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Don’t ask me why Fives is in a snowstorm. He just is.

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Thinking about it a while, I don’t think you’re ever too old to really start your life, you know?

I played a bit of Oxenfree, and got sad at first.

“Man,” I said, “this girl is just a year older than I am, and she’s hanging out with her friends on a spooky island.”

Then I checked out Night in the Woods, and though, “Wow. This girl’s 20, and she’s just really starting on her adventure.”

I suppose I still have time to start adventuring out in the world. Getting into typical trouble for the sake of safe fun with friends.

When I start a job, I’m sure I’ll make friends. I’ll get the courage to make more friends. And who knows, maybe my adventure will start sooner than I think.

Exploring haunted places, vast deserts, snowy tundras.. Making my own personal name for myself. Enjoying life.


BLM New Mexico Las Cruces District Hosts Girls Summer Camp 

Story by Deborah E. Stevens. Photos by Eileen Davis and McKinney Briske.

Adding to the list of accomplishments for the “Every Kid in a Park” initiative, the BLM Las Cruces District hosted a week-long day camp from June 20-24 for 12 fourth-grade girls from Sunrise Elementary School in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The camp focused on field trips and hands-on activities aimed at building the girls’ awareness of their surrounding public lands and natural environment. 

The camp was co-sponsored by the BLM Las Cruces District and Friends of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument. The BLM’s Fort Stanton Snowy River Cave Conservation Area, the Lincoln National Forest, and White Sands National Monument also participated. 

“Watching the girls engage and enjoy our public lands is so rewarding and inspiring,” said Eileen Davis, BLM Las Cruces District volunteer coordinator. “And for a week in June, the BLM Las Cruces District and other agencies had the privilege of introducing these girls to a variety of science, technology, engineering, math, and conservation activities, specially designed to build their literacy in these fields.” 

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Places in my story so far

Summerland - a “Mundietown” used to shelter non-magic users and keep them protected from the outside world.

Cassiope - a remote wizard school primarily dealing with water elementals, located deep in the woods in northern Bornica. The cold waters of the Twin Rivers are ideal for the ice castle comprising the bulk of Cassiope’s classrooms, with some binding spells required to keep the ice frozen in place.

Bornica - landmass in which Summerland and Cassiope exist. It has a cool, temperate climate with mild summers and snowy winters.

Mephistos - Desert country southwest of Bornica, known for its bustling city center Draconi. While the majority of locals tend to be friendly, many have tales to tell of the oddities that live there, and the occasional thief or conman is not uncommon to come across.

Dracos - a wizard school near Draconi specializing mainly in fire elementals, located in the southern part of Mephistos. The school is a sprawling collection of buildings in an oasis that sits close to a volcano, though the volcano itself has been dormant for quite some time.

Hyperborea - far northern country prompltly divided into two sections - really nice cold people, and really mean cold people.

Sardon - collection of fragmented island states loosely connected to Bornica. Because of unpredictable weather and high frequency of strange phenomena, people from Sardon have gained a reputation for a rather dark sense of humor and unfriendly persona.

Telestro - high desert country to the north of Mephistos and interspersed with rainforest.

Dagon - swampland in Telestro currently abandoned. Hundreds of years ago, it housed a village before its inhabitants were stricken with a horrific illness that caused them to turn on one another and rapidly decay. The few survivors of the illness then jumped into the nearby lake, never to be seen again.

Lake Dagon - stagnant lake said to house a mysterious creature known as the Monster of Dagon Lake.

Carcosa - The Abandoned City, once a beautiful beacon of culture and light, now it sits in decay since the death of the royal family. Hashtur seems to bear a certain connection to the place, though exactly what is unknown.