Can’t all the senior groups which disbanded just join Highlight’s agency and together, they could bring back the 2nd golden glorious era back ? Imagine an agency with Big Bang, 2NE1, Brow Eyed Girls, SNSD, Super Junior, Mblaq, f(x), miss A, Infinite, Teen Top, Highlight, Wonder Girls, Sistar, Shinee, T-ara, 4Minute etc… Legends with legends only. Together, they rule again over K-Pop. They won’t be treated badly anymore by their shitty companies. JUST FUCKING DO IT !


“How long do you think SNSD will last?”
Also in 2014:
“We get asked a lot if we wonder how long SNSD would last. We actually think about it a lot. It’s been our goal since a while ago. Our goal is to become a long-lasting group like Shinhwa. I checked recently, and Shinhwa will celebrate its 16th anniversary. For now, that long is our goal, and we believe it’s possible.” - Hyoyeon (Two O’clock Date)


SISTAR’s untimely disbandment brings me one step closer to closing the “door” to K-pop forever. Once the Brown Eyed Girls, Girls’ Generation, After School, T-ara, f(x) and miss A are over as well, and I sincerely hope they won’t be for much much longer, I’m done too. I’ll still fully support all of them as individual artists for as long as I can, and so should you, though I can’t help but feel like all of them will once again be forgotten by most, as usual, at least until another group disbands when everyone will magically remember them again…

Let’s just try and make it so that every time a girl group is a trending topic it’s not because it disbanded from here on.!

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Hello😊 do you know where Minho and Jinki were off to yesterday?? Do you think it could be cb related??

singapore and doubtful. it’s far too early for comeback preparations. i saw a few people say they heard they were going there for a holiday but i’m pretty doubtful that’d be the only reason given that fansites took pictures - seeing as they either don’t post them at all or wait until after the members get back if they go somewhere on a personal schedule. so, i figure they’re either participating in filming for something (like a variety) or doing a photoshoot, or maybe some other thing entirely but definitely not comeback related. we’ll know soon enough if it’s any of the aforementioned.


I can’t believe Sistar is disbanding this breaks my heart so much.

So many second generation girl groups are gone now

It’s so sad how iconic girl groups like KARA 2NE1, T-ARA, 4Minute, Rainbow, etc. are gone and how they once they were the groups that were always talked about.

Now we have other iconic girl groups like After School, Miss A, BEG, F(x) who are MIA and this also breaks my heart.

Something good always has an end to it and as much as it hurts we, the fans, should always continue to support the members in their solo careers whether they decide to try acting, still be a singer/rapper, or even just going back to school. It’s our job to make sure they never die and are never stopped talking about. We should be here to inform the new kpop fans who they were and the impact they had no matter who the group was.

Just remember to always cherish the memories and never stop giving them love