The first few pictures of Syria’s refugee cities are coming through with reports of some children having frozen to death!! Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raajioon..

We must ACT FAST! Which ever charity you choose to support for this crisis, please donate - sooner rather than later!
It is a race against time to get these people safe, warm and protected during the WORST storm to hit Syria in decades- some are saying in 50 years! These innocents are being put through the tests of their lives!

However…They aren’t the only ones being tested…WE are too! Of how we choose to act at this difficult time for them. How many of us will sleep in a warm bed with our children secure under a roof tonight? How many of us will care about what’s happening to them? Find out how YOU can help at: WWW.HELPFORSYRIA.COM

If you cannot donate at this time, I humbly ask you for at least a prayer and a request to pass this message on! Even if you cannot donate…someone else who sees this message may do because of your forward!
The forecasts are seeing temperatures plummet even further in the days to come.

PLEASE‪ #‎HelpUsHelpThem‬ May God encompass these people and all those suffering around the world in His infinite mercy…Ameen.


Snow has hit Syria! Latakia is famous for beautiful Lakes and rivers which have now frozen..

Families and children are OUTDOORS in refugee camps/tents, little warmth and resources.. as we take comfort in our homes, OUR brothers and sisters are freezing.. We must act now and help them, please donate generously, if you cannot at this time, please share with others.. WWW.HELPFORSYRIA.COM

Our team is out there and will be distributing #WinterPacks.. Please #HelpUsHelpThem YOU can make a difference..

“The purpose of life is to contribute
in some way to making things better”