So back in late 2013, I drew up Kill Team Princess, I hope you enjoy the more sci-fi inspired: Magical Dropzone Kingdom.

Kill Team Princess:

I was asked on a regular basis if I would be drawing other princesses and well, I had no interest to adding to those six. Now I’ve taken a shot at everyone that Disney has coronated and for good measure, Elsa and Anna, were done too.

 Tumblr caps off at 10 images, so I’ve split them up by traditional 2D animated movies and the CG shows.

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Snow White
Digital drawing, 2014.

There is this one memorable e-mail from one of the foreign fan, may be a Korean resident in America. She said that she grew up as imagining herself as a princess from a fairy tale. But one day, she realized that she couldn’t be a princess because she was an Asian. Eventually she stopped imagining being one.

So when she saw my pictures which Asian princess were wearing Hanbok, she started to cry. :’-( She was pregnant when writing this e-mail, and she thought this baby will not have to stop imagining being one of the princesses after she comes to world. Ever since that day, I think of this episode occasionaly and realize that it was a great thing that I started drawing pictures.

그러고보니 또 하나 당시에 동화시리즈 보신 해외 분이 보내온 메일중에 기억에 참 남는 게 있다.
미국 교포이신 것 같은데,
어릴 때 자신이 동화 속 공주라고 상상하면서 놀았지만
어느순간 ‘나는 동양인이라서 공주가 될 수 없겠지'하고 그만두셨다고…

그래서 내 그림 속의 한복입은 동양인 공주들을 보고 우셨다고 한다 ㅜㅜ
메일 쓰실 때 임신중이셨는데,
태어날 아이는 더이상 상상을 멈추지 않아도 되겠구나,하고 생각하셨다고 한다.
그 얘기를 떠올릴 때마다 그림을 그리길 참 잘했구나 하는 생각이 든다.

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