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“Oh, did brother Gwyndolin send me an escort? Rather frail for a knight of Darkmoon, yet eyes too kind for someone allied with Pontiff.”

//Cinnamon mage couldn’t leave cinnamon princess in tower. She doesn’t even know where to take her or what to tell her.//

dontgobrekkermyheart  asked:

Quick question... or thought idfk... Sooo in ACOTAR when Feyre is still enthralled with Tamlin and lets him see her paintings- he likes the barren, winter one. I don't remember exactly what he said, but it really struck a cord in me I remember... Seemed like he had some deep pain or lingering emotions of something from the past. I mean by no means am I pitying or feeling sorry for him, but I really wanna know WHY. We ALL know Sarah doesn't do details like that for no reason 🤷‍♀️

Yeah. I haven’t read that scene in a while but I remember thinking the point was to draw a parallel in their shared pain. The dark, snowy emptiness in the image (if I’m remembering correctly) is totally supposed to say as much about him as it does about her. Also his reaction to the image of her and Isaac. The lovers. He responds to that too which was another way that Maas wanted to tell us that Tamlin and Feyre’s relationship wasn’t based on the right foundation. But also that they both shared that need to feel something and to feel connected to another person in an intimate way. Even if the intimacy did not result in lasting emotional feelings or a connection. If that makes sense.

And I empathize with Tamlin. He is not just a bad guy. He abused her. Yes. But there is nothing in the text that suggests that he can’t change if he wants to. I think Feyre should still stay the hell away from him. But he’s not a lost cause. He can change. And he was traumatized by his own inaction under the mountain. And by seeing Feyre tortured and tried under the mountain. I don’t remember all of it, but he didn’t want to be High Lord. He didn’t want to fight with his brothers so he joined the army or the legions (I can’t remember what they called it). Then he got stuck being High Lord. So he spent years doing a job he didn’t like/didn’t want. That would suck. And it would make it hard not to get stuck or to feel stuck. Where as Rhys wanted to be High Lord so he could change things. Tamlin can change (yes not being an abuser AND wanting to make things better for his people) he just has to want to change. You can force people. Ya know.

I hope this answered your question. It’s a bit of a ramble. Lol.