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The Empire of Wrestlemania

The fabled Empire of Wrestlemania. It is a mysterious land, one filled with great magic, great mysteries, and great evils. The Empire is ruled over by the great and powerful Emperor Vince McMahon, who lives in his great palace in Empire Central. The Capital City is located along the top edge of Lake Armbar, and it truly is the center of all.

The Empire is divided into eleven regions, each exhibiting its own traits and each ruled over by its own local King or Queen. All the Kings and Queens, however, answer to the Emperor. The borders are rarely disputed by the Kings and Queens, and in many cases, the Empire’s natural biomes and rivers form borders of their own.

Empire Minora is, in essence, a suburb of Empire Central. Being as close as it is to the Capital City, the majority of people in Empire Minora exhibit traits similar to those of the people in Empire Central. They dress similarly, have similar habits and values, and tend to lead very similar lifestyles. Empire Minora is ruled over by the powerful King John. He is well-loved by many of his people, and he is fiercely loyal to the Empire; King John would defend the Empire’s great leader with his life.

The Demon Kingdom is a bleak and desolate land. Once the battleground for many great wars, the earth is still barren and scarred from these great battles. Nothing can grow in the Demon Kingdom, and so, few choose to live there - furthermore, the peninsula in the South of the Demon Kingdom is the home to the Empire’s only known active volcano. At the base of the volcano sits the City of Hell, ruled over by its mighty King, known only as The Undertaker. He is a dark and grim man, loyal to nothing and nobody save for the Emperor himself. However, it is widely believed that The Undertaker is aging, and with no heirs groomed to take his place, will soon have to name his successor.

The Wooded Kingdom is, as it sounds, a thickly forested region of the Empire. It is ruled by King Bray, along with the help of his close-knit family. They are a dark and mysterious bunch, tending to keep to themselves in their far-flung corner of the woods and emerging only when their duties call. There are no real towns in the Wooded Kingdom; only villages and hamlets containing small settlements of people. Along the Wooded Kingdom’s border with the Demon Kingdom sits the legendary Lair of the Beast, a feared place rumored to contain more treasure than one can imagine, but guarded by a fearsome Beast.

The Wolf Kingdom is the snowy, forested region in the North-West of the Empire. Up until recently, it was known as the Kingdom of Legends, and was ruled by the great King Hulk. He, like King John of Empire Minora, was well-loved by his people, but after a great secret of his was made public to the people of the Empire, Emperor Vince was forced to banish him. A new King had to be appointed, and after a great search, Vince made a surprising choice, naming a young and little-known man called Baron Corbin as King. Many question the new King Baron’s motives, but are too frightened of him to say so.

The Kingdom of Adrianev is another Kingdom that recently changed hands, and names. An island off the coast of the Wolf Kingdom, the Kingdom of Adrianev used to be known as the Kingdom of Dreams. Ruled by the beloved and influential King Dusty, the Kingdom of Dreams was almost like a second Empire Minora - an extension of the Empire itself, and pivotal in shaping the Empire into what it is today. Unfortunately, the dear King passed on, and one of King Dusty’s many protegés was named King. King Neville is not much like his predecessor, though, and many fear that he intends to take the newly-named Kingdom of Adrianev in a new, undesirable direction.

The Kingdom of Gold is located to the North of Empire Central. A cool, hilly region of the Empire, the Kingdom of Gold is ruled by three Kings, brothers - King Seth, King Roman, and King Dean. The Kingdom of Gold used to be ruled in perfect harmony by these three, but a few years back, they seemed to have a falling out. Many whispered that King Seth had betrayed his brothers, but none know the truth. All that is known is that tensions run high in the Kingdom of Gold, and many fear that the Emperor will be forced to intervene, whether to name a sole King or to draw new borders.

The Stone Kingdom is a chilly, mountainous region to the North. It is ruled by the powerful King Rock, who is known throughout the Kingdom as a king, charismatic, and strong man. He is also the cousin of King Roman of the Kingdom of Gold. Though his Kingdom is not much more than a handful of settlements scattered throughout the mountains, he takes his role as King quite seriously and does all in his power to ensure that his people are fed, sheltered, and happy.

