”

- him kissing every inch of your face because he is just so excited that you’re with him finally

- him making sure he has tons of extra blankets and pillows on the bus so your cuddles are super snuggly

- really aggressive sex because it’s been awhile since Ash has seen you much less got to be with you so he kinda just loses himself in your body

- “God baby, I missed you.”

- getting to wear all of his t shirts because he gets super smiley and giggly and blushy when you do :(

- making tons of playlists together for when you have to leave

- holding your hand, or your waist, or your shoulders, constantly

- a lot of shopping (aka third wheeling cashton dates)

- “Baby doll, take this picture of me please!! :D”

- exploring the city that they’re in and him taking tons of candids of you and posting most of them

- trying new foods and giggling at each others reactions

- taking videos of you all week because “Petal, you are by far the cutest thing in the world.”

- getting to sit on his lap and play his drums during soundcheck

- him pouting when the boys suggest you replace Ashton in the band

- “You’re all just jealous I have great hair and I’m getting laid every night for the next two weeks.”

- pissing him off by teaming up with the boys to see who can make the most accurate facial expression of Ashton while he’s drumming


- “Fuck I missed this, missed you. You can’t leave again baby, I won’t let you.”

- riding him a lot and having lots of bruises on your hips

- sleepy snuggles on the bus where you’re both crammed into his tiny bunk 

- waking you up super early and taking you to a very nice breakfast on your last day of tour with them

- “I love you darling,” *kiss* “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

- getting off your flight back home to several missed texts and calls from Ash because he already misses you and no one is around to stop the boys from terrorizing him anymore :/

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you write about you and Calum getting into a fight because you got jealous but you guys make up in the end? Thanks💜


ok so you know how i take prompts and i twist them so much that they don’t really fulfill the request but they sort of do? thats what happened here i am so sorry

You weren’t jealous. You were not jealous.

At least that’s what you tell yourself as you watch Calum and his new love from the other side of the room.

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5soscrazze  asked:

I've been sick for the past three days and all I want if for you to do an blurb or imagine or whatever they're called about how Luke would be when your supper sick. You're my favorite okay bye I love you

(Oh dear that sucks! This is just a blurb so it’s short but I hope it can do something to cheer you up! also thank you you’re too sweet)

The rain poured down as it planned on drowning you all and despite it being quite early in the evening it was already pitch dark outside.

Luke was lighting candles all over the living room as you sat and watched him. You were snuck up in not one but four blankets, two pair of socks, a knitted sweater and a pair of enormous pajama pants.

After having lit the final candle Luke turned around to you and sent you a sympathetic and perhaps a slightly bit teasing smile and all you did was sneeze in return.

“Bless you” Luke said and looked like he was trying his hardest not to laugh at you, curled up on the sofa with countless layers of clothes and blankets, with a runny nose and a grumpy face.

“Luke?” you said and your voice was that of someone who had spent the last 40 years of their life chain-smoking and drinking whiskey. Luke’s face immediately became sympathetic again and he leaned down beside you. “Yes, love?”

“I think I’m sick” you said with the blankets pulled up so they were just under your mouth and then you sniffled. 

Luke broke out in laughter. You had been like this for several days now but absolutely refusing to admit that you were sick, but when he caught up to your grumpy face he stopped laughing and asked “Is there something I can do for you?”

For a while you thought about it then “You can stop being annoying” and you send him a gleeful smile. Luke on the other hand looked extremely offended, ”Hey! Here I was trying to be a good boyfriend!” and you laugh at the still insulted look on his face. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

Then “I’d ask you to snuggle with me bu–“

“Okay” Luke answers with a cheeky grin before you even had the time to finish the sentence.

“I’d ask you to snuggle with me BUT I don’t want to make you sick as well”

Luke rolls his eyes and tries to scoop you over on the sofa so that he and his giant frame can fit.

“I will probably sneeze on you” you warn him and as he takes the blankets from you to wrap them around you both he answers “Lucky we have tissues then.

When he has finally settled beside you your face down his shoulder, “I’m warning you, I will get snot all over you” but all he do is laugh and pulls his arm around you, “Bring it” he then says and you smile against his shoulder.

For the rest of the evening you lay like that, listening to the sound of the rain and each other’s breathing and every now and then he makes you sit up and drink some water (“you have to drink LOTS of fluids when you are sick!” “Oh, who made you a nurse?”)And eventually when you are just about to fall asleep he scoops you up, with blankets and all, and carry you to the bedroom and lays you down on the bed.

When he’s about to leave you whine loudly, despite knowing you sound like a child but he doesn’t seem annoyed just says “I’m just going to change”.

When he comes back he lay down beside you and pulls you in and you think that there are definitely worse ways to spend sick days.