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Hello Tumblr!

So welcome to my Kpop fanfiction blog! I will be posting my own work pretty soon, but if there’s something you’d like to request, go ahead!

I pretty much publish all genres except smut, including:

💗Fluff 💗Romance 💗Angst 💗Various Au’s (high school, fantasy, e.t.c)

Also, the types of fanfiction I write are:

💎Scenarios 💎GIF reactions 💎MTLs 💎Inspired Outfits 💎Ships (Written or Selca) 💎Spams 💎Fake Texts 💎Fake Snaps 💎Fanfic Series

Finally, let’s discuss the groups I’ll write for:


-Girls Generation -SISTAR -AOA -2NE1 -MAMAMOO -Miss A -Apink -Laboum -BLACKPINK -F(x) -Afterschool/ Orange Caramel -Twice -Gugudan -EXID -Crayon Pop -Red Velvet -I.O.I


-EXO -BTS -NCT 127 -NCT U -NCT Dream -2PM -Big Bang -SHINee -FT Island -GOT7 -Monsta X -Block B -Teen Top -Vixx



-Ailee -IU -Lee Hi -Jay Park -BoA -Jessica Jung -Hyuna


-Kim Woobin -Lee Minho -Kim Soohyun -Nam Joo Hyuk -Seo In Guk -Lee Jongseok 

BONUS: KDRAMA Au’s (I can write a scenario in which the reader appears in the drama somehow. I don’t know, it’s just something interesting I came up with.)

-Heirs -My Love From Another Star -You’re Beautiful -Modern Farmer -Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo -Hello Monster -Boys Over Flowers

Go ahead and request anything!!! Thanks!

-Marie 💗

Originally posted by adorkableplaygirlz

tiffany: my favorite song is stress
[moments later]
tiffany: my favorite song is U R
[a few more moments later]
tiffany: my favorite song is –

in conclusion, tiffany’s favorite song is anything that is in taeyeon’s discography


Prices are not final till work is done. If price is an issue cause you want something very intense…we can set up a payment plan and I’ll send you the drawing once the total is paid. You can also pay for the drawing then pay for the print separately when ready.

If you are interested please fill out this commission form.

  • A $10.00 deposit is required before I begin.
  • Sketches are also available for $5.00 and require a $3.00 deposit.
  • The print isn’t included in the base price of the commission. Prints are also optional.
  • You may also choose if you wish your commission to be specifically for a shirt, phone case, pillow, skirt, etc…
  • The deposit is part of the full price, it isn’t extra. So if your commission is $30.00, you’ll only have to pay me $20.00 when it is done.
  • The “two or more” price range is only up to 3 people in the piece. The price will increase in intervals of $10 per person added.

If you do commission or have previously commissioned me and you enter my give away, you’ll get extra perks if you win. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via ask or twitter @pukeychu. 

Even if you can’t and you just reblog to get the word out, I highly appreciate it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m about to move cross country and every cent counts. Thank you so much I love you all!