There has been many appreciation weeks for different things but none for our bandit princess. This is inspired by rolliejogger (emma swan appreciation week) and colinodonorgasm (captain swan appreciation week), both were amazing to do. 

  • Day 1- Favorite Persona(s)
  • Day 2- Favorite Scene
  • Day 3- Favorite Quote(s)
  • Day 4- Favorite Land
  • Day 5- Most Heartbreaking Moment(s)
  • Day 6- Favorite Favorite Outfit(s)
  • Day 7- Most Happiest Moment (s)

You can do gifs, graphics, videos anything you want :)

Snow Appreciation Week starts Monday 7th July but you can do it the week or whenever after that date. 

Tag used will be snowwhiteaw but remember to put it in the first 5 tags or it won’t be seen. (I will reblog most of your edits I’m sure)

You can do it on anything from season 1-3

Spread the word and have fun! 

Snow White Appreciation Week

Day One: Favorite Persona

Mary Margaret Blanchard