‘One Day At A Time’ Renewed For Season 2 By Netflix

The new version is about a Cuban-American family and centers on a recently separated, former military mom (Justina Machado) who is navigating a new single life while raising her radical teenage daughter and socially adept tween son. She’s “helped” by her old school Cuban-born mom (Rita Moreno) and a friends-without-benefits building manager named Schneider.

Set to return for Season 2 are stars Machado, Moreno, Todd Grinnell, Isabella Gomez, Marcel Ruiz and Stephen Tobolowsky. Lear, Gloria Calderon Kellett, Mike Royce, Brent Miller and Michael Garcia executive produce.

The 13-episode first season was produced by Act III Productions, Inc., Snowpants Productions and Small Fish Studios in association with Sony Pictures Television.

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the mosquito is the minnesota state bird. its like mcfucking capri sun straws,,, they'll carry u off with them. theres no escape. the summers go from like 100° to -14° when theres a breeze off superior. kids will go to school unless the wind chill is deadly. hockey moms. mn is hardcore

when i was little me and the neighborhood kids would all waddle outside in our snowpants and snowboots and throw water on our boots to see how long it’d take for us to freeze to the ground

and my town would hold the polar plunge each year where we’d carve a hole in one of the nearby lakes and hold an event where people could wear wacky costumes and jump into the water for fun so Yes I Agree With All Of That

Sledding (Dreams and Reverie)

Summary: Steven and Connie spend a day sledding.

[The beginning of a drabble series focused on Connverse, titled “Dreams and Reverie.” 

Feel free to send prompts or ideas for this collection!

Masterpost for Dreams and Reverie found here]

Steven searched through his closet, pushing aside old shirts and jeans as he looked for adequate winter gear. Connie already had her gear, having taken the bus here and needing the extra layers to handle the cold while she waited for her ride.

He found his trusty pale blue puffer coat and pulled it out of the closet for inspection. It was a little worn —the zipper needed a good tug to zip closed and there were a few scuffs on the plastic-y fabric— but it would suffice. He stood up, bringing the coat with him, and walked over to his bed.

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Sensory Hell

Layers on the legs!! You know how when you were a kid (my followers from the great white north will understand) and in order to go outside whether it be to school, or just playing, you had to wear like 3 pairs of pants? Like you had your pajama pants or long johns, then pants, then snowpants. I HaTeD that with a burning passion. I love layers up top, but on my legs it’s just like NOOO

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twdgislife said: Being Paul Lahotes child imprint would include?

A/N: Heya, lovely! I hope that you enjoy this! I WOULD LIKE TO POINT OUT THAT IMPRINT ISN’T ALWAYS ROMANTICALLY INVOLVED, for those out there that don’t know that. Thanks so much for your request! - Admin Kat 💟

Being Paul Lahote’s Child Imprint Would Include:

- Okay, first of all, let’s get this straight: An imprint isn’t just a soulmate romance bond, alright? What it mean’s is that the shape-shifter becomes whatever you need them to be; i.e. A friend, a sibling, a guardian, a lover, etc. IT DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN BEING WITH THEM ROMANTICALLY!

- Okay, glad that’s out of the way…

- Paul would treat the child (his imprint) like a little sibling, - depending upon their gender-: He would watch over them, ensuring that they are well taken care of.

- He’d be so fiercely protective of the child that the pack would nickname him ‘Mother Goose’.

- He’s wouldn’t tolerate anyone bullying or hurting them, okay? He’d start shaking and shit will go down hill from there. (Pardon my French there)

- I just would like to put this out there that Paul would love that child no matter what! He would be accepting of them if they were transgender, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, could see the dead, had a shrine of Drake Bell in their house, whatever: He won’t care, he’s going to love them regardless and make sure that their every need is taken care of.

- He’s so going to monitor what their imprint takes in: Like, he won’t let them watch anything that isn’t age appropriate.

- On from that part, I can totally see the pack teaching them bad words or letting them watch something not child friendly and Paul going: “Jared… Jacob… Seth… Leah… Embry…” and so on with the names and everyone just freezing up.

- He’d go soft as hell, like seriously: He’d be a permanent teddy bear.

- His favorite thing would be his imprint falling asleep on him when he reads them a story.

- He’d dedicate a fair amount of his time taking care of them. He’d neglect his studies because of it.

- Unconditional love and hugs for his child imprint.

- If they were crying, he’d immediately become panic-stricken.

- He’d be the only one the be able to figure out how to make his imprint happy all of the time.

- If anyone in the pack made his imprint cry… they’re dead.

- He’d totally have a specific mushy cooing voice for his imprint, he’d pinch their cheeks and have a permanent grin plastered on his face.

- “Out of the way, Mother Goose is coming through!” Jared, Embry and Quil would shout.

- “I thought I told you dumbasses to stop calling me that!” Paul shouts.

- “Dumbass!” the child squeaks.

- “No, no, no! Don’t say that!” Paul would laugh uncomfortably, cooing to his imprint in his arms, but the child would continue to utter the word and the pack would burst out laughing.

- Leah would prank Paul with the child and Paul wouldn’t even get mad. Like literally, he’d be so happy.

- Watching kid shows and movies for eternity.

- He’d do goofy dances and song’s to cheer them up.

- He’d watch them like a hawk. Not in a creepy manner, but to ensure that they’re safe, don’t hurt themselves or go lost.

- When he goes on patrols, he would go by the house or in the yard in which his imprint lived, just to ensure that there’s no danger close by.

