really fuckin’ sick of the south vs north winter showdown. we literally live in compleeeetely different climates, so comparing our winter weather conditions and how we handle them is actually pointless. ALSO, saying stuff like “oh c'mon, it didnt even snow and yall shut down lolololol”….

no. stahp. it literally rained ice for an entire day. meaning there was ice on the bridges. which is actually more dangerous to drive in. and you can’t say “omg yall dont even know how to drive in this you idiots” either. because how the FUCK would i know how to drive in snow when i have literally seen snow a handful of times in my life??

we’re tired of your “omg its only 30 degrees here its like -10 where i’m from” bullshit. it’s still fuckin’ cold (and dangerous) and most people here don’t even own winter coats (understandably so….). we’re not used to it. i don’t wanna go outside when it’s freezing because i would just rather fucking not, it doesn’t make me weaker than you

so i would kindly ask any opinionated northerners to maybe be opinionated amongst yourselves.  

goals of the snow week

- lots of kissing (holla for valentines day)
- lots of reading (Huck Finn, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, and maybe rereading Looking for Alaska)
- catch up on shows (Vampire Diaries hello)
- get work done (ew math ew chemistry)
- run twice (the roads will clear eventually)
- kissing
- watch a documentary
- get decent amounts of sleep every night
- see friends!