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Há pouco tempo, eu poderia dizer que gostava de você. Apenas gostava. Algo tão comum né? Mas não tão comum assim. Esse “gostar” quando é praticado, tem uma tendencia a evoluir. E esse foi nosso caso, a gente praticou tanto gostar um do outro que foi exatamente o que aconteceu, esse gostar acabou virando algo a mais. A cada segundo, a cada dia, para ser mais específico, a cada instante que eu passei com você. Algo que se desenvolveu até um pouco rápido demais, depois desse gostar tive a certeza que já estava apaixonado por você, agora já sei que te amo. Não me apaixonei de uma vez, foi aos poucos, a sua voz, seu sotaque, seu sorriso, seus olhos e todas essas coisas aí. E também não acredito em “amor à primeira vista”. Você não sai se apaixonando por cada pessoa bonita que passa. Se apaixona pela personalidade, pelo modo de ser. E comigo não foi diferente, me apaixonei também pelo seu jeito. E outra.. temos muita coisa em comum, isso ajuda, mesmo os opostos se atraindo, eu digo que os parecidos se combinam. E o engraçado é que entre todas essas coisas que você tinha para eu me apaixonar primeiro, esse seu nome que você tanto “odeia”, foi a primeira coisa pelo que me apaixonei.
—  Allan Moura.

For the highlight of this concert, the girls prepared a ballad version of their debut song, Into The New World. They are thankful for fans, even in places far away, who stood by their side. Thus, their tears couldn’t stop flowing. Fans also cried watching them (cry). Warmth and affection filled the Tokyo Dome. (x/x/x)
Every Time I Run, I Keep Falling On You

Shameless fluffy Christmas fic.

AU. After being best friends for 8 years, Harry moves to LA. It takes the keen observations of all of Louis’ friends to realise the one thing he really wants for Christmas is Harry.

By hazmesentir




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“(Y/N)! Are you paying attention?!” My head snapped up from my daydream. Ms.Calder, my Geography teacher, was infront of my desk, awaiting my answer.

“…Y-yes.” I barely mumbled out.

“Then what did I just say?” She challenged, bending over the front of my desk a little, giving me an open view of her cleavage. Surely, that wasn’t her intention. I was in hush mode, refusing to look at her and elsewhere in the classroom. 

“Uh-huh, that’s what I thought. See me after class, will you?” And with that, she sauntered back over to her desk, most of the class snickering at the incident.

“Bitch.” I mumbled under breath. I was never good in her class. Mostly because I never really liked her, and I could tell she didn’t like me. She always rolled her eyes percisely at me when she passed out tests or picked up homework assignments. That’s how it’s always been since the beginning of the school year. Good thing she was my last class of the day.

Before I knew it, the bell rung. My classmates grabbed their things and headed out the class as I stayed seated. A few of my friends poked their tongues at me, seeing I was still in my desk. I returned the action, adding an eyeroll to it. When all the kids were out the class, Ms.Calder stood up in her desk.

“C'mere, I need to talk to you.” I sighed as I walked to her desk, trying to be on my best behavior.

“Look, you’ve been really slipping in the class. I mean, your grades, in all honesty, are horrible. They’re the worst in the whole class. What is up with you? Do you not like Geography or something?”

No, it’s just the person teaching it that I don’t like. Even though that was meant to be said in my head, it came out my mouth aswell. Ms.Calder seemed taken back my answer. Then she chuckled.

“Sweetheart, you don’t have to like me, okay? I’m not here to make friends with you or any shit like that,” Her sudden use of language caught me off guard,“I’m here because I’m good at what I do, and I make a lot of money. So you’re opinion about me does not matter at all.”

“But,” she continued,“it is tragic to know that you may be the only one to fail this class.”

“Not tragic for you, since you don’t like me anyway." 

"And who said I didn’t like you?” Ms.Calder started to smirk, walking from her desk to me.

“Well, the way you act towards. You’re always picking on me and stuff. Rolling your eyes whenever you give out tests and homework. It’s like you don’t even want me in this class.” I said. She stood at the side of me, but I didn’t turn to her.

“Now you see, that’s where you’ve got it wrong. I’m glad to have you in my class. It’s just that when you first walked into my classroom the first day of school, you outshined the other students.” She was walking as she spoke, now standing behind me as she played with my hair.


“Yes, outshined. Your were different. But not in an educational way.”

“Then what kind of way, Ms.Calder?” I asked, growing nervous. I could feel her smirk as she chuckled.

“Well, you were prettier than everyone else. And you’ve got a better body. I’ve always wanted to know what it felt like to feel these….” Her hands trailed down to ass, squeezing it tightly. I jumped and turned around, slipping out her grasp.

“What the fuck are you doing?! Don’t touch me like that!” I went to grab my bag, but I was pushed to the ground, a foot being placed on top of my head.

“Now now, we don’t need any of that. Don’t act like you don’t want me. I saw you looking down my chest earlier.” She moved her foot, grabbing me by my hair to make me stand up.

“I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you, bitch. You want that, don’t you? Want me to treat you heartlessly.” She growled in my ear, yanking my hair with every sentence. As much as it hurt, I was starting to get turned on a bit. She let go of my hair, almost making me fall again.

“Take your clothes off and bend over the desk.” I quickly striped myself of my clothes and bent over the desk, my ass in perfect view for her.

“See, all I wanted to do was play with your ass a little bit.” She whispered in my ear. Her hand came down and spanked my ass hard, making me groan out. Multiple slaps came, making me positive my ass looked like a fucking cherry by now. She flipped me over, spreading my legs out. 

“Look at this pretty little pussy.” She mumbled before sticking her tongue inside me. I moaned, grabbing onto her hair. With her tongue came one of her fingers, then another, and a third one. Her thumb worked on my clit.

“Ms.Calder, oh my god.” I cried out. She was more than good with her hands. Right when I almost let loose, she pulled away. I whined, only to make her chuckle.

“I told you I’m gonna fuck you babe, so I can’t let you cum without having my big plastic cock stretching your insides.” Her words made my wetness go down my leg. She walked away to go to her bag, pulling out a strap-on. She undressed herself quickly and slipped it on, walking back over to me. 

“Beg for cock, babe.”

“Ughhh, M-Ms.Calder please, fuck with your cock.” I desperately cried out.

“That’s not good enough (Y/N), I wanna see you grieving for me, shit, screaming for my cock. Show me how bad you want it.” I moaned at her words wondering why she was so compilicated. 

“Ms.Calder, I want you to fuck me so hard. ‘Want you to fuck me till I can’t walk for a week. I want you to make me cum all over you cock, and I—” I was cut off by her entering me. I threw myself back on the desk, arching my back off it. She was going at maximum speed. Her name left my mouth with every thrust. The desk shook as she fucked me into complete oblivion.

“I-I’m gonna cummmmm!” I moaned out, shaking so much at her speed.

“Cum for me babe. Let all that cum out.” Those were the magic words. I came with a loud scream. Ms.Calder rode out my high. We both tried to catch our breaths through loud pants. And right when she was about to pull out of me, the door slammed open.

“M-Ms.Calder?! (Y/N)?! What the hell is going on?!” Our principal stood in the doorway, leaving us in the most scared state ever.