Three Isle Kingdom consists of three islands off the coast of the Stone Kingdom and the Outlands. It is ruled by King Hunter and Queen Stephanie with an iron fist. Queen Stephanie is, in fact, the daughter of the Emperor himself, so some regard Three Isle Kingdom as one of the most powerful Kingdoms in the Empire. The King and Queen are considered heartless and tyrannical by their people, who remain placated only to avoid the wrath of their rulers.

Flair Kingdom Queendom is a small Kingdom settled between the Outlands and Empire Central. It was recently created out of land originally belonging to Empire Central, and its creation was intended as a means of protecting the Capital City from any potential attacks coming from the Outlands. Originally placed under control of the Emperor’s trusted ally Ric Flair, King Ric’s daughter Charlotte convinced her father to hand his power over to her. Queen Charlotte, though cold and heartless, was also smart in doing so, because she is believed to be the only one in the Empire who could possibly defeat the leader of the rebellion in the Outlands - the mysterious Empress of tomorrow.

The Outlands are a harsh and unforgiving place where the banished go to die. Unprotected by the laws of the Empire and the Emperor’s iron rule, anything goes, and it is considered a dog-eat-dog world. Bandits and thieves run wild, murderers go uncaught, and those considered traitors to the Empire are cast out to fend for themselves. In recent years, though, those cast out have begun to work together, forming the rebellion. Rebel numbers continue to grow and gain traction, and some have even left their comfortable lives in the Empire to join their forces, believing that the Emperor is cold and corrupt, and that only by overthrowing him can the Empire become the utopia that many believe it can be.

Sad that Stars Above marked the end of The Lunar Chronicles? How about some fanfiction to cheer you up? I’ve got a variety to help you with your feels, both in one-shots and long fic. *May contain spoilers*

Need more post-canon?

Thorne and Cress argue during a routine letumosis cure drop (First Name Basis)

Thorne and Cress skydive for their two-year anniversary (Crush The Size of Jupiter, Part 1)

Thorne and Cress get married (The Blindfold)

Kai and Cinder get married (This Day Is What We Make It)

Kai plans a surprise for Cinder for their anniversary (Dreams)

The entire Rampion crew at a twenty year peace celebration (TLC Babies)

Thorne and Cress have marriage problems and you really like angst (This Is What I Think of Love)

Just want more fic taking place in the canon universe?

Thorne‘s POV while Cress was in the suspension tank (Suspension)

A (novel-length) alternate beginning to Winter (Of Rampions and Revolutions)

Carswell’s Guide to Deciding Whether to Date Cress (here)

The Rampion crew plays Seven Minutes In Heaven (7 MInutes In Heaven)

Slight twists on canon can make all the difference:

Cress uses her D-COMM chip to blackmail Thorne into getting her out of the satellite (Blackmail)

Everything is the same except Thorne is the Shell and Cress is the Captain (Damsel Thorne & Captain Cress)

Everything is the same except Cress and Thorne crash in a snowy region (The Cabin In The Woods)

Random drabbles based off tumblr prompts (written after Cress) (Let Me Count The Ways)

How about some AU’s?

Coffee Shop (The Lunar Cafe)

Modern AU told in the POV’s of Kai and Thorne (Unexpected)

Fake dating (1-800-CAPTAIN)

Best friends or more? (Once Upon the Internet)

The guys as Men In Black spies (MiB - TLC)

Actress and her bodyguard (A Girl of Lights and Lies)

Beach volleyball gone wrong (Sweat and Sand)

Disability & chronic pain rehab clinic (Rehab Romance)

Kidnapped / detectives (on hiatus) (Taken)

Not-your-typical haunted house (Crush the Size of Jupiter, Part 2)

Full summaries provided in the links. Most of these are available on A03 as well, though some are still in need of being transferred.

