Dude it’s wild how many girls will come out to talk about how they’ve felt snubbed by punk/never felt like they had the opportunity to learn to play music.
I’m all about supporting women learning to play an instrument at whatever age, and people starting bands with newbies (I’m one too!!)
Honestly bee inspired me so much cause at 25(? I think?) she had never really played guitar until like a week before our first band practice and like 7-8 months later shes a totally competent punk guitar player who can play fast and write cool songs.
Start girl bands, start co-ed bands, start bands with people of whatever gender, just don’t make ‘em all boy bands!!!

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I want to write Kate Oates a letter do you know her address in Leeds? Now we know Ross is alive I guess Pete is on his way out. I am disappointed in how the gay and bisexual male characters Aaron, Robert, and Finn are treated. Ross and Debbie will be some boring epic love story while Aaron and Robert and Finn have no love story. I hope Connor is gay but suspect he is an employee for Robert. I just hate how the gay guys on Emmerdale do not get same respect as the straight people.

Idk about that. Rob and aaron have had a massive storyline that lasted far longer than Debbie/Pete/Ross, and the repercussions from Robron have been much bigger (there is, after all, a body count). I don’t feel Robert or Aaron are snubbed tbh. Like, I really wouldn’t shy away from saying they’re snubbed if they were.

Tbh i think ppl only accuse emmerdale of that atm bc other characters are getting attention at the moment. That accusation just isn’t fair. It’s a soap, it’s an ensemble. People other than Rob and Aaron will have major storylines. Aaron and Rob literally led the show for mooooonths. Emmerdale tweeted about them, posted pics, all that. That will happen again after other characters get their rightful time in the spotlight.

As for Kate’s contact address, I don’t know what it is! I would assume it’s the ITV Studios address? If you wanna make your concerns known to her, that’s a great way to do it. Also let them know what you liked :)

Selma’s snubs speak volumes about Hollywood and the Oscars

Looks like it wasn’t the screeners. Conventional wisdom as to why Selma was shut out of the SAG, PGA, DGA, and BAFTA awards held that Paramount failed to send advanced screeners to guild members before voting began. Coupled with a late December release, pundits argued Selma just didn’t have time to build much buzz before guild nominations were announced. Some predicted the film would fare much better at the Academy Awards, whose members did receive their screeners in time. Yet Thursday’s Oscar nominations saw a virtual Selma shut-out (on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday no less). The film was nominated only for Best Song and Best Picture, although with no other major nominations it has little chance of winning the latter category. The film received no technical awards, no Best Actor nod for its stunning lead David Oyelowo, and no Best Director nomination for Ava DuVernay, who would have been the first black woman ever nominated for the Best Director Oscar.

It would have been understandable had Selma not won every major award this year. It’s inconceivable it wasn’t nominated for them.


Yes we should get angry about Selma’s awards season snubs. Yes we should question why Selma is called out for historical inaccuracies when other historical dramas aren’t. Yes we should call these snubs racist and sexist, even though others will offer less controversial assessments. But along the way, we shouldn’t forget that Selma is also a great piece of cinema. And that legacy can last well after this embarrassing chapter of Oscar history fades.

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We’re all ignoring the racial side of Beyoncé’s snub

Beyoncé’s self-titled visual album, undoubtedly an industry tour de force, was all but a shoo-in for album of the year. But it lost spectacularly. Instead, the Recording Academy’s voters opted for Beck’s Morning Phase, replicating an emerging pattern that’s made the coveted prize more of a lifetime achievement award for staid mainstream tastes than a barometer of what matters now in music.

It also served as a painful reminder that the mainstream of American music is still undeniably white. If there were ever a reason why awards shows expressly celebrating the black community’s creativity are necessary, Beyoncé’s snub proves it.

But there is a solution