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SNSD Reaction to meeting you for the first time on a variety show

Note: In this reaction, you are their favorite celebrity, and they have a big celebrity crush on you. In some reactions the crush on you is stated, in others it’s not.  I also left some of endings a bit open ended!

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With the news of her appearance alongside you, her favorite rookie celebrity, on a popular variety show from her manager. Taeyeon is feeling butterflies circle around her stomach from the thought of meeting you for the first time. Once the script briefing is done, filming starts and she can feel her face heat up from looking at you from the other side of the room. Throughout filming Taeyeon fidgets and keeps focusing on your lips whenever you’re talking, all while trying to keep her professionalism. After the show ends Taeyeon gets her manager to slip you a note with her number written on it with the caption, “Coffee?”

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Not prone to nervousness in situations, Jessica is a bit unfazed at the news of appearing on a variety show with you. However, her heart is absolutely elated to be finally meeting you after being your fan for so long. With filming beginning soon Jessica takes it upon herself it formally introduce herself to subside the awkwardness. While filming the chemistry is sparking between you two as your personalities compliment each other well. Keeping up her professional image Jessica doesn’t let her attraction to you stump the job that she has to do. Back in the dressing rooms, she doesn’t hesitate to exchange numbers.

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Despite being a huge fan of you, Sunny is outwardly unfazed after receiving the news that she’ll be hosting a new variety show with you as her first guest. Because she’s been a fan for such a long time, it’s seemingly only natural for her to have crush on you. Once filming starts Soonkyu tries her hardest to make you feel comfortable while also trying to not appear distracted by your smile. With the cheerful atmosphere on set Soonkyu finds herself falling for you, as she is able to witness your humor and cuteness. After filming ends Soonkyu is a bit weary of actually getting to know you better, instead she gives herself a pep talk before making her way to you dressing room; knocking on the door softly.

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Tiffany is over the moon with happiness after she learns that she’ll be guest appearing on a new variety show with you. For months, she’s been giving praise to you through social media never failing to support your new projects. Once filming begins, Tiffany introduces her charm silently, giving flirty gestures to you from across the room. She flicks her hair, smiles widely, and tints her head to showcase her jawline. Noticing your behavior throughout filming, she’s proud she as captured you attention with her flirtatiousness. After filming ends, Tiffany approaches you saying confidently, “I’ve liked you for a long time. Do you want to get some food later?”

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Hyoyeon is a bit surprised that she landed a guest appearance alongside you in a popular variety show. She knows that for the past few months your popularity and fan-base is growing which makes Hyoyeon feel proud of you, as a fan herself. As filming begins Hyoyeon doesn’t pass on the opportunity to publicly compliment you, saying, “I’ve been a fan of hers for quite a while, and she continues to show herself in a beautiful light.” Throughout filming she contemplates her small crush on you, sneaking glances and laughing at your remarks. Unsure of her next actions, Hyoyeon approaches you confidently to talk of meeting whenever your both free.

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After hearing of her schedule which involves appearing on a variety show with you. Yuri is a bit nervous at the thought of meeting you after being a fan of yours for so long. Filming begins in a blur for Yuri because she keeps glancing at you until one of the hosts asks to see a humorous talent from the both of you. Together you two embarrass yourselves with the entertaining dance and in return Yuri has all of her anxiousness fade away. Once filming comes to end, the both of you feel mutually comfortable with each other, constant jokes and laugher ensue. In the end Yuri leaves with blushing cheeks while clutching a piece of paper with your number scribbled on it.

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Hearing the news of her guest appearance alongside you on a new variety show Sooyoung is feeling super ecstatic. She’s always been vocal on social media about how much she enjoys your projects. On the day of filming Sooyoung approaches you to formally introduce herself, but she finds herself to be a bit awestruck since you are far more beautiful in person. Once filming begins Sooyoung remains professional as she acts out her variety personality. But she catches herself throughout filming acting shy whenever she’s near or talking to you. With the day almost over, she asks her manager to get your number with delivered with the message, “I’d like to get to know you better? Coffee at 8?”

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Yoona is anxious when her manager talks about her upcoming schedule on a popular variety show that you’re guest appearing on. She’s had the biggest crush on you since you debuted and she truly doesn’t want to ruin her first official meeting with you. During filming Yoona is asked to preform aegyo, but this time she actually enjoys doing it. Simply because in the corner of her eye she can see you blush and giggle at her cute antics. Once filming comes to a wrap, Yoona still is a bit shy in hopes of approaching you and to her surprise you approach her first saying, “Um I think you’re really pretty, well you probably hear that a lot. But I was hoping to get your number?” Giggling Yoona can’t say no to you.

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Seohyun is incredibly bashful as she’s told of her guest appearance on a variety you host. She’s been a secret fan of yours since your debut and to her it feels surreal that she will finally meet you face-to-face. Standing in line with the other guests, Seohyun can feel her heart beat quicken and her cheeks turn a shade of pink as you turn and address her personally. With stumbling speech she distances herself from you throughout the filming to prevent more mistakes, and to save her heart from going into cardiac arrest from simply looking at you. Once filming ends Seohyun isn’t expecting to find you waiting for her. Shyly you explain, “I saw the way you looked at me today. Do you like me?”

The Signs as Group Members
  • Aries: Main Rapper
  • Taurus: The Sexy One
  • Gemini: Visual
  • Cancer: Main Vocalist
  • Leo: The Popular One
  • Virgo: The Aegyo of the Group
  • Libra: Leader
  • Scorpio: The Energetic One
  • Sagittarius: Main Dancer
  • Capricorn: The Charismatic One
  • Aquarius: The Variety Star
  • Pisces: Face of the Group