Love is a Weapon

So, we all know that one of the themes from for 5A will be that “love is a weapon,” and most of us think that means the Emma, as the Dark Swan will use her new status to manipulate those she loves.

While that is true, I hope (**crosses gingers**) that we also see how love can also be used as a weapon for good. I need to see Killian, the Charming’s and Henry use their love for Emma to chase away the darkness. And going along with that thought, wouldn’t one of the most powerful weapons for good be True Love’s Kiss.

I guess only time will tell…

dendenzim1976 asked:

Hi Liza, this isn't really a question but just an appreciation for your blog. I'm pretty new to the ouat fandom and my favorite character is definitely Emma but maybe because I'm biased and like JMO ;). I enjoy reading your insights into the CS relationship and I hope that season 5 we see Hook and her parents working closely together to bring back Emma.

Hello! Thanks for your kind words. 

Me too. I really think that the Emma/Snow and Emma/Charming relationships are undeserved.  On the surface it was focused on in 4b, but it never felt like show really dealt with the underlying issues, especially between Emma and Snow.

Frankly, I think that the discord between them actually led to more development between Hook and Emma, than in the familial relationship. The scenes on the docs in 4x16 and 4x20 were really huge for CS and illustrated a depth and understanding and maturity in the relationship that was truly beautiful.

One of the biggest missed opportunities in that 4B story line is that we didn’t see more of Hook having to bridge the gap between Emma and her parents. We *know* it happened, because in 4x16 they send him to tell her about August and in 4x19/4x20 he’s with them when they say goodbye/reunite, but it would have been really satisfying, to me, to have at least a short scene where we see them having to rely on Killian for information while Emma is on the roadtrip and they acknowledge his importance to their daughter and that he’s their lifeline in the situation. 

As I’ve said I really think that this season is about how Dark Swan affects all the characters and that will be as true for her parents as any.  I’m really hopeful that they won’t shortchange Snow and Charming and we really see their struggle with watching Emma go dark, and their fight to keep her light. I really, REALLY hope we see Killian with Snow and Charming, supporting one another, working together and teaming up to do everything in their power to save Emma.