fic: Bowties and Snowmen and Magical Things

snowman!blaine, bewildered!kurt

a fic about a little bit of Christmas magic

(aka I wrote this on my study break and have no idea what it’s about or where it’s going but here, have something)

Kurt’s not really sure where it came from. He just woke up on a snowy December morning and it was there. Outside his window, on the side of the house.

A snowman.

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Inspired by the snowstorm that’s been slamming the East Coast over the last day or so. Because the strangest ideas come to me while I’m (stupidly, with my double ear-infected self) playing in the snow with my dog.


Winter was in full blast, white covering every inch of the ground outside as the wind whipped around a quaint New Jersey home that housed a pair of very bored men. One of the men was lounging in the bay window, his fingers running streaks through the dewy moisture that gathered there thanks to his hot breath. The other man was stretched out on the sofa, lazily flipping through channels while he fought off boredom-influenced sleep. Another blast of air pelted the house with flurries and Blaine, still focused on the events outdoors, sighed heavily, shoulders sagging like he felt defeated.

“I wanna go play in the snow.”

“You what?”

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Fic: Snow

For the Klaine Advent Challenge Day 16: Please

It’s the first real snow of the season and it’s beautiful.

Blaine can’t stop looking out the window even if he has to raise up onto his tiptoes to see anything. Because apparently being six years old means he’s not allowed to have anything fun ever, he can’t even look out the window properly and now he’s not even allowed to go and visit his best friend to play in the snow, and it’s so unfair.

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