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I LOVED the Olicity James Bond AU you wrote for the MTV reblog. Is it considered a prompt if I ask if you could give us a glimpse of a mission they might run together or any scene of them after they reunite? Please and thank you!

For such a highly-trained spy as himself, it should be embarrassing to admit that the sway of Felicity’s bikini-clad hips was enough to totally distract him.  But then, Felicity’s hips are rather spectacular.  

All of her was spectacular.  Amazing.  Life-changing.  Because he had torn down his entire world and rebuilt it for her.  And it was completely worth it.  

“You’re staring,” she said softly, her smile wide and happy as she walked towards him, carrying two daiquiris.  Her face was shaded by a floppy straw hat and a pair of sunglasses, but it was easy to see the joy, the delight, the pleasure in her features.

“I can’t help it,” Oliver replied, letting his fingers slid from her elbow to her wrist before taking his drink.  He could feel the goosebumps form under her skin from his touch and he smiled slowly at her.  

She leaned down to kiss his cheek, her breath warm against his ear as she whispered, “You should be watching for Escobar, you know.”  

“I am, but if I didn’t look like I was watching you, I’d blow my cover,” Oliver breathed out, savoring the blush that appeared high on Felicity’s cheeks.

“You flatter me,” she said, her smile soft and shy.  

He wanted to contradict her, but instead he just smiled at her.  Felicity let the tip of her nose brush against his, then pulled away and maneuvered herself into the lounge chair next to his.  

One of the favors he had to promise in order to find Felicity had been called due, requiring his participation in a mission at this exclusive resort on one of the Caicos Islands.  But when Felicity had learned he needed to go undercover–and that the mission involved hacking overseas bank accounts–she had convinced him to bring her along.  

Everything he had done had been about saving her from her CIA servitude, so he resisted–loudly and angrily–when she said she wanted to join him.  But Felicity had gone toe-to-toe with him, meeting his every point until finally, in her Loud Voice, she had poked him in the chest and said, “I know how much you gave up to get me away from the CIA–don’t think I’m not willing to do the same for you!”

And after a delay caused by their need to make enthusiastic, against-the-wall love, Oliver had called his contact and said he already had a hacker.

Besides, he had wanted to bring Felicity to an island, lay out in the sun drinking fruity cocktails and running his eyes over her in a bikini.  He got that and MI-6 was footing the bill.  

As Felicity’s lips wrapped around her straw, sucking slowly on her daiquiri, Oliver let himself stare at her, even though he did manage to look away enough to look for their target.  

“Is that him?  Your ten o’clock?”

Her soft question made Oliver lean over to nuzzle her neck, partly because he wanted to be closer to her and partly to confirm or deny her suspicion.  Oliver sighed softly.  “Yeah, that’s him.”  

Felicity looked at her drink regretfully, took a quick pull, and then set it down.  “Showtime, then?”

“Showtime,” Oliver replied, easily lifting Felicity off her chair and pulling her into his lap, kissing her enthusiastically.

They weren’t the show.  Not in the sense that their kisses and caresses weren’t real.  They were real.  Very, very real.  But their public display of affection was extremely over-the-top, to allow them to sell their planned interaction with Escobar: bumping into him on the way to their room, palming the target’s key card, and then heading to his room to gather the intel they needed.

And then, they’d pick up where they left off in their own room.  

Oliver felt his blood pound at the thrill of the mission.  At the prospect of post-mission sex.  And most of all, knowing that he was doing this all with Felicity.  The woman he loved.


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God dammit.

Katie Hill invited me and my friends to come hang out with her, Veronica Roth (the writer of the Insurgent trilogy), and a bunch of other famous writers, but we have tickets to see the fireworks in a different part of Epcot tomorrow x.x

I really hope I get to see that nerd before she leaves. I mean, come on. We’re both in Orlando at the same god damn time and our schedules can’t seem to match up. We were supposed to go dancing tonight but her responsibilities as a GeekyCon panelist kinda kept her super late and ahhhhh I need to hang out with her before we both leave

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WHY IS LAUREN SO CUTE WITH BABIES!! I JUST WANT TO HAVR A BABY SO SHE CAN TALK TO ME /watch?v=93quf1-j2XY look at that :(! and they were JUST pictures :CCC i lve her so much :'( min 6 and the end

fngrgkntr imagine having a baby with her she would be the cutest mum ever oh my god the thought gives me heart palpitations thanks for sharing this cuteness anon i love u for it but i also hate u for it a lil bit bc now im thinking about lauren and me having children together and i CAN’T STOP