Ghostbusters 2016 is an amazing movie that is getting snubbed just for being a sequel, modern, and about women. I’ve seen it 3 times in the two weeks it’s been out.
Please go see this movie. It deserves so much more. It’s hilarious and fun and engaging.
And the actresses deserve so much. Prove that movies about women do well. That women can be funny, and weird, and loud, and sexual, and big, and beautiful, and diverse.
It’s not a good movie just because women are in it. It’s a good movie because the women in it are amazing and different.
The writing is on point. The jokes, god the jokes. There’s an Eat Pray Love line that no one laughs at but still gets me every time.
Please give this movie your time and money. Buy merch. Talk about it. Don’t wait for it to come out on DVD. Go see this movie.
(Also, it’s waaaay better than the original)
The Two Speeches That Explain American Politics Right Now
Forget the candidates—it’s Rudy vs. Cory you need to pay attention to. By MICHAEL GRUNWALD

The 2016 conventions featured a plagiarism scandal and a Wikileaks scandal, a snub by Ted Cruz and a non-snub by Bernie Sanders, Republicans chanting “Lock Her Up!” and Democrats chanting “Not a Clue!” Republicans heard from the National Rifle Association, a Benghazi mom, and Scott Baio; Democrats heard from Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter moms, and Meryl Streep. The parties nominated two well-known but not well-liked candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, as well as their less controversial two-syllable sidekicks, Mike Pence and Tim Kaine. There were high-profile speeches by six Trumps, three Clintons and two Obamas.

But if you want to understand the gulf between the two conventions and the two parties in just two speeches, you should watch Republican Rudy Giuliani’s fiery stem-winder in Cleveland and then Democrat Cory Booker’s exuberant address in Philadelphia. Giuliani, a 72-year-old white man who stepped down as mayor of New York City 15 years ago, outlined a dark vision of fear and fury. Booker, a 47-year-old black man who is now a senator from New Jersey, delivered an optimistic message of love and togetherness. Neither high-energy, high-volume speech got much attention in real time, but both channeled the moods of their parties.

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8 hrs of bbysitting down….36 ish more to go…we (6yr old boy, 10 yr old girl, and I) saw a movie (the secret life of pets, actually kinda cute ngl) bc they had free movie tickets?? nice. and then my BF came over (obviously ran that by their parents beforehand) bc the boy im watching LUVS basketball and my BF played basketball for years so they played together for like an hour and half and then when it was bedtime he was like “um I want Cody to read to me before bed” like 😩😭😂 I got SNUBBED but in the best way. and of course my sweet boy stayed and read to him and the boy im babysitting was sooooo obsessed with Cody like thought he was soooo cool and fun and awesome and was showing off for him so hard it was so cute i was just like dying the whole time it made me so happy. and he’s coming with the 3 of us to a baseball game tmrw which is nice bc i hate not seeing him everyday he’s my best friend and also keeps the boy im watching so entertained and happy which lets me focus more attention on his anxious 10 yr old sister who is my little sister in spirit and the sweetest thing and wants her hair n makeup done for the baseball game like mine was done today LIKE she’s so cUuTteeEeEE omg. I just can’t even get over how precious my BF was tonight I’ve always known him to be good with kids/seen how kids r drawn to him and love him but today just melted my cold little heart like…..I love my

dustbringer  asked:

james tiberius kirk, for the ask thing?

