Christian Jaxtheimer is one of our favorite collaborators. His work is truly mesmerizing and has inspired so many to stop, think and grow. We are proud to call him a friend and longtime member of our AURA fam and cannot wait to welcome him back to Aura Music & Arts Festival 2014! Christian’s creative endeavors fall in two paths that constantly overlap. As a fine artist, Christian puts a futuristic tribal spin on the classic divine feminine icon, mixing bold line work, graphic patterns and color schemes, with soft supple feminine forms. He creates tomorrows artifacts. His other passion is #SNRGdsgn, a design company that satisfies his more concept driven side. While his preferred medium is both screen printed posters and apparel, you will find his work representing bands and festivals in print and digital forms across the U.S. and beyond. Make sure to stop by the Art Tent and experience his work for yourself!

1. Lost in Translation

2. Sky Mother

3. Crystal Cowgirls

4. Divine Canvas

5. Wisdom of the Ages

6. Auditory Ecstacy

7. Induced Singularity

8. I Am Because We Are

9. The Seer

10. Black Rock Galaxy 4