snowy moutains

anonymous asked:

Ninjago for the fandom thing

Favorite male character: cOLE aND ZanE!!?? iltsm,,, 

Favorite female character: humm,, idk, pixal and nya :o 

Least favorite ship: ugh there’s a bunch,,,c/ole x n/ya or totally garma/ce/st/ *shivers*
Favorite ship: hummmm why did u even follow me for then?? glacier??? duh??(also plasma lol)

Favorite friendship: idk, cole and zane(god friends),, plasma,,jay and cole :o also kai and lloyd!

Favorite quote: ohhh idk,,, probably “and youre,,,silvER??” “tiTANIUM**!’’ IN S4

Worst character death: zANE’S!!! the only time i cried and it was baadd like the mussiiic

This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: this is ridiculous but,,, when they were all in their mechs on the snowy moutain after Morro and Cole almost falls and Zane saves him?? i was verrrryy happy

Saddest moment: zane’s death and cole turning into a ghost,,lol

Favorite location: hum this one is hard :o i liked the ghost village and kai and nya’s childhood town