Do you have a super cool OC and want to see it in a video of mine?

I’m currently working on a video where I’m in need of some really well-designed Sonic OCs!  I’m going to be playing a game with my sister where I show her a Sonic character, and she has to guess whether or not they are real or fake.

This is where you guys come in!

I’m going to need about 5 or 6 well-designed Sonic OCs.

Whoever is chosen will:
- be featured in the video (I will send you a link to the video when it’s done)
- will get a personal shout out from me
- will get a free commission/drawing of their OC by me!

No joke characters.  I need to be able to trick my sister, so they have to be convincing.
- I’ll also need some kind of fact/backstory about this character to make them more convincing.  Make it seem like your character is canon in either the games, Archie comics, or any of the cartoons.
- Please don’t spam me if I don’t respond to you.  Break this rule and you will be blocked.

- If I like your OC’s concept but the design isn’t convincing enough, I will work with you to change up the design.
- You can submit any kind of character!  Not just Mobians, but also robots, flickies, chao, wisps, whatever!  Just make them convincing!

You can submit your OCs and some details about them to the fan email Make to to title the email “Sonic OC Submission” so I know it’s an entry for this video!

Hope to hear from you soon!

About *that* scene, aka ‘Empire of Corpses gets worse every time I am stupid enough to rewatch it’

So I watched the Empire of Corpses again - it’s the SIXTH time. I feel like my lifespan gets considerably shorter every time - and we discovered something new…

Beware, spoilers ahead. If you haven’t watched the movie, don’t read.

So, I had assumed that Watson never wanted to sedate Friday because it was “bad” for him: when we see Hadaly doing it the second time, Watson looks away because he can’t bear watching Friday scream in agony. I thought it was a painful process of sorts, but hadn’t realised something… It’s not just that.

During this scene, we see Friday trying to kill Watson many times while he’s being controlled by the sound waves. At some point he’s lucid and aware enough to feel his soul again, as demonstrated by the signal - the pen tapping on the nose - then he loses control of himself again for a few seconds. When he’s back, we see him crying and struggling to stay aware and regain his humanity, to the point that he points the gun at himself to avoid any harm to Watson.

Watson stops him, then finally uses the sedative syringe on Friday.
They hug, Friday loses consciousness and exhales a quiet breath.

Or at least so I thought.

Because now, we realised he was not just blacking out or being merely sedated… He was dying there.
Yes, dying again.
 Because we see Watson reanimating him once more at the lighthouse in the next scene, just like we see in the very first part of the movie. I had assumed it was just some routine procedure, but then

This is also highlighted by the two little bulb things on Friday’s forehead after that, resembling those that Watson used to reanimate the soldier some time before.

And this is also the reason why, in his delirious “dream” after the intoxication, Watson sees Friday die for real after being sedated - he was probably semi-aware when Hadaly did it the first time, when she saved them.

He knew the sedative will eventually kill him, he always knew, which is why he never wanted to use it, despite the fact that Friday could have killed him many times. 

Yes, Friday died there in Watson’s arms because of the sedative, that is the real reason why he didn’t want to use it on him. True, he can revive him as many times as he wants, but still… He literally sedated Friday to death to prevent him from killing himself. And this is also why he seems so peaceful straight after, slipping into oblivion while being held by Watson.

Friday died in Watson’s arms.
Watson killed Friday.
I think I need a moment…


For those who can’t watch it on Youtube! @antanddecshipper Enjoy!!


Someone messed up his line… 😂

For @antanddec-a-l and anon.

Today this video turns 1 year old!

In honor of this day, I’ll be doing a very ~SPECIAL~ anniversary stream…with a twist!

I’ll be redesigning SNT based on viewer votes!  I have split of many designs I’ve done of SNT in the past, and viewers can vote on each piece that they like.  I will then mash all of the winning pieces together into one abomination design!

Viewers are also free to draw along and post their results on Twitter!

Members of the SNT crew will be showing up, as well, and I’ll also be having a special guest: Evan from Mardiculous!

Make sure to come by early so you can cast your votes!