A Game of Stars
Chapter Two: The Battle of Hoth

Jonsa • Star Wars AU

Intro • Chapter One }

Read on AO3: here

The cold of Hoth’s atmosphere stung Sansa’s cheeks before Lady set one paw outside Echo Base. The Starks had all grown up in the snow—Winterfell was in the snowy, mountainous northern region of Alderaan, after all—but Hoth was nothing like Winterfell. Wind blistered her cheeks and she had to grip her furred hood in place to keep it from tearing away. Her eyelashes crusted with snowflakes and she squinted, turning Lady away from the wind.

A flash of gray. Nymeria was suddenly next to her, steam rising from her mouth. “Here,” Arya said, pressing a pair of goggles into Sansa’s gloved hand.

When she’d first arrived on Hoth, Sansa had wrinkled her nose at the goggles, swearing she wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something so hideous. But now, she pulled them over her head eagerly.

They rode through the storm, climbing atop the nearest peak, the direwolves effortlessly scaling the hundreds of feet of treacherous cliffs. Grey Wind reached the top first. Robb sat astride his wolf, his eyes on the sky and a hand on the hilt of his lightsaber, as if any second he’d have to fight. Nymeria sidled up to him, and Sansa nudged Lady to join them, three direwolves standing strong against the cold.

Imperial star destroyers were dipping into the atmosphere. “Thanks to Bran’s warning, we were able to raise the shields to maximum power,” said Robb. “They tried to ambush us, but now we have the upper hand.”

“It doesn’t feel like it!” Sansa said. It felt like she was going to freeze, and die, and have the rest of her family taken away from her.

“With our shields up, they can’t attack from the air,” Robb explained.

“But won’t they be prepared for a land assault anyway?”

The hint of a smile grew on Arya’s face. “But not just a land assault. And not against wolves.”

“What do the wolves matter against AT-AT walkers?” Sansa asked, irritated. She felt like she was five steps behind her siblings. She wished now she’d paid more attention to the rebels when they discussed battle strategy or Imperial weaponry, but it was just so boring at the time.

But neither of them responded. They were staring up.

“Look,” Robb said, his voice soft as snow.

Above them, almost breaking the stormy sky in two, was a long, angled ship bigger than any other Sansa had ever seen. It had a thin, snakelike body and two wings that fanned out into sharp points. She could see the glint of green on the ship even from here, even with the storm. She breathed in too sharply and her lungs filled with aching cold.

She’d seen that ship before. It had come to Winterfell, and then it had left with her father.

Rhaegal.” Robb said the word like a prayer, or maybe a curse.

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Pokemon variations, starring snorunt! I kept within its egg group to pokemon it can really breed with.

Classic Snorunt
Also known as the traditional variety, this is the type most often found in the wild. They prefer to make friends with other snorunt than humans or other pokemon, and are known to be quite shy. 

Soft Serve ((+vanilluxe))
Soft Serve snorunt are much more outgoing and mischievous than Classic snorunt. They make good friends for children, but can cause chaos in the home if left unsupervised, even when properly trained. 

Artefact ((+claydol))
This subspecies is an experimental variety bred for battling. Though not powerhouses themselves, they grow to be formidable opponents when they evolve. They have the unnerving habit of watching. Always watching. 

Fur Coat ((+whimsicott))
The first variety bred for contests, this pokemon’s fur is extremely soft and warm. They also do not “shiver” like classic snorunt do. Like their whimsicott relatives theyre at the mercy of the wind and often get separated from their trainers due to sudden gusts. 

Winter Bloom ((+cherrim))
The second variety bred for contests, Winter Blooms are very pretty. Their coat has a rosy tint that sparkles with flecks of snow. However they are extremely shy and are prone to freezing up on stage. Winter Blooms that can overcome their stage fright have been known to take the contest scene by storm.

Trash Lord ((+trubbish))
A result of accidental breeding, these poor lil garbage bags just want to be loved. They have big hearts and are wonderful companions. They don’t even stink that much as long as they live in snowy regions. But in summer nobody really wants to be near them. 

Shiny and Pike and your awesome headcanons *-*

This Winter Veil thing made me think about blood elves and the snow. It’s pretty clear they don’t really have a chance to see snow in Quel’thalas, but I think they always take the opportunity of walking in the winter wonderland :) I can imagine them going on trips to snowy regions, and when they’re on a campaign there they still try to have some fun in the snow.

