I found some great parallel between Caskett & SwanQueen. Here’s this adorable, white, hetero ship on Castle with a fierce, determined, beautiful, stubborn female character and a ruggedly handsome, loving, smart, childish male character who the female character can’t stand in the beginnig of the show and wants to get rid of. Later on, they develop a great friendship and form a wonderful team while struggling with the undeniable sexual tension. But inevitably, they fell in love with each other. And then there’s this cute, not-so-hetero aka queer ship on Once Upon A Time with two strong, devoted, hot, independent female characters who can’t stand each other in the beginning of the show and one of them wants to get rid of the other one.(also, they share a son, but it’s complicated) Later on, they form a wonderful team and develop a great friendship all the while making eyes at each other, exchanging longing looks and constantly protect one another. (but of course only for the sake of their son. nohomo) The (sexual) tension is obvious here as well, but it’s definitely unintentional. Does any of this apply for C$ or 0Q? Hahhaa. No. Not even a bit. Cause we’ve seen it with Rumbelle (bless them poor unfortunate souls, stay strong!) & with Snowing. But prove me wrong if you can :)


we all wanna know how it ends. oh, happily ever after, wouldn’t you know, wouldn’t you know. i’ll skip to the ending, who’d like to know? i’d like to know. author of the moment, can you tell me, do i end up, do i end up happy?