FYHM’s Challenge 28: Growth

↳ Snow and Regina’s relationship.


There’s no redemption arc quite as beautiful as the villain realizing the depth of what they had done, and without hesitation, choosing to take responsibility for their actions. Ingrid is a breath of fresh air in a world of villains who choose to blame their misery on other people. Furthermore, choosing to state that it’s not her powers that were evil, but what she had allowed them to turn her into is an admirable form of her acknowledging that’s it’s truly all on her. It’s a choice to do good and once upon a time, she made the wrong one. With the understanding that she was in fact loved for real, she chooses to take her life because she knows it’s the only way to free everyone else from the hatred she’s lived with. The spell of Shattered Sight brings out the worst in people and fills them with hatred, but now that Ingrid’s filled with love, she realizes that this isn’t the way for people to live. They shouldn’t destroy each other, they should uplift each other. And with her final words, she chooses to remind the women that they’re special. She chooses to point out the beauty in the fact that they’ve all found the homes they’ve wanted as she’s about to go to hers. The absolute vulnerability and sincerity Mitchell emanates with her words and loving expressions is undeniably what radiates just how beautiful Ingrid’s heart really is (x).