Imagine Lor and Halduron having a serious fight - with snowballs. And young Rommath standing in the knee-deep snow, laughing, his cheeks red from the cold and the excitement. ^^

Avengers Preference

What they do when they go on vacation

Steve Rogers: You and Steve just like to spend time together relaxing yet having fun. You don’t go all out at activies instead go all out with one another. Vacations give you the only alone time you receive. 

Tony Stark: Aside from indulging in a drink or two when the sun goes down you and Tony venture to the party scene. You love meeting new people whether is be the natives of your vacation spot or other vacationers. 

Bruce Banner: Bruce and you both enjoy trying to speak the language of whichever vacation spot you’re in. It makes you feel more immersed in the area and atmosphere, plus the natives appreciate your attempts. 

Natasa Romanoff: Energetic when on vacation you and Nat like to try your hand at different sports. Sports like wakeboarding, volleyball and even skiing when in snowy regions. 

Clint Barton: You ‘drag’ Clint to places you can get pampered. He likes to pretend you make him go, but secretly he enjoys every minute of it, maybe even more than you.

Thor Odinson: You and Thor loving trying out all the food. Whether it’s ordering room service, or going out and about to different restuarants. You love looking for something new to try and you often pick for each other so there’s surprises.

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*see's new Junkmetra/Symmrat art* Yes. This pleases me. On a similar note, I require you to get this in to Blizzard so that the design you made for Symmetra's coat becomes an official skin. Especially with the snowing maps. Because who in their right mind would have the Aussie and Indian in frigid Russia?!?!

I’m so glad you like the design! WINTER SKINS FOR EVERYONE!!!

Real talk, Snow Bunny Symmetra is my new favorite thing.

I can see that a mundane mission through Overwatch sends her and a small team to a snowy region near/around Nepal but high enough in the mountains to see some of that real beautiful and remote winter scenery without the distraction of battle.

The moment she sets her eyes on a entire field or forest of untouched snow, all of her complaints of the cold is replaced by pure awe.

Oh man, and don’t get her started on snowflakes. Nature truly is the master of harmony.

And while Tracer and Junkrat want to kick off their mission with a good ol’ frolic through the snow, they give Symmetra a solid hour to take things in while they set up camp.


It has been a late winter this season, and hopefully it’ll arrive soon. Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking about how many people there are out there (especially on JET) who might have recently moved into a snowy region and are unprepared to deal with things like snow and winter driving.

Being permanent winter-bug myself, I want to share some tips I’ve collected over the years! This is NOT a complete list, but I think it’s a good start. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me! (Or reblog and add your own tips!)

Golden Kamui First Impression

Before we begin I want to say that I will be showing an image from the manga that is extremely violent and may be hard for some to look at. This will be structured like one of my reviews but I won’t go to heavily into everything and there won’t be a final score since this is still fairly new. I’ll be doing this from now on when it comes to manga that has come out more recently instead of giving a full scale review like I did for Dimension W. Other then that lets get started.

Golden Kamui is a seinen manga from author and artist Noda Satoru that is currently being serialized in Young Jump; it began in 2014 and is currently ongoing. So far thirty four chapters have been translated and more are being translated and rapidly being released. In my opinion it’s a very promising manga; the story is great though there is a lot of exposition throughout the manga so far. The characters have such great personalities and they are developing really well so far; the visuals produce great moments throughout the manga; at one moment they could be comical or filled with suspense. Golden Kamui produces a great first impression and from the latest chapter things are getting serious and I can’t wait. Though one of my biggest problems is the extent of exposition from the start in the story.

Golden Kamui takes place in Hokkaido Japan during the period of the golden rush. Sugimoto, or main male character, got back from the last war and is looking to get some of this gold to keep a promise he made while in the war. The only problem is that all the gold in Hokkaido has basically been found already; however, Sugimoto learns of a convicts hidden stash of gold and makes it his mission to find it though it won’t prove to be that simple. To find the gold he needs a map and the only map is in pieces, and it’s not your normal map. Each piece is tattooed onto a convict’s body; not to mention that he isn’t the only person after the gold. Sugimoto is not alone however; he has the help of an ainu girl named Asirpa. Will these two be able to stay alive long enough to retrieve the gold, or will their enemies get the better of them.

