snowpoint gym

clefartist  asked:


Send me a Pokémon region and I’ll tell you

My favorite overall character: Oh Gym Leader Roark, carry me off into the sunset with your beefy coal-miner arms~

My favorite gym: Snowpoint! The snowball puzzle is still really challenging for me. ;w;

My favorite gym leader: …Are there other gym leaders other than Roark…? >m> I dont care. 

My favorite pokemon from that region: Oh I definitely have a favourite. Garchomp! Its cool and evolves from an adorable little fatty fat shark baby. 

Which legendary is my favorite: Arceus. It was such a bold move to make a pokemon and actually declare him as “the big creator god”. Sinnohs use of pokemon mysticism and myth is just the coolest part about it.


( @beenabutterandjelly - I hope you’re satisfied :V )