sns week: day 3

SNS Week: Day 3 - Collab with @saucegayuchihayyyy
I find myself in a cold sweat, as your face disappears and I spring up in bed. You may be gone but your image remains, engulfing my heart and polluting my brain. Don’t think I’ve forgotten The things you would say, the way that you smiled, that you walked away. I just can’t escape the sting of the pain that you left like a last kiss, that day in the rain. How could you leave… and where did you go? You’re in front of my eyes, whether open or closed.

Day 3 - Friends and Enemies

Sakura Haruno

Different ending AU:

  • Sakura is the first to realize how Sasuke and Naruto feel about each other
  • As Naruto’s Older Sister ™ she takes it upon herself to open his eye’s to the fact he’s gay for his best friend
  • Probably the only reason they aren’t both pining after each other lbh
  • ‘Naruto stop fussing about what to wear, He’s Sasuke, he won’t give two shits’ - Sakura Haruno probably at some point.
  • A good pure girl who becomes strong and independent. Isn’t ever salty about neither Naruto and Sasuke loving each other.
  • Is happy for them and knows they love her in their own way. 
  • Top Medic Nin who surpasses Tsunade, Believe it
  • (ó ꒳ ò✿)

headcanon team 7 (including Sai) doing a mission with team Taka. wow imagine how awesome the fights would be, and how the teams would drive Sasuke insane. with Sai insulting Naruto, Suigetsu laughing at him because of that, Karin bickering with pretty much everyone but Sasuke, Naruto throwing a fit, resulting to Sakura scolding Naruto, and so on and so forth.

Fuckin' Hokage's office

Well I’m a little late but not so much so maybe this is still valid.
First, this is placed in the same universe that naruto, but Naruto is not married with Hinata, Sasuke is not married with Sakura and both of them are happy and together. Also, this is a drabble where Sasuke is also a Hokage. I think that’s all.
So, for the third day of SNS week: Fuckin’ Hokage’s office.

There were only three hokages who did not fuck in their office.

The first one was the 2nd Hokage Tobirama Senju.
He was also the first one who saw the First Hokage fucking there. Fucking that fucking Uchiha. The trauma.

The second one was the 3rd Hokage, Sandaime Hiruzen.
With Naruto under his care, the problems with the other villages and Orochimaru, he didn’t have the time to even think in that possibility.

The third, and the last one, was the 5th Hokage, Tsunade.
Because she was there to work. Why the fuck would she wanted to fuck in that claustrophobic and full of paperworks place. No.

That’s what the 8th hokage told the 7th Hokage when he proposed it.

-It would be exciting, funny even if we got caught.

Sasuke looked at him serious.

-Don’t make excuses, you are just horny and don’t want to wait till night.

-Coomee oon, teme. We haven’ t do it in 3 weeks!

-I said today, when I come back for the work you are not letting me do it.

-That’s bullshit. You will be too tired then.

-I said no, Naruto.


The black haired sighed when the blond’s hug tightened around him.
He knows Naruto. He won’t let it be. His eyes were determinated when he saw him.

But fuck, he’s Sasuke Uchiha and he really did not want to do it here. Actually, he is so stressed to even want to do it.

-Please, Sasuke- whispered Naruto, pressing his lips against his ear, moving his hair with his nose.-Please.


The Uchiha considered it for a moment.

And then dismissed it twice as fast.

-Someone might come.

But it was not a no. At least not one clearly. And for the naughty smile in Usurotonkachi’s face, he noticed it. Because that meant that Sasuke was doubting.

-Then we should be fast. -He said, kissing that point in his neck that made Sasuke’ s body relax.


The black haired sighed.

-Just for this time, dobe.

Naruto laughed out of happiness and lifted Sasuke up to his desk.

The next day, Shikamaru faced them holding a bucket with sponges in one hand and a mop in the other.

-What is that for? -Asked Naruto sipping from his cup of tea when he handdled it to him. Sasuke’s eyes got wider. He had an idea of what the Nara meant.

-It’s for clean up up there. I’m not going to enter till you two clean up your mess. -he said, sighing .-Shit, you live together why not keep your stuff in your bedroom.

Naruto choked on his tea.
Sasuke prepared his chidori.

Well, hope you like it and thanks for reading!!! My second drabble in english and maybe it is not that bad. Anyways, thank you!!!


For this day… I’m choosing Itachi ;) He was a bit of both all throughout the series. I LOVE HIM. And I believe that amongst all the other characters, he has the greatest influence to both of the bois.

He’s not perfect, but he tried so hard for everyone. Did I mention that I love him?

I also believe that he is the number 1 shipper of SNS in the whole series.

Imagine in a far away land where Konoha was not shit, Itachi and Orochimaru might have been friends and the co-founder of the SNS fanclub.