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Snowy wood by Andrew Kearton
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Marry Me?

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Newts about to propose to the reader but when he reaches into his pocket the rings not there and sees Niffler out the corner of his eye and has to apologize to reader and chases after the ring 😂✨

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Taking a sip of my white coffee in the cold heart of London, I held hands with my love, (Y/n). We had stumbled into a snowy woodland area, which she was eager to explore with passion and creativity.

I loved her imagination for things, she was truly an artist. Always discovering the best of things in the worst of moments. She would always make the the best of cakes, which I had quite the appetite for. (Y/n) liked trying to teach me how to bake. Usually ended with a smashed bowl, ingredients staining our clothes or a burnt outcome. It was always a laugh though. She always cared. For me, her mother and father, her friends and even strangers if they didn’t look well.

That’s when I realised I desired to spend the rest of my life with this marvellous woman. Also the reason I had brought her out today in a magical place. It has to be memorable, doesn’t it?

I glanced at my love, she was quite the one with animals. She held a red squirrel that parched itself on the top of her shoulder, leaving a small snowy trail of foot steps on her (F/C) coat that reached just above her knees. It was truly magnificent to watch.

She was quite fantastic when it came to meeting my beasts. She was a natural. Especially Pickett my bowtruckle and my many moon calves. It truly filled my heart with love and made me long for her even more.

I was so lucky to have such a miracle in my life. I just had to do one more thing to fulfill my life.

Propose to her.

“Darling? Newt? You alright there?” (Y/n) kindly said, chuckling as her rosy cheeks brightened as she smiled.

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?” I dreamily sighed. She took my hands in hers and put them on the sides of her face, snuggling into them making me smile too. I rubbed the pad of my thumb across her cheek. Her eyes. Oh her eyes.

Her long eye lashes and her (E/C) eyes made me crumble, grow weak. So pretty was completely and utterly in love with this girl.

This was the moment. I reached into my pocket of my long lazuli blue coat only to not feel the black box. Panicking, I studied the area in hopes to see that all too familiar black velvet box within this winter wonderland.

In less than a few seconds, I saw a mole? scuttling about in the heap of snow. I observed it for a little longer, it was all to familiar!

“That bloody Niffler!” I muttered. How could I be so stupid?! “Oh deer. Love, I won’t be a moment. I am truly sorry.”

Holding her cold hands that covered them with (F/C) mittens, I let them go and softly planted a kiss on her forehead.

I sprinted towards the creature, stumbling even. Once I had clumsily toppled over my own two feet, I made eye contact with my crafty little beast and swiftly grabbed his foot. “Aha! Got you, you little bugger!”

Jumping to my feet, with the surprised Niffler in my hands, I began tickling it. My love started giggling at the sight. She knew my Niffler, just hadn’t had many moments together. After, the black box had fallen out of his stomach and I had shoved the creature back into my case, her sweet laughs had immediately stopped.

I looked at her. She looked blank. Or as if she was thinking, surprised. Gulping, (Y/N) murmured just so I could hear, “W-what was that? The small black box?”

“Oh. Oh, y-yes, that. Of course.” I shyly stuttered, straightening myself out in front of her. Why was I becoming so nervous? I’ve known this woman for years! Since I was young, even. Sighing and smiling, I got down on one knee, took her hand in mine, and began my speech devoted to her and my love for her.

“ (Y/N) (Y/L/N) I love you. With all my heart. We’ve been inseparable ever since we met in Hogwarts and my love grows for you each second of every day. You are so pretty. Flawless, even. You are such a sweetheart, a caring lady that has been there for me when I pushed others away. My family utterly adores you and I cannot imagine or bare my life with you in it. Now, would you make myself complete and make me the happiest man alive by marrying me?”

Opening the small box and lifting my arms a little more upwards for her to see the ring a little clearer. Her petit hand cupped her mouth and eyes became glassy, filled with tears. (Y/N) nodded her head rapidly. “Yes, yes! Of course! Yes!”

She outstretched her arms for me as I got up, a smile so big that it hurt my cheeks but I couldn’t feel the pain. I was beaming at this very moment. She jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist. I to wrapped my arms around her little figure and hugged her tight. As if she was the light in this dark world. And the only escape

She’s the one.

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