Golden Kamui’s story is a very interesting one; I haven’t seen many manga’s that take place during the gold rush, and the idea of them having to find convicts with a piece of a map that’s tattooed on their body is a very unique idea in my opinion. However, there is a lot of exposition in these first few chapters. In the story there is a native tribe called the Ainu, and throughout the story there is a lot of time explaining stuff in the Ainu culture; what they eat and how it’s prepared to the weapons and traps they use. The weapons and traps are fine because I expect to see them again in the future of the manga because if they didn’t and the Ainu name came up later then I’d more then likely be confused. Though the explanations are so drawn out; for example when Asirpa is explaining each dish she speaks of details like the way it’s prepared, the texture of the meat, and each ingredient used in the dish. Will I actually need to know the entire Ainu cook book by the end of the manga; does Sugimoto’s life really depend on this. Of course I can’t actually say this won’t come back and be important in some way, but at the moment it’s just random knowledge. I don’t think it should have been avoided all together; however, I feel like making the explanation a lot shorter would have been a better option. Just put it in a narrator text box stating what it is and the ainu name for it; like in the manga Arslan Senki they tell you Gholam is the word for slave in the language the manga uses, and then done that’s all the explanation you need. Maybe I’m wrong and this will all be important later down the line but until that time I stand by this opinion.

Golden Kamui’s characters are quite the interesting individuals. We have our main characters Sugimoto and Asirpa; Sugimoto is known as Sugimoto the immortal, throughout the war he always found a way to stay alive; the man could be mortally wounded but still returned stronger the next day. Asirpa is an Ainu hunter, the gold they are searching for belonged to her tribe and her father was killed the day it was stollen. Then you have the antagonists Lieutenant Tsurumi and Hijikata Toshizou; Tsurumi is not all there, and by that I mean during a battle he took some shrapnel to the head and now he wears a guard on his forehead and sometimes goes a little crazy. Hijikata, if you don’t know the name, is an old Shinsengumi vice commander and the one who stole the gold, hid it, an created the map in the convicts. There are far more characters throughout as well but it would take sometime to go through them. I never know what to expect with these characters, one moment sugimoto could be calm and collected, but at some points he’s very childish. Tsurumi is the most unpredictable, I never know when he might fly off the handle. I really like this side of the characters because it keep the manga exciting. One frame I could be seeing a conversation between characters and then the next could be almost anything. I never know what to expect when these people interact. However what really drives this home is the visuals to accompany these characters.

Golden Kamui has stunning visuals throughout. At one moment you could have some intense picture of suspenseful events, and the next a comical moment between the main characters. A lot of the comical moments are when ever Sugimoto and Asirpa are cooking. Sugimoto has never had these dishes before and when Asirpa gives him something that seem disgusting, like a brain or eyeball of an animal, Sugimoto reacts in a very amusing way.

These moments are sprinkled throughout the manga so there is no shortage of random faces that Sugimoto, and sometimes other characters, make. Now Golden Kamui also has its share of violent visuals as well. The manga does not censor it’s violence, if it want to show something it will show it. Given the fact that a lot of this manga takes place in a snowy forest region there is a lot of wildlife. Bears, for example, can be seen a few times in the story and of course bears can be very violent towards people and for Golden Kamui the same can be said. In one scene Sugimoto is being chased and he needs to make a split decision involving a bear, Sugimoto is fine but what about his pursuers. Well they don’t have quite the same luck. However when this scene played out I was not expecting something like this to be shown.

This image is a perfect example of the unexpected, I was only expecting these soldiers to die by the bear, maybe a slash to the chest deep enough to kill, or a “semi-off camera” shot of the bear mauling a soldier; where all you could see was the bears back and a body on the ground though you knew what was going on. However, instead I receive a full image of a man getting if face torn off and then more death to follow. Lastly we have the volume art, I wanted to point this one out for one reason mainly. It’s a good piece of art though my reason for bringing this up is that I would like the artist to make some colored pages, in the beginning of the manga there were some but there haven’t been any since then and I feel it would be awesome to have some and would look really good. 

