snowweisz asked:

I just wanna say thanks for the arguments you're putting through for the women on the show. I'm sick and tired of this idea that women have to be unemotional and put together in order to be successful in the workplace. Showing emotion is not mutually exclusive with being successful and perpetuating the idea that it is, only further harms our efforts to build a more accepting workplace.

Searching for fic, can anyone help?

You guys, I’m DESPERATELY looking for a fanfic and I’ve searched everywhere, used up all the ways I know of, and still can’t. I was wondering if you all could help me?

It’s this one where Harry and Hermione used to be together but they had a fallout after she miscarried their baby. And so she leaves Britain and they don’t see each other for years and when she comes back, it’s for his and Ginny’s wedding at the Burrow. And she tries to go but she and Harry run into each other and have an epic fight and then idk how it ends.

Does that ring any bells at all? I get the feeling that it’s probably a really old one, idk why.