Post-Transcriptional Processing

•Only in the Nucleus for Eukaryotes •Primary transcript processed in 3 ways: –1. ADDition of nucleotides –2. DELETion of nucleotides –3. Modification of Nitrogenous Bases •5’ cap and 3’ Poly A tail •snRNP and the Spliceosome of Doom! –INtrons = IN nucleus –EXtrons = EXit the nucleus


Clone Library = plasmid and replication

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) : ‘fast’ cloning

•Heat to denature •Mix with primers, let cool = primers hybridize •Add polymerase to amplify complementary strands

Southern Blot

•1. Chop up DNA •2. Efield to spread out pieces by SIZE •3. Blot it! •4. Add Radioactive DNA or RNA Probe •5. Visualize on radiographic film  GENETIC CODE •Degenerative – more than one series of nucleotides may code for ANY A.A. •Unambigous = one series of nucleotides = one A.A. •Universal code! •START! AUG •STOP! UAA, UAG, UGA •4^3 = 64 –Ex. protein of 100 A.A. = there are 20^100 possible amino acids sequences for the protein