snowy time

you can rest easy knowing hedwig was well looked after in the afterlife; it was confusing and terrifying and sad at first but a little while after arriving she felt a light weight on her head and looked up to find her boy, harry potter, staring warmly down at her and smoothing out her feathers, just like he always did

except… he had hazel eyes? and he looked a bit older than hedwig remembered, and who was that red-haired woman with him?

hedwig is confused again. but harry is here, and all is well, so she tucks her head under her wing and falls fast asleep.

It Wasn’t a Suggestion But I’ll Take It

i’ve seen @pies-and-rocks post  about Kent and the falconers like 50 times but nobody has ever written something for it so here we are at 1am, i have done it.

In Kent’s defense, Jack thinks, Kent has never actually met Tater in person, off the ice. From the times Jack has talked to Tater, he knows that they’ve always managed to just miss each other–at playoffs, at press conferences, at charities, at the All Star games, even at the Olympics. Most times when one of them has gone, the other hasn’t, and if they are both there, they never manage to run into each other off the ice.

Now, suddenly, Jack is watching Kent’s face perform emotional acrobatics as he processes the fact that he has just run into not one, not two, but five Falconers out on a morning jog in the middle of a park.

If Jack were to look left and right, he doesn’t think his teammates would look any better. They just barely beat the Aces yesterday in a shoot-out, after all. It was a… tense game. Lots of penalties. At least two fights. Nobody was exactly nice.

Kent yanks out one ear bud and points at Jack. “Okay, so. Fuck you,” he says conversationally, and fine, Jack will take that as his due.

Then Kent points at Marty. “Fuck you.”

Marty rolls his eyes.

Kent points at Thirdy. “Fuck you.”

“Whatever, man.”

Now Kent points at Tater, and here, he stutters for a minute while his gaze starts at Tater’s shoes and goes all the way up the man’s massive legs, solid waist, buff chest, broad shoulders, soft brown eyes. (Jack is not interested but he’s also not blind, and Kent Parson is predictable.)

“Fuck me,” Kent says.

“Okay,” Tater replies.

Thirdy slaps a hand over his face. “Tater, no.”

Kent stares for two seconds before snapping out of his funk and pointing firmly at Snowy. “And fuck you.”

“Fuck you, broski,” Snowy fires back, and his tone sounds like he’s talking about the weather but his crossed arms are asking if Kent wants to throw down.

Kent just waves at them and declares, “Fuck all of you,” and jogs around them to continue down the path.

Tater turns around and yells, “I’m say okay I fuck you, Parson!”

Thirdy still has his hand over his face. “Just go, man.”

Marty shakes his head. “He wasn’t serious.”

“And even if he was,” Snowy adds, “he’s a rat, remember?”

Tater frowns and looks between them, brows furrowed.

Jack smiles and pats Tater’s shoulder. “You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take, right?”

Tater’s expression brightens like the sun coming through clouds on a stormy day. “Yes. I not miss shot.” He pats Jack’s cheek and jogs off after Kent, yelling, “Little rat Ace, you wait!”

Marty sighs. “Kid…I know Parson is your friend, and you know him better than we do, but I really don’t think he was serious. Tater’s just gonna be disappointed.”

Jack looks back. Far off down the path behind them, Tater has caught up to Kent and is jogging with him. Kent looks confused and embarrassed but not unhappy. Jack smiles. “He’ll be okay. Come on, we have to hurry if we still want decent splits.”

They continue running, five people down to four. Jack isn’t Kent’s biggest fan, but he thinks it might not be so bad if, the next time they go running when the Aces are in Providence, they end up with an extra man.

Okay so hockey is like, rife with superstitions and ritual.  

Each player has their own pre-game rituals, which are honestly on par with religious sacraments. You do not fuck with a man’s pre-game ritual.  Also, the inability to practice one’s pre-game ritual is deeply emotionally destabilizing.  Like, we’re talking serious repercussions here.  If a player is unable to complete their sacred ritual, there will be hell to pay.

Just as famous as Crosby’s famous pre-game plate of spaghetti, or Jack Zimmerman’s pre-game PB&J, is Snowy’s pre-game application of eyeliner.  It is not only essential to his game play; it is essential to the current alignment of our space-time continuum.  

Which brings us to Snowy, currently in the throes of an emotional breakdown, in seat 15C on the Falc’s bus, clutching desperately to his last remaining tube of La Nuit, Nior de Nior eyeliner as though it were the cooling body of his only son.

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paolarq  asked:

Sooo, about te soulmate prompts, how about number 3 with an accidental reveal and the other doesn't know how to tell because a lot of people have appeared with fake marks. (Patater if possible) thank you!!!

3: The one where you and your soulmate have matching marks on your bodies.

The locker room is all abuzz when Tater walks in. It’s too early in the morning and his brain can’t completely process the flurry of English, but it sounds like everyone is talking about someone’s soul mark. Tater ignores it for the most part and focuses on drinking his coffee and changing into his weight room clothes. He figures someone will clue him in later, when he’s more coherent.

He figures correctly. It only takes about five minutes on the bike for someone (Snowy) to join him and ask if he’s heard the news. Apparently, Kent Parson’s soul mark has been leaked.

Snowy tells Tater the whole story and Tater’s heart breaks for Parson right away. He’d hooked up with someone (a guy, which of course adds more fuel to the crazy train) and after he fell asleep, the guy removed his mark cover and took a photo of it. It’s the ultimate breach of confidentiality, a person’s soul mark is the most private and personal thing in the world. It’s something that should only be shared when someone wants it to be shared. And now, the whole world knows what Kent Parson’s mark is without his permission.

