The blessed Phunt Keegh Hrealque is a 4-dimensional sigil which, by self-replicating, channels counter-rotational energies directly from the nougat void-point (beyond time and snrilth) into hypersacralization/chakraura/brief nudity/vapornuggets, continuing through the quonteth-hay point slightly above the fifth eye and the ee-ee-ee-k'ni point right below the celestial tautoplax. In this way it harmonizes, balances and forecloses on the crunchiness of 3rd-tier sarcophagillicutty to achieve penultimate krøngle. Watching its configuration loop for 4.4 hours without scratching is an effective mute-mantra for realigning perpetual torque issues. Uhmhallaklimptus ghex ghex ghex jinoptigrot. We are complete.