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CS wedding / Snowing Wedding

Requested by @cat-sophia

Although the CS wedding was also paralleled to Snowing’s by the rude interruption, it didn’t end up ruining it as I feared it would (for them and us as shippers). Because unlike Snowing, Emma and Hook knew what was coming, but they chose to celebrate their love all the same. 

And not only that, in their wedding there wasn’t words of ends, and cherishing the moment while it lasts. They KNEW that whatever is coming, they are gonna win it, and what they were celebrating is a beginning and not an end. I think that’s what the legacy of Snowing gave them, not only the hope, but the certainty that whatever comes, they will end up together in a happy beginning.

Snow and Charming didn’t have that same certainty on their own wedding, and this is why Charming ended up saying it was also the worst day of his life, but their actions since that day to make their daughter a believer, made it sure that this day wouldn’t be ruined to her by anything.