wow i really can’t edit for shit. um anyways, here’s a list of all my favourite blogs and tumblr crushes. i love you guys so much and you’re all perfect. so yeah you guys are amazing and thanks for the great year! Merry Christmas and Have A Great New Year (if we don’t die) c;

boobstyles, boomitsnialler, bradfordbum, britishmelodies, capturefire, coldnarry, delivingne, divacaster, electrahoran, frostbbite, happinessishardtofind, harypotters, havefaithrestarts, heavyrope, herreh, londonhearts, lordharrold, lovesyoufirst, maylik, milakunips, moonlands, niallar, ofsnow, payndeers, perfectrainbow, seducedbystyles, sevteenblack, sheeryn, snowsangel, strokingjerry, sultanzayn, superlouis, taylour, tomnlinsnow, voldmorts, whorenarry, winterdawns, wnterdays, zarrhy, zarrybless

sorry if i forgot anyone but ily! 

this is my christmas follow forever, thank you for making my dashboard pretty i love you all. im sorry for everyone i forgot!

horens, merrysheeran, hahrry, snowsangel, hunkhoran, luminouis, kinkyziam, primadonns, wolfmas, stylesnow, justnialler, winterschapel, effrons, wintersbliss, harrystyiels, zarryforchristmas, milakunips, snowysday, winturs, styleshey, cyrusnows, ngrimmys, sparklrs, veryniam, everlastng, doncas, loufrost, likesugars, londonss, harrysthefather, hmuhazza, frostyzouis, niallars, snohaz missinglou


ok um this is my last follow friday until i finally make a follow forever but yep thank u guys for making my dash look pretty and i admire ur blogs from afar and ilysm!

oh and this is in no particular order and sorry for the crappy edit :(

edwardsheern, cesefrey, snowdarling, holydrews, snowsangel, ohcrucio, eversfall, happinessishardtofind, snowsets, harypotters, katnisseverdene, hoeskimos, rainingfires, snowydays, stratfordsfinest, wolfmas, heromione, renesmes, cyrusnows, heavysmetal, dylens, everlastng, savehiswheezy, avoxea, homechapel, lovoto, sunsgodown, zacerfon, padfootmagic, dinhoransaur


+my niggies at georgelopezpeen