“Legally Max”

Call all your friends, and alert the press!
Our Max has good news we need to address!
Names are just labels, yet are so valuable
Getting one that fits is much more comfortable
Rough times will all pass, one by one
And friends’ll cheer you on, I promise, son!
Twinkling, twinkling, her eyes so sublime
Sing it with me, Twin, it’s celebration time!

Make an epepza and crack open the booze
Anyone would agree it’s just such wonderful news
Xanthippe Lannister Voorhees would even smile
I think it’s the best thing we’ve heard in a while!
Maxime the penguin, who’s flush with cash
Eat, drink, and be merry, forever snowtrash! <23


the SNP getting 56 out of 59 seats in scotland with just over a million votes is not democracy, you are all correct.

the greens had about the same and got 1 seat no that is not democracy I totally agree

but if you are a left wing person who is passionate about the importance of the NHS and caring for vulnerable individuals and creating a better society from this shit heap in which we currently reside

DO NOT fight back against the SNP. do not hate the SNP. hate our voting system. fight back against first past the post.

the SNP are anti-austerity, anti-privatisation, and stand for all the things the Tories want to destroy - they are not the enemy here.

join a political party, get involved, read up on proportional representation and other voting systems and campaign for change. the SNP will be doing the same thing while acting as an enormous part of the very, very small left wing presence in Westminster. they are on our side and together with parties like the greens and plaid cymru we can make a difference.

the Tories want us isolated and scared; let’s be together and terrifying.

Quick PSA

It totally sucks that that pissmidget of a Cameron is back in Downing Street, but look at Scotland:

  • the SNP have taken 56 of 59 seats
  • let that sink in. 56 of 59. that has never been done before
  • they took the biggest labour and liberal strongholds with huge majorities
  • instead of career politicians most of the SNP members have had actual jobs, things like doctors and lawyers and quantity surveyors
  • both Jim Murphey and Danny Alexander lost their seats to huge majorities
  • at least (possible more than) HALF OF THE SNP MEMBERS ELECTED WHERE WOMEN