Please Hear Me Out.

Hello. As some of you know Pledis Week is a fan project that involves fans to trend, buy albums, send gifts, and overall support Pledis Idols. It was formed after an overwhelming amount of fans expressed they’re worries and concerns for Pledis groups and where they currently. Not only is Pledis a smaller company, It’s also known that they have had financial issues. This has affected comebacks and promotions. Pledis has a very bleak  history. It also doesn’t help the fact that a lot of kpop fans who used to support pledis groups such as After School and Nu’est have pretty much lost interest in them and their popularity has declined over the years.

As one of the main founders of this project, I have been so grateful from all the support we have gotten from fanclubs joining in to individual fans exclaiming their excitement, as well as our awesome team working on the project and all the hard work they have done.  However at the same time, I’m also very sad. There have been days I have cried and stressed myself out so much while working on this on this project. I’ve had to face people who openly declined to help out (for various reasons), the lack of donations being sent and just many people ignoring Pledis Week altogether . Even our official poster hasn’t received over 1,000 notes and it’s not too much of a hot topic among  kpop fans outside of the Pledis fandom.  There our times I feel no one is paying attention or listening  and it hurts. You do not understand how many have been working on this project and how it’s affected us. 

Despite all of this I’m not giving up. All I need is for you all to give Pledis Week and Pledis artists in general a chance. Our strength comes in numbers and we need as many fans to be involved in order to be successful.  I’ll be honest desperate and I’m worried but I’m not giving up. I and many others would be devastated if this Pledis Week “flops”. We didn’t come all this way just to see no results. We’re doing whatever we can but we need your help!

It’s time to get serious.  Make Pledis Week trend, buy albums, donate, start discussions, watch their music videos on Youtube, get excited , and get motivated. We can do anything if we all work together. We can do this but we need every fans help. Please Just support Pledis Week, Support Pledis idols in general. Let’s show everyone their is still a a demand for After School, Nu’est, Seventeen and we don’t want them to disappear, we want them to promote and have comebacks and we do support them!