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Reopening Icon Commissions

Hey guys! I’m doing these snowy winter icon commissions (here are all the ones I’ve done) again soon. They look like this!

They are 12 dollars, I’ll draw any character animal or human, and you can pick whatever you want them to wear (scarf, hat, earmuffs, hot cocoa, etc.) or you can let me pick for you! If you add some extra dolla bills I’ll add extra frames of animation depending on how much you add, like these:

To reserve a slot, you can send me a message or an email to fortycakes@gmail with your paypal email in it and refs and whatever else you want me to know… the slot list is viewable here!! Thank you so much for looking!!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I see you're doing these winter icon commissions, and I think they're seriously awesome. I'm sort of an artist in training, so are there tricks/small pointers as far as subtle animations (the ones in your icons where the characters aren't actually moving, but they are) are concerned?

Hey! The effect you’re referring to in these icons is called a “moving hold” in animation terms, also called a bunch of other things like “boil,” “shimmer,” “wiggle,” etc. It’s just one frame that’s been traced over two times more, and looped. When you have a character who is standing stock-still, it’s a trick that is used to make them appear more “alive” instead of frozen in time. Here’s the effect:

I do these in Photoshop, which I DO NOT recommend for animating in; its animation feature is very counterintuitive. I don’t consider these icons truly “animated,” because they’re just pictures I drew that I traced two times, in most cases. Photoshop is good for doing that though. I just draw the picture and turn on onion skin and trace it, basically. It’s really simple, there’s no real “trick” to it. Here’s my layout for doing it (click for fullsize):

My only tips when you do these is to trace from the first frame both times you re-trace it, instead of tracing from the trace. Your drawing will morph less from the original less that way.

Hope this helped! I am always happy to explain my process to anyone who wants to learn it. If you have any more questions, just ask!