snug one

These dogs in Christmas jumpers will make you feel all warm and fuzzy!

Rudolf and Father Christmas look a little different this year…

Hopefully there’s a treat in this cracker!

Get stuck in! No table manners from these guests!

It’s important to dress up for the festivities

After Christmas dinner, this Pomeranian’s jumper is looking a little snug!

Happy Howl-idays!

One of Santa’s little yelpers

This pooch looks oh-so-fetching!

This Terrier seems a little frosty about his snowman costume

Season’s Greetings from Mrs Claus (make that Mrs Paws!)

Be sure to leave out a mince pie (or bone) for Santa Paws!


#(they’re made of knives and hard truths and even harder lies but with him-) #(with him they can find softness in themselves) #(and they give it to him- all that they can) #Uthvir at his back practically swallowed in the darkness #except where they lay closest to Thenvunin #like he’s their light source #and they’re probably getting somewhat maudlin with everything that’s been going on #brooding and trying not to let it affect them too much #bc Thenvunin is fine he’s here in their arms #sleeping safely and peacefully #and yes they COULD have lost him #could STILL lose him if things get dire #(and not just to an enemy; they still think he’d leave if they revealed their nature to him) #but that’s a possibility for another time #right now they just want to feel him #warm and alive and wondrous in so many ways #and breathe in his scent #and feel oddly affectionate when they end up with his hair in their mouth #and proud bc he’s allowed himself to grow it back out #like a physical representation of the more metaphorical growth he’s had #if push comes to shove they’re fairly certain they could steal him and their daughter away #through the special eluvian at a certain estate #of course Lavellan would want to bring that Pride spirit #and a few others #and Mana'Din #who likely would insist on as full an evacuation as she could

And I ran out of room again so here’s the rest: So they spend the night going over logistics of a major evacuation while absently stroking Thenvunin’s side. Until he turns over in his sleep and nestles into their chest, and they throw their arm around him, sigh, and just rest, a bit. Not quite sleeping, just dozing, with him tangled up in his arms (and sheets now too, which may make for an interesting morning)

In the Dark | Chapter 2 Freetime | Carmilla Satou


It was late. Everyone was in their rooms, sleeping or trying to. But not Mikka.

No, Mikka found herself in a window niche nearly two meters off the ground. She had tucked in nice and snug, one of her sketchbooks lying across her knees.

This book was a little different than her other ones due to the fact that it had a metal clasp around the outside edge and a small silver padlock looped through.

She was scribbling something into the book with a look of intense concentration, worrying her bottom lip between her teeth. By looking at her, one would never guess that Honeya Hachinoko had been murdered by Koji Niji just a week prior. Or that the pastel bean pole had been convicted of the murder just yesterday.

One of her legs fell from where she had it curled up to dangle over the edge. She scribbled some more. Muttering along with whatever she was writing.

Bombyx mori…

Best guess was probably some sort of insect. She followed it up some more writing. She didn’t really pay attention to her surroundings. It was late. Who would be up at this hour?

Time for one of my body language posts! Look at the way Andy is gazing at Norman and the way he’s totally comfortable with Norm’s closeness. And Norman, as always, is touching everywhere- one arm snug around Andy’s shoulder, the other hand clutched right to his bicep, and thighs against each other. Like so many other pics if seen, this looks like Norman is shouting “he’s mine” and Andrew is simply agreeing and saying “I’m his.”