snowqueen's icedragon

after all this time it’s no less funny that a trilogy of major motion pictures the first of which made $570,000,000 was created because somebody writing under the pen name Snowqueens Icedragon got so horny about the characters from twilight she had to make erotic fanfic and this is like a significant event in our culture that people in the future can look back on

50 Shades

So I’m like totes reading Master of the Universe by Snowqueen’s Icedragon, which is the original Twilight fanfiction that had it’s characters changed, and title changed to 50 Shades of Grey.

At this point I’d like to firmly establish that I am a red-blooded human man of heterosexual orientation.

Although I managed to get through Twilight, I only got two chapters into New Moon before I gave up (yes the writing was terrible, but it was also difficult to read when I didn’t own the book and I don’t think Waterstones were taking too kindly to my spending so long there without buying).
I’ve always maintained that while the writing is appalling and the characters are exceedingly annoying, there is a good underlying story in there somewhere.
And let’s be honest, it’s essentially Vampires versus Werewolves. Who doesn’t love that?

No, I haven’t forgotten the sparkling, but still. The point is valid.

But the reason I’m reading this is pretty much solely because almost every girl I know is reading 50 Shades and I’m wondering what the big deal is. 
I’m at Chapter Seven at the moment, and while I wouldn’t say it’s good, it’s not really bad. But maybe I haven’t read enough yet…

I’ll let you know how it goes.

50 Shades of Bullshit

So after learning that my mum read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, I decided to do some research on it and found out that it is none other than a Twilight fanfiction called Snow Queen Ice Dragon. Basically, the fastest selling novel ever (even beat out Harry Potter novels) is Twilight porn. The author wrote this Twilight porn fanfiction, changed the names, and got a book deal with it calling it “erotic fiction.” What?! And if you read the overview on the backside of the novel, it’s basically the exact same words as the back of the Twilight novel! (I read the overview of both books, my mum’s set of 50 Shades, and my set of Twilight) And while all of this is explained in the very front of the book, but no one ever reads that little bit anyways! I just thought that needed to be put out there.