This 1920’s cushion-shape Marconi Rolex has a “Snowite” case, a chrome-plated nickel-based material. “Marconi” was the fourth brand name registered by Hans Wilsdorf, in 1911, and was named after Gugeliemo Marconi who sent radio waves across the Atlantic in 1901 and was later awarded a Nobel Prize. Unfortunately, the first Marconi watches were not released until the 1920’s, and by that time Marconi’s relevance as a scientific figure had waned. Wilsdorf registered many subsidiary brand names, but none were successful until the Tudor line was launched in the 1940’s. The attractively machined, sunburst silver dial features a subsidiary seconds dial at the six o’clock position (Store Inventory# 9102).


Okay I don’t know if I’m right correct me if I’m wrong

Snows stepmother is Regina that I understand. Regina’s mother is Cora. And Cora dated Rumblesticks.

Snow and charming had a child which is Emma. Emma has a child with Neal who is Henry.

Neal’s father is Rumblesticks and rumbles father is Peter Pan.
But if hook is peters step grandfather doesn’t that mean Peter is his son?

Another wired call is that hook can be Henry’s step father……..