as promised i’ll be doing weekly follow fridays from now on, just to spice things up. if your name isn’t on this list don’t panic, i’m only going to be featuring about 10-20 random blogs i like every week, because if i posted all the blogs i love at once that wouldn’t leave any for future weeks. so without further ado, week #2’s follow friday shoutouts go to:

sahyoonie ✞ snowyjaijaibrooksissex melbournekingsdoncastars ✞ come-at-me-janoskians ✞ winterwonderluke nigga-jai ✞ jaisjawlinejdomenic beauclaus ✞ merryjames ✞ janoskiansblogthings ✞ horanjingles ✞ effablethoughts ✞ grandestew ✞ janoskinatorr ✞ delreys

and an extra special thank you to santajai for the fab edit

thanks for making my dash interesting, and stay tuned for next week’s #followfriday yay :’)