snowy mountain photography

Yellowstone National Park boasts 4 mountain ranges and at least 70 peaks over 8,000 feet tall. At almost 11,000 feet tall, Electric Peak is the third tallest mountain in Yellowstone. With its snow-covered face catching the day’s last sun rays, it’s a majestic sight to behold. Photo by Neal Herbert, National Park Service.

One of my favorite places to go backpacking is the Goat Rocks Wilderness in Washington. The alpine meadows of the Goat Rocks boast some of the most impressive wildflower displays that I’ve seen anywhere. Lupine, paintbrush, valerian, bistort and aster all compete for attention in the foreground with the slopes of Old Snowy Mountain serving as a backdrop.

I found this composition in the backcountry of the Snowy Range a few years ago, but I had to return this summer with better skies. This unnamed peak almost glows in the predawn light of late summer, and this particular pond reflects the scene perfectly. There’s literally hundreds of lakes in this small mountain range which leaves a lot more exploring to do!

Snowy Range, Wyoming - August 2015

Shot notes:

Velvia 50 4x5, 90mm Caltar lens
8 seconds at f22, 2 stop soft GND filter

Day 11/12. Manang to Khangsar to Yak Kharka.
We made it to 4000m. The alititude is here. So breathless. Low on energy which makes me low on mood.
Nothing a good plate of fried rice can’t help with though.

I awoke at 5am to a snow covered wonderland in Yak Kharka. Still amazed by natures abilities to create such magnificent vista’s I braved the cold again and went outside with the camera.
Greeted by a pink kissed mountain peak surrounded by soft billowy clouds.

Yet another soul refreshing moment.

Nothing like a good sunrise in the himalayas to improve the mood and get me ready for another day of trekking.