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Last night I made my fourth and final guest appearance on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and it may have very well been my favorite to date. Craig only has a week of shows left to go before he steps down and I’m really going to miss him. When you get in that chair and he rips up that card, he really is going off script. We never talk about anything that is discussed in the pre-interview, it’s just two people messing with each other. A year and a half ago, Craig’s show was the first late night talk show I was invited to be a guest on and I will always be grateful. Thank you and congrats on an amazing run, buddy!






11.22.14 Snowpants at UCB Franklin. It’s been months since the last Snowpants (and it will be months until the next one) but this edition was a doozy. I am delighted that I correctly predicted that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be a guest improviser, judging from his recent collaborations with Ben Schwartz. But I was also happy to see frequent UCB attendee Breckin Meyer as the second guest improviser.

In addition to Schwartz, the regular improvisers were Horatio Sanz, Thomas Middleditch, and the man with the best comedic timing on the planet, Zach Woods. Both guests dove in headfirst and made it a really fun show to watch. 

Vulture’s fantastic Adrienne Gaffney interviewed me about Jean-Ralphio’s final scenes in Parks and Recreation, This is Where I Leave You, Rabbis and improvising with Jane Fonda. You can read the full article by clicking the photo above or by CLICKING HERE.




Thanks to Ben Schwartz, for no particular reason.


anonymous asked:

so what are some Canadian stereotypes that are actually true? (aboot, really?)

i mean, is it wrong to picture u talking like terrence and philip?

Okay look the “aboot” thing is because you weird Americans open your mouths wide enough to eat an entire patriotic baseball when you say “about” (Abaaaahwt? really?!) whereas Canadians open their mouths a normal amount for saying words and not gargling sports equipment

Also no our entire faces do not disassemble when speaking


  • Eat maple syrup directly out of snow with a stick
  • Apologize to people when you were at fault, when they were at fault, when you weren’t even involved in the incident, or when you moderately inconvenience an inanimate object
  • Talk about hockey even if you don’t like hockey
  • Born knowing how to a) skate b) balance while walking on ice and c) paddle a canoe
  • Eat beaver tails
  • Walk around in -40C weather in leggings/jeans because it is literally never “too cold” to do something.
  • Everyone has at least several variations on flannel
  • “Eh”

Anyway here’s a good summary from Kate Beaton:
The weird things people in Fort McMurray packed in a hurry
"I left my childhood photos. But thank God for cheese. I have one pair of pants ... and one pair of snow pants."

Just days after 80,000 Fort McMurray and area residents were told to leave their homes, some with only minutes to pack, a Facebook group is sharing a collective giggle over the gaggle of odd items some chose to bring with them.

The conversation, posted to the Fort McMurray's Controversial Humour group, was kicked off by Jennifer Knuth, who shared these pictures of Kraft Singles and snowpants that somehow made it into her suitcase.

With her photos, she wrote:

In this time of crisis when we have lost almost our entire city and packed our whole lives into a car or a suitcase we need laughter. I urge each and every one of you, as you unpack wherever you are, to post a picture of the funniest thing you packed while fleeing for your lives. I shall go first … Cheese slices and snow pants!!!!! God bless Fort McMurray.

She later added, “I left my childhood photos. But thank God for cheese. I have one pair of pants … and one pair of snow pants.”

Within just three hours, Knuth’s original message garnered more than 700 comments and photos.

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Matcha (Green Tea) White Hot Chocolate

Love & Lemons writes:

Hot chocolate always has to come with warm fuzzy memories, doesn’t it? I vividly remember being about 9 – otherwise known as the age when snow was fun. My sister and I would spend hours and hours building forts and making snow angels. We’d come in the house with red noses and leave our snowpants in a puddle at the door (you know, for mom to clean up). We’d sit down to mugs of swiss miss hot chocolate, no marshmallows for me.

I might not have wintery white Christmases anymore but here’s my fancy adult white hot chocolate that’s made oh so much more delicious by adding one of my favorite ingredients - matcha.

If you’re new to matcha, check out this matcha coconut latte post where I describe it a little more… or view all of our matcha recipes in our recipe index.

Find the recipe here.


8.16.14 Snowpants at UCB. It was the first Snowpants since February! And at the top of the show, Ben Schwartz announced that it’d be the last one for a few months, inciting a collective groan from the audience. But we were happy that he and fellow busy humans Jack McBrayer, Horatio Sanz, Thomas Middleditch, Joe Wengert and second time Snowpants guest Blake Griffin (of the Los Angeles Clippers) took the time to entertain us this month. 

I was psyched to see Blake Griffin do the show again, as he has a great sense of humor and is not afraid to get involved in scenes and be silly. And Jack McBrayer is someone I wish did more shows at UCB LA - his facial expressions alone kill me every single time I see him on stage.

Underwear in public
  • [Scene: we're the only family on the sledding hill when Luke, age 10, stops halfway up the hill and unzips his coat and snowpants to adjust something in his underwear...]
  • Me: [calling down the hill] "Luke, I don't know what you're doing, but you probably shouldn't be doing it in public."
  • Mom: [in a serious tone] "Maybe he likes doing things that are embarrassing."
  • Me: "Hmm. Where are girls when you need them?"
  • Luke: [blushing] "Oh, stop."
  • Mom: "What was the name of that girl who waved at him yesterday?"
  • Me: "Let's see... Maya? Mia? I can't remember."
  • Luke: [turning redder] "Stop it!"
  • Me: "And in a couple of weeks, you start classes on puberty in school... with girls."
  • Luke: [completely red now, trying to be dismissive while zipping back up] "Stop it. I already know that stuff anyway. You already talked to me about sex."
  • Mom: "Right, so when they show that video about changes to your body and private parts, you can raise your hand and shout 'I HAVE ONE OF THOSE!'"
  • Me: "Especially in front of whats-her-name."
  • Luke: "'I HAVE ONE OF THOSE'?!?!" [literally falls over laughing and red at the same time]
  • Me: "Well, you /do/ have one of those."
  • Luke: [gasping for air] "Oh man. Just stop."
  • Mom: "Okay. But next time don't adjust your underwear in public or we'll do this again."