Oh man, so my boy James Kirk:

1: would really really love to take his boots off on duty. Would love it. He’s gotta be a damn professional though, no sock feet on the bridge but man- he would love it.
2: holds a grudge like an absolute master. You snub someone he kind of knows in your presence, and he will remember it forever. He’s not giving you interviews, or preference picking shifts, or anything more cordial than the time of day ever again. Ya blew it. I mean, the moment you apologize its water under the bridge and he’s already forgotten, but until then you’re on the shitlist. Good fucking luck.
3: He would have been a fantastic daycare teacher.
4: related to the last one: the course he taught at the academy (which btw canonically has a reputation as a ‘think or sink’ course) was the most off the wall command course that anyone’s ever taken. This week, everyone thinks they have the same tactics readings and they have to co-ordinate a ground team together, based on the recommendations of their vastly different, conflicting advice. The next week, everyone’s going to a conference about interspecies sensitivity, and everyone needs to be able to provide passable pleasantries complete with gesture and inflection in the home language of 5 federation species before he dismisses the class. The week after THAT it’s paintball, but half the team is blindfolded and the other half can’t speak.
It’s chaos. It also turned out some of the best command officers the academy’s ever produced.
5: His marital arts make everyone want to pull their hair out in frustration, but for some reason they work?? Why the fuck do they work?? (He always says “because no one sees it coming.” Spock thinks about the time that the captain rolled down a hill at several armed aliens. “I must admit this is true,” he says. No one would expect that, because it was REALLY STUPID. And yet, Kirk is still alive and mostly whole Spock doesn’t have any idea any better than the rest of the crew.)
6: He genuinely believes that every other federation vessel goes through the same crazy shit that his does. They don’t. It’s literally just the enterprise. The admiralty is divided on whether the ship is literally cursed(stranger things in space, Horatio), or if Jim Kirk just has the devil’s own luck.
7: he has been invited to the weddings of at least 3 exes. He is always flattered, and heartbroken when he can’t get leave to go in person. They were important to him, for a time, and he’s very happy to see they’re doing well. He hooks them up with the good, Federation-Grade replicators as wedding gifts, and gives lovely toasts. He also usually charms the literal pants off of at least one member of the wedding party, but that’s neither here nor there.
8: Shakespeare’s kind of been spoiled for him, because of that whole Kodos thing, which is a shame because he liked Shakespeare. One of the few paper books he owns is a copy of the collected works, and he hasn’t touched it since he confronted Kodos and his daughter.
9: no sun tolerance. Zero. He sunburns if he goes out and any sun is out for more than ten minutes. He spends three days after each shore leave anywhere remotely warm pink and peeling and it drives McCoy up the freaking wall.
10: He would die for his crew. This isn’t a head canon, but bear with me, because I’m not just talking about the bridge crew. I’m not just talking about taking a shot for Spock or McCoy, or volunteering to stay behind so Uhura or Sulu doesn’t have to. Kirk would die without a single regret for any single person on his ship. Kirk would die for random redshirt number 4 as soon as he would for Scotty. Sending letters that announce that instead, they have died for him, is the hardest part of his job. It’s the one part of the captaincy that he will never, ever let anyone else do.

Selma’s snubs speak volumes about Hollywood and the Oscars

Looks like it wasn’t the screeners. Conventional wisdom as to why Selma was shut out of the SAG, PGA, DGA, and BAFTA awards held that Paramount failed to send advanced screeners to guild members before voting began. Coupled with a late December release, pundits argued Selma just didn’t have time to build much buzz before guild nominations were announced. Some predicted the film would fare much better at the Academy Awards, whose members did receive their screeners in time. Yet Thursday’s Oscar nominations saw a virtual Selma shut-out (on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday no less). The film was nominated only for Best Song and Best Picture, although with no other major nominations it has little chance of winning the latter category. The film received no technical awards, no Best Actor nod for its stunning lead David Oyelowo, and no Best Director nomination for Ava DuVernay, who would have been the first black woman ever nominated for the Best Director Oscar.

It would have been understandable had Selma not won every major award this year. It’s inconceivable it wasn’t nominated for them.


Yes we should get angry about Selma’s awards season snubs. Yes we should question why Selma is called out for historical inaccuracies when other historical dramas aren’t. Yes we should call these snubs racist and sexist, even though others will offer less controversial assessments. But along the way, we shouldn’t forget that Selma is also a great piece of cinema. And that legacy can last well after this embarrassing chapter of Oscar history fades.

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