Snowy tells Tater that it happened over the weekend and now there are a whole bunch of people showing up at the Aces practices with fake marks, claiming to be Parson’s soulmate. It’s an absolute nightmare for the organization and for Parson, who’s remained tight-lipped.

“The crazy thing is, his mark is so detailed. People are getting his mark tattooed on them but they’re so obviously fake,” Snowy says. “It’s cool, though. It’s this crazy looking tiger right on his forearm. Kinda where yours is.”

Snowy taps Tater’s cover with his fingertips and Tater freezes. He can feel the blood drain from his face. Russians are typically very open about their soul marks, but it’s well-known that Tater is protective of his.

“Sorry dude,” Snowy says immediately.

“What kind of tiger?” Tater asks quietly, his heart racing.

Snowy’s eye brows raise and he pulls out his phone. He brings up the photo of Parson’s mark and Tater swallows hard. In a flash, Snowy is pulling him off the bike and into the hallway, away from their teammates. His grip on Tater’s wrist is tight, though Tater could easily break free if he wanted to. Snowy finds an empty room to pull Tater into and shuts the door behind them.

“Am I reading this wrong?” Snowy asks, his hand resting lightly on Tater’s cover.

Tater takes a shaky breath. He doesn’t know what to say. He doesn’t know if he can even form words right now. So he reaches down and unbuckles the clasp on his cover. He pops the buttons, unzips the zipper, and eventually pulls it slowly down his arm.

He doesn’t have to look at it to know. He’s seen his mark so many times he would recognize it anywhere. He’s traced every line with his fingertips, wondering when he’d finally get to meet his other half. Tater hears the way Snowy sucks in a breath when he sees it and he knows he’s not imagining anything.

“Holy shit,” Snowy says. “Holy fucking shit.”

Tater doesn’t know what to do. He hardly knows Parson and yet now he knows they’re soulmates. The question is, where does he go from here? He and Snowy have to get back to working out and then they have to practice, which fortunately gives Tater the time to think it all over. By the time Snowy pushes his way into Tater’s apartment, Tater has just about processed the information. Kent Parson is his soulmate.

They talk over dinner and come to a shared conclusion. Tater has to tell Parson, but he has to wait until he can do it face to face. This isn’t the kind of thing you want to do over the phone or even something like FaceTime. It wouldn’t be fair to either him or Kent to do that. It also makes sense to wait until he can tell Parson in person because his life is probably crazy right now. He’s got a lot going on, with his sexuality and his mark both public knowledge. Plus the people trying to claim to be his soulmate.

That bothers Tater a lot more than he originally thought. He doesn’t like the idea of other people trying to claim his soulmate from him. Even when he’s only met Parson a few times on the ice as rivals. Snowy laughs when he says that, and calls him a jealous fuck. But Tater just shrugs. He thinks he’s allowed to be jealous when it comes to his soulmate.

Tater isn’t happy about waiting. They don’t play the Aces again for another month. That’s an entire month he has to think about what he’s going to say. That’s an entire month he has to worry about Parson not accepting him as his soulmate. It’s an entire month for him to hide this information from everyone he knows besides Snowy.

Tater seriously owes him a bottle of the best vodka Russia has to offer.

A full moon, an eclipse and a comet — all in one night

Friday is a night full of fun astronomical treats.

First, there’s February’s full moon, called the Snow Moon — named for the typically cold and snowy weather this time of year.

All full moons are given nicknames, such as January’s Wolf Moon, the Strawberry Moon in May, and, of course, the Harvest Moon — the one nearest the autumnal equinox in either September or October.

The Snow Moon will rise around 5:35 p.m in Toronto and at 5:26 p.m. in Vancouver. 

The eclipse

In addition to the full moon, a lunar eclipse also occurs on Friday. While you may head out to look for the darkening and reddening of the moon that’s typical in a lunar eclipse, be prepared — this is a penumbral eclipse where the moon passes through Earth’s outer shadow.

Because Earth’s outer shadow isn’t as dark as its inner one, the changes in the brightness of the moon can be so subtle you barely notice.

“The beginning and end of a penumbral eclipse are not visible to the eye,” according to the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada’s Observer’s Handbook 2017. In fact, it’s not until two-thirds of the way through the eclipse that observers can even see it happening.

The eclipse starts at 5:34 p.m. ET and ends at 9:53 p.m. ET. What’s known as the “greatest eclipse” — when the moon is fully in the Earth’s penumbra — occurs at 7:43 p.m. ET. That means your best chance of seeing the eclipse is between 7 p.m. ET and 8:30 p.m. ET. 

If you’re on the west coast, however, you won’t be able to see the greatest eclipse since it occurs when the moon is below the horizon. But the eclipse will still be going on after the moon rises.

The ‘New Year’s Comet’

Then there’s the New Year’s Comet, formally known as Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdušáková.

This green comet will make its closest approach to Earth around 3 a.m. Saturday morning, at a distance of about 12 million kilometres (that’s roughly 30 times the distance from Earth to the moon).

The comet, which once had a visibly pronounced tail, has turned into more of a blob over the past few days.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see the comet unless you have a telescope (a large pair of binoculars might work, too). Even if it were an object easily visible to the naked-eye, the full moon would make seeing the comet a challenge.

However, you can be sure that more photos of the comet will turn up during the next couple of days as the moon and comet drift further apart in the night sky.

So while these fantastic astronomical events may not be as visually astounding as others we may see throughout the year, it’s still pretty amazing that they’re all happening on one night.

If you have a clear sky, head out on Friday night, enjoy the full moon and just know there’s a lot going on up there.