i prefer | anonymous asked: taengsic or taeny

“Jessica, I’ve felt the same kind of unfamiliarity with you as I did with Tiffany—something to do with cultural differences—and I tried to understand you more, and you’re such a character. I’m not the approaching type, so I regret we’re not that close so far, but like in the movies, there could be an unexpected turn out right?" 

taeyeon and jessica could literally be twins:

if you think they don’t look alike you are obviously lying to yourself

are they secretly twins or

is that taeyeon or jessica

omg guys they are twins discussion over like look at this

they are so alike 

taeyeon or jessica omg 

why taengsic is opt: a taengsic masterpost 

offering water to taeyeon because that’s very important

stopped because saw that taeyeon trip on her dress

and sica kept holding her aw aw

instead of saying something else for her speech after winning, she decided to announce that it was taeyeon’s birthday ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ so sweet jes


fixing taeyeon’s dress and laughing afterwards, my taengsic heart can’t take this

jessica’s HAND asdjklg crying

they are so cute i can’t

jfc taeyeon why no eye contact whY

taeyeon offering sica some more food ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ

sica waiting for taeyeon because she loves her too much

but guys remember when it was sica’s birthday and taeyeon lick cake of her face asdjlk


aww but this moment was so adorable when sica got scared she ran straight towards taeyeon and hugged her 

fetus moments:

it looks like they are kissing akjdnkls

(holding hand jfc askdd)


how can i my heart still function 

but guYS

eye contact!!! :

my heart can’t take this

omg what is going on


being dorks :

holding hands:


these two are the cutest

jealousy :


shit calm down sica

we get it taeyeon you like it

sica completing taeyeon on her voice 


aww look how happy she looks in the last gif 

and they just make eachother laugh and smile and just asdjksj

why so shy sica


OKAY I’M DONE my heart can’t take this