snowman cupcake


etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: the winter lover | 12.6.16

fondant decorations by seasonablyadorned

some of the cutest winter-lovin’ fondant creations can be found at seasonablyadorned, a new jersey-based etsy shop that continues to amaze me with their intricate detail. any person who <3’s snow and wintertime will LOVE these cupcake and cake toppers.


Ok, so a break from the norm. It’s Christmas and my volunteers at work deserve a festive treat. I baked 30 snowman cupcakes for them, to say thank you for their help over the past year. Hope they like them! I thought they were kinda cute 😊

In Rhyme I Wrote You Down (Raven/Apple)

Summary: Apple White, as usual, drowns in so many Christmas cards that Raven isn’t sure that her little Christmas card would mean anything to her. 

Rating: General

This is my @eah-exchange​ gift for @cataposa​! 

I literally screamed in the middle of class while sneakily checking my phone when I found out that you were my secret santa! I’ve always loved your Poison Apple fics, writing, headcanons, and you’re one of my favourite EAH blogs. Trading headcanons and fics with you has been so fun, and I tried to incorporate a Christmas theme and some Rapple cuteness into this fic for you!

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