I love the use of color in this image, the use of yellow in his eyes showing the movement of his body and head, the reflection in the bayonet, the line work near his arms showing the speed at which he’s moving; all of it is so amazing to look at, and it’s not the only cover page that is really well done. Basically what I’m saying though is that overall the manga is visually stunning and really well done.

The translation for Golden Kamui is being handled by EverydayHeroes Scans. They are doing a great job at translating the manga. I haven’t come across any typos or problems throughout the manga; I feel like I’m reading a hard copy of the manga it’s that well done.

Golden Kamui is an amazing manga, it seems very promising and I hope it meets my expectations. I hope there will be a little less exposition as the manga continues because while it can be nice learning about some of the Ainu stuff, a lot of the exposition made this feel less like a seinen historical manga and more like a cooking/food manga. Other then that the manga is really well done and I highly recommend it.

Next weeks review will be Street Fighter 5, I hope the march update will be out by then so I can add that content to the review, but I’m not holding my breath. Until then have a good day and I’ll see you soon.

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May I please have some headcannons for dragon Jacob rescuing a small girl and raising her as his own?

 Sure, dearest~. I’ll be happy to! It sounds like a super cute idea, really!

  • The girl was probably lost from her family during the fierce snowstorms that can happen closer to Jacob’s location as he is an ice dragon living in the snowy mountain and forest region.

  • Since he was raised by a young girl when he was but a whelp, he understands that human children are not dangerous and would do what he could to protect her from the dangers about the area she found herself in.

  • Humans think of dragons as the fairy tales—taking away princesses and locking them into towers or devouring men and women as they want while burning villages mindlessly. Because of this, Jacob would approach her in his more human appearance and act like an ice mage to keep her mind and heart settled before explaining the truth and taking her back to his home.

  • Since the girl was merely separated, she would insist that her family is still alive and looking for her though Jacob would know all too well what these woods could do to people that weren’t warriors or magic users of any sort. He would do his best to keep her hopes high but in the end (perhaps in private or with her) discover the remains of her parent’s bodies.

  • It would be a shocking culture difference for the girl—having to adjust to the harsh, cold climates with mostly furs of wild animals (or leaning against Jacob’s belly where his fire gland is kept and him as well being super fatty and furry) and the warmth of a fire that the dragons could create for her till she starts to understand and learn magic a bit better through the mentoring of Jacob and some of his children.

  • Jacob would teach her, as she got older, how to hunt as well seeing as he wouldn’t want her going back to town to live with humans. If he could have one human on his side, then he would want to keep her as such.

  • Depending on the age she gets lost (as I am thinking about six or seven years of age here), she could probably grow up learning to adapt to the harsh cold and start using white wolf furs to camouflage herself when hunting.

  • I can see her basically becoming the assassin for Jacob and his dragons—hunting outside of their temple home and being sure nobody comes across and harms her family.

  • If she ever started to encounter other humans in time, Jacob would start to get overprotective and defensive against the humans (especially male, as he chooses who she would be mated to and sees friendly advances from the opposite sex as some mating ritual).

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Send 💖 for me to give you some positivity

//We’ve been mutuals for eons—across multiple blog changes, in fact. And yet we’ve never once interacted on an IC basis, how crazy is that? I don’t mind at all—Lucas and Clarissa have had little to no cause to run into one another, and I really enjoy that despite the fact our muses might not even know the other exists, we’ve remained following each other this entire time anyway!

I’m content to watch from afar since—as I know I’ve told you before and will happily reiterate here—Lucas is a welcome presence on my dash. I’ve always held mixed opinions about Sinnoh, but the presence of you, @hikaup, and @aspearbarry (the wonder trio) have warmed my heart to the snowy region. I love your headcanons and the way you’ve expanded upon the lore of the games, weaving it into your interpretation of Lucas to create a truly unique version of the character. Your writing is clean, tactile, and easy to read, so I usually find myself following your content when it passes across the dashboard. Lucas is definitely among the muses I was happiest to see still around when I made my return last month, and I hope you’ll both keep around for a long time yet.