- Everyone would tease him, but his imprint would get him to chill out a lot more and he’d be happy; which would mean certainly more peace for the pack.

- Paul would be so protective, okay? Like, not even a fly is gonna touch them!

- He’d totally baby them and make them wear a marshmellow jacket, snowpants, little mittens and boots, in the winter. He’s not gonna joke around with his stuff, okay?

- It’s his duty!

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for the new meme (love the concept btw :D ) can i ask Enjolras and Grantaire?

since like i said, this is gonna vary widely from one AU to another and i can only speak for myself, let’s assume this is for w.a.r. enjolras and grantaire, far in the future


  • he believes in respecting his kids, ok. he believes in letting them express themselves. this comes back to haunt them later. “dad why did you let me go to kindergarten dressed in a swimsuit, snowpants, and a dress tied over my shoulders like a cape?” look, honey, you were really insistent that it was the look you were going for. “on picture day?” i pointed that out to you. you had a vision.
  • honestly i think he winds up with a similar approach to sex ed as his parents, possibly down to the printed handouts with vocabulary terms. better to have too much information than not enough! 
  • all of his kids’ teachers either love him or fear him. there is no middle ground.


  • only bothers to learn the name of one current youth celebrity. uses this name indiscriminately to refer to all youth celebrities, i.e. one direction is “that gaggle of young beibers” 
  • too high-strung to teach his kids how to drive; the only time he tried, he spent the whole car ride almost screaming in terror.
  • nicknames. the nicknames. 
  • shit, the nicknames.



Thanks to Ben Schwartz, for no particular reason.



11.22.14 Snowpants at UCB Franklin. It’s been months since the last Snowpants (and it will be months until the next one) but this edition was a doozy. I am delighted that I correctly predicted that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be a guest improviser, judging from his recent collaborations with Ben Schwartz. But I was also happy to see frequent UCB attendee Breckin Meyer as the second guest improviser.

In addition to Schwartz, the regular improvisers were Horatio Sanz, Thomas Middleditch, and the man with the best comedic timing on the planet, Zach Woods. Both guests dove in headfirst and made it a really fun show to watch. 

Love Lessons

Summary: He understood Math like the back of his palm. It was textbook, it had specific formulas to follow, and if everything was placed well all his problems would be solved. Too bad there isn’t a formula on how to ask you coworker out.


T+ for smooches

(Ive accidentally deleted like twice now someone shoot me)

Inside the quiet classroom, the sound of feverish pen tapping bounced against the walls.

Was it a nervous teen waiting for a test grade?

Not quite.

The owner of the pen had been thumping the end against a stack of ungraded tests for several minutes, and the students were just waiting for him to pop.

“ggrrRRHOW DO YOU ASK SOMEONE OUT?” The salmon haired man burst from his desk. 

His cry caused the students to jump in their desks, earning some shrieks from the jocks in the back of the class.

“Here we go again.” A pink haired girl sighed as she opened up a small notepad labeled ‘Mr. Dragneel’s issues’ on the cover.

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confession overdue || sehun

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overdue confessions result in trembling hearts.

1620 words; normal verse!au; sehun/reader scenario; fluff, angst

DECEMBER 16, 2001


You look up from your spot in the snowbank, only to see a curious pair of eyes staring straight back at you. It’s a boy, about your age. His grin is wide and he’s got a few missing teeth, but he’s as energetic as ever, and absolutely eager to meet a new friend.

“Hi,” you mumble back.

“I’m Oh Sehun!” The boy exclaims, and he pushes his scarf that is covering his chin, down a little further. “Can I play with you?”

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The Ifrit | Part 10

After the trials start Sam slowly begins to unravel. Dean is forced to lean on another hunter only to discover Rim is much more than he bargained for.

Rim owes John Winchester her life, so when she is asked to keep an eye out for Dean, she could never refuse. As Dean starts looking a little too closely, she can’t help but wish she didn’t have anything to hide.

God knows I researched my balls off for this one, yes a Pau’guk is a thing. Go. Google. That. Shit. I worked super hard to find sounds to go along with this fic. To appropriately convey the terror you should feel when you read about the monster:

If you see a hyperlink - CLICK ON IT - and prepare to pee your pants.

As always, thank you to my Golden Girls for their lovely input, support and editing! @demondean-for-kingofhell @kazchester-fanfiction

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Burning For You

Dean awoke suddenly to the repeated sound of hollow cracking and breaking. At first he thought it was just the dying fire outside, but the more he listened the less he believed it. It echoed off of the surrounding trees, a dry snap every few seconds, too rythmic to be from the fire…and it was getting closer.

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so what are some Canadian stereotypes that are actually true? (aboot, really?)

i mean, is it wrong to picture u talking like terrence and philip?

Okay look the “aboot” thing is because you weird Americans open your mouths wide enough to eat an entire patriotic baseball when you say “about” (Abaaaahwt? really?!) whereas Canadians open their mouths a normal amount for saying words and not gargling sports equipment

Also no our entire faces do not disassemble when speaking


  • Eat maple syrup directly out of snow with a stick
  • Apologize to people when you were at fault, when they were at fault, when you weren’t even involved in the incident, or when you moderately inconvenience an inanimate object
  • Talk about hockey even if you don’t like hockey
  • Born knowing how to a) skate b) balance while walking on ice and c) paddle a canoe
  • Eat beaver tails
  • Walk around in -40C weather in leggings/jeans because it is literally never “too cold” to do something.
  • Everyone has at least several variations on flannel
  • “Eh”

Anyway here’s a good summary from Kate Beaton: