i wanna explain why i chose this part of the scene. here alec’s basically saying they could’ve just stayed in and had burgers and he would’ve been just as happy. he doesn’t need to travel the world, or anything else. if they never went anywhere after this, i don’t think alec would’ve minded.  he’s with magnus because of who magnus is. yes he’s the high warlock of brooklyn who’s super powerful and bad ass, but that’s not what draws alec to him. its who he is. which is more than just the high warlock. and its because of this magnus doesn’t mind taking alec all over the world. tokyo, prague, the cape. alec doesn’t expect it, he just wants magnus. the line “i don’t want the world i want you” comes to mind. anyways that’s why i chose this scene. we all talk and gif about what happens next, but this always makes me melt. i could write a whole essay and i think in the past i have. its just so pure. 


day four an underappreciated scene


favourite character meme: 1/7 scenes

ouat / 1x17 - Hat Trick

So, Sheriff, I guess you’ll be taking me back now. Here. Go. You want me to run? No, but it’s your choice. Just know something – running ain’t easy. I’ve done my share of it. And once you go, there’s no stopping.

Wouldn’t you rather face this together than alone?


            k e e p me warm i n s i d e our bed

                    i got d r e a m s of you a l l through my h e a d 

                                fortune t e l l e r said I’d be f r e e 

                                        and that’s the d a y you c a m e  to m e


“i don’t know how to say goodbye”

the lift kiss for @snowscharming ❤​ part ii of your valentine’s gift!

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