The Man From the Great North

Hugo Pratt (w & a & c)
A provocative story whose protagonist is a seemingly wanton murderer driven by a religious obsession with the absolute.
Set in Canada around 1920, Jesuit Joe is of French-Canadian and Mohawk origin and is engaged in an obsessive religious search for the absolute, as he moves through the snowy wastelands of the region. He wears the red jacket of the Canadian Mounted Police that he found in a hut—which gives rise to a series of misunderstandings when he is mistaken for a member of the force. His actions highlight his unusual ethical code and his disturbing and complex personality—he kills with terrible ease and shows an unmatched cruelty and ferocity, yet his mood suddenly shifts and he performs unexpected acts of kindness and compassion. All the while, he is tracked by his nemesis, Sergeant Fox, whose mission is to capture Jesuit Joe and bring him to justice.
This is the first English language edition of Pratt’s 1980 classic, and includes an incomplete second story of Jesuit Joe, plus Pratt’s storyboards drawn for the movie version.
HC • B&W • $24.99 • 112 pages • 8.5” x 11” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-058-1
First English language edition.
First volume in the ongoing “One Man, One Adventure” series.
Advance solicited for November release!

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!! frostlass gjinka!! is that how you spell it

Future advice: If you don’t want me to draw horrifying specters of death and loss, don’t ask for Gijinka of ghost-type pokemon.

Froslass Pokedex:
            Legends in snowy regions say that a woman who was lost on an icy mountain was reborn as Froslass. It freezes foes with an icy breath nearly -60 degrees F. What seems to be its body is actually hollow.


Barry: 1. Jolteon is a sensitive pokemon that easily becomes sad or angry. Every time its mood changes, it charges power [2] Taillow courageously stands its ground against foes, however strong they may be [3] Rapidash loves to run. If it sees something faster than itself, it will give chase at top speed [4] Wears the skull of its deceased mother. Its cries echo inside the skull and come out as a sad melody [5] Many people are charmed by its grace and beauty while running It runs agilely as if on wings [6] Suicine embodies the compassion of a pure spring of water. It runs across the land with gliding elegance

Cisco: [1] A manmade Pokemon that came about as a result of research [2] By vibrating its cheeks, it emits sound waves imperceptible to humans and warns others of danger

Wells: [1] Not much is known about this pokemon [2] When this Pokemon turns serious, its fiery manes flare and blaze as it gallops [3] Mewtwo was created by a scientist after years of horrific gene-splicing and DNA-engineering experiments. It usually remains motionless to conserve energy, so that it may unleash its full power in battle

Joe: [1] Gardevoir will try to protect its trainer even at the risk of its own life [2] When they find a wounded Pokémon, they embrace it and bring it to shore [3] In battle, Blaziken blows out intense flames from its wrists and attacks foes courageously. The stronger the foe, the more intensely their wrists burn

Caitlin: [1] Aurorus can blast freezing cold air to form a wall of ice to protect itself from attacks [2] Legends in snowy regions say that a woman who was lost on an icy mountain was reborn as Froslass [3] It has a body of ice that won’t melt, even with fire [4] Very intelligent and compassionate, they have gentle hearts

Iris: [1] Luvdiscs heart-shaped body is a symbol of love and romance. It is said that any couple meeting this Pokemon is promised a loving relationship that never ends [2] It shares many blessings with people who respect one another’s rights and avoid needless strife [3] Blissey senses sadness with its fluffy coat of fur. If it does so, it will rush over to the sad person, however far they may be, to share an egg of happiness that brings a smile to any face [4] If it is attacked by an enemy that is stronger than itself, it feigns injury to fool the enemy and escapes [5] A very friendly Dragon-type Pokémon, it throws a punch that’s the equivalent of the force of a hundred pro boxers [6] Dragonite is capable of circling the globe in just sixteen hours. It is a kindhearted Pokemon that leads lost and foundering ships in a